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    This is a smaller patch, mainly focused on two events: Haste and Tactical Relay! In addition, there were some improvements and bug fixes.


    • Haste Plus
    • Tactical Relay Ver. 3
    • Improvements
      • Skills
      • Monsters
      • Items
      • Maps
      • UI
      • Etc.
    • Error Fixes
      • Skills
      • Monsters
      • Quests
      • Items
      • Maps
      • UI
      • The Seed
      • Etc.


    Skills that only reduced either physical defense rate or magic defense rate have been improved to reduce both, and the skill descriptions have been changed to be clearer. The changed skills are as follows.

    • [​IMG] Twilight
    • [​IMG] Support Waver: H-EX
    • [​IMG] Armor Break
    • [​IMG] Scroll: Degeneration
    • [​IMG] Relax Bleh~

    Developer Comments:

    Monster defense rate reduction effects were designed so that all characters, not only yourself, could benefit from hitting monsters affected by them. To match this intention, we have changed the effects of the skills that only applied to either physical or magic defense rates to apply to both so that all jobs can use them.

    Also, the skill descriptions of skills that reduced defense rates mixed up the concepts of defense and defense rates, so we have corrected them.

    [​IMG] When Lara awakens Dragon Veins using Large Stretch, if there is a boss monster, the search range for an attackable boss monster has been increased by about 87% from before.

    Developer Comments:

    With the existing Large Stretch, if a boss monster existed at the point when the Dragon Veins were awakened, the search range for attackable enemies was smaller than the search range of the Dragon Veins that were awakened.

    Since the previous September 15 update, the skill was changed to first consume regular Dragon Veins from further away rather than Free Dragon Veins (which were generally near the character), but the issue where the awakened intangible energies could not find a target and would disappear has occurred more frequently.

    The experience of using Large Stretch, which is a high-importance skill, was unintentionally changed negatively, therefore we have changed it so that when a boss monster exists at the time when Dragon Veins are awakened, the intangible energies can attack in the same range as the Dragon Vein search range.

    The Damage Reflection effect has been improved so that it is outputted clearly regardless of any lowered Effect Quality options.


    The monster silhouette feature’s colours and output method have been improved. Improved an issue where it was outputted awkwardly for certain monsters.

    Developer Comments:

    The monster silhouette being outputted when hitting monsters increased the visibility of attack patterns, but there was a problem where the colours were too intense which actually amplified the feeling of fatigue. We would like to improve this by changing the colours accordingly and also by changing the way the colours are outputted to be smoother.

    The resurrection method in Horntail (Easy/Normal/Chaos), Pierre (Normal/Chaos), Bloody Queen (Normal/Chaos), Caoong (Normal), Pink Bean (Normal/Chaos), and Magnus (Easy/Normal/Hard) have been changed to resurrect you immediately in the same spot.

    Developer Comments:

    To fix issues caused by the existing resurrection method such as if you died during a continuous pattern then revived in a solo boss fight you would not be able to see the pattern image or if you used up all your Death Counts you would not be removed from the reward phase of a boss, the resurrection method has been changed to one where you immediately resurrect in the same spot.

    In Guardian Angel Slime, it has been improved so that if you are pressing the NPC Chat/Harvest key to install Arrow Platter, Mascot Slime’s Help will not be activated.

    In Will’s phase 1 dimension collapse pattern, it has been improved so that you can use the Moonlight Orbs to create a shield even while you are invincible.


    In Chosen Seren phase 2, it has been improved so that safe zones for the Mitra’s power pattern are not created on both sides of the map.

    Developer Comments:

    There was an error with Chosen Seren’s Mitra’s power pattern where safe zones were not created on the left-most pillar. However, since players already recognized this as a specification and used it as a strategy element, we would like to keep this as a specification without changing it.

    In addition, together with making this a specification, the pattern’s difficulty has been reduced more by changing it so that the safe zone will not appear on the right-most pillar as well.


    When you complete Arcane River daily quests, you can now choose whether or not to receive any Symbols if you have that area’s maxed Arcane Symbol currently equipped.


    When using Black Cubes to reset potential, it has been improved so that if you press the ‘Use One More Time’ button then cancel all the additional verification steps, you can select the desired options from before/after again.

    You can now swap Unique Equipped items from the one you currently have equipped to the same item in your inventory. However, for Rings, this will only apply to the item equipped in the first slot at the bottom, and for Pendants, this will only apply to the first slot at the bottom.

    When using a Pendant Slot Expansion Coupon, it has been improved so the expiration date is outputted as year/month/date/hour/minute.


    In Black Heaven Act 4’s Edelstein/Secret Passage map, it has been changed so that if a character dies, Buff Freezers cannot be used, the death penalty will not be given, and all buffs from before dying will be saved.

    The interaction method with the Dimensional Mirror NPCs placed in towns has been unified to mouse clicks/entering the NPC Chat key.



    In the V Matrix, when crafting Core Gemstones, you can now choose the number of Cores you want to craft at once.


    The Battle Statistics UI has been changed to include the number of monsters killed.


    In the Maple Auction, when purchasing items that are tradeable 1 time, a notification window will now be displayed that states the item will become untradeable after the trade.

    In the Maple Auction, you can now search for Soul Weapon stats in the weapon detailed search options.


    In the Options UI, a Master Volume option has been added that affects all sounds in the game. When you use the Mute hotkey, it will turn the Master Volume mute on/off.

    If you have the Skip 2nd Password Entry option applied, it will now also apply to Delivery and Maple Cabinet.



    You can now create Zero characters in regular worlds at all times.

    Some improvements have been made to game delay issues.

    • Fixed an issue of game delay when playing with the equipment window and inventory open.
    • Improved an issue of game delay in the Cash Shop.
    Error Fixes


    Fixed an issue where skills registered in pet buffs were sometimes activated late.

    Fixed an issue where Spider in Mirror sometimes did not attack monsters within range.

    Crest of the Solar’s skill description has been updated to correct inaccurate information.

    Fixed an issue where if Mechanic used a Core Gemstone and acquired a Drill Rush enhancement core, the system message would have a space after the Core name.

    Fixed an issue with Xenon’s Meltdown Explosion where if it was used in 1920×1080 or 1920×1200 resolutions, Xenon’s image would appear to be cut off on the let side of the screen.

    Fixed an issue with Kaiser’s Final Figuration form where the Afterimage effect did not apply to certain actions.

    Fixed an issue with Kain where if you usd Shadow Jump immediately after using Falling Dust, you would move in a different direction that the inputted direction.

    Fixed an issue with Angelic Buster where the actual damage done was different than the displayed damage when attacking monsters without a weapon equipped.

    Angelic Buster’s Spotlight’s skill description has been supplemented.

    Fixed an issue with Adele where sometimes the client would stop when Infinity ended while fighting Chosen Seren.

    Fixed an issue with Ark’s spells where sometimes they would not be charged normally.

    Fixed an issue with Lara where Dragon Veins would not be created on certain maps where you could be in combat.

    Fixed an issue with Lara where all skills’ cooldown reduction effects applied to her own Nature’s Friend skill.


    Fixed an issue with the monster silhouette feature where the silhouette of Elite Monsters appeared thicker.

    Fixed an issue with the monster silhouette feature where the afterimage of the silhouette would remain if you changed maps after defeating a monster.

    In Enheim Defense, the ‘Body Fragments’ and ‘Hekaton’s Fragments’ monsters have been changed so that they cannot be hit by any character skills other than the Light Magic Launcher.

    Fixed an issue in Zakum (Chaos) where sometimes Zakum’s arms would be created overlapping with each other.

    Alleviated an issue in Ursus where sometimes surviving characters could not be found.

    Fixed an issue in Pink Bean where if you died at the same time as Munin’s expel pattern, sometimes you would automatically be resurrrected.

    Alleviated an issue in Suu where he would use other patterns during the Energy Orb Firing pattern.

    Fixed an issue in Suu’s story mode where sometimes it would disappear after teleporting.

    Fixed an issue in Demian where the Rush pattern would sometimes activate in the opposite direction Demian was facing.

    Fixed an issue in Guardian Angel Slime where sometimes pets and Androids would move to platforms that disappeared in the Guardian Wave pattern.

    Fixed an issue in Guardian Angel Slime where if you used a bind skill after using Soul Splitter while it was in Groggy state, the Groggy state would end faster.

    Fixed an issue with Lucid where sometimes her attack patterns did not deal damage.

    Alleviated an issue with Will where sometimes he would disappear during patterns.

    Fixed an isue in Jin Hilla where if you died at the same time as being hit by a red thread, you would lose 2 souls.

    Fixed an error where Dusk (Normal) dropped Boss Medals of Honour.

    Fixed an issue in Dunkel where the Slash pattern would sometimes activate in the opposite direction Dunkel was facing.

    Fixed an issue in Dunkel where the Slash Pattern’s hit range would be increased if he used it at the edges of the map.

    Fixed an issue in Chosen Seren where if you died, your weapon’s charged Soul Effect would be maintained.

    Fixed an error where certain bosses dropped items with expiration dates of 7 days and 12 hours instead of 7 days.

    • Hard Seren: 50% Additional Experience Coupon Voucher
    • Hard Jin Hilla: 50% Additional Experience Coupon Voucher
    • Chaos Dusk: Powerful Rebirth Flame, Eternal Rebirth Flame, 50% Additional Experience Coupon Voucher
    • Hard Dunkel: Powerful Rebirth Flame, Eternal Rebirth Flame, 50% Additional Experience Coupon Voucher
    • Hard Lucid: Powerful Rebirth Flame, Accessory Scroll Voucher
    • Hard Will: Powerful Rebirth Flame, Accessory Scroll Voucher
    • Chaos Guardian Angel Slime: 50% Additional Experience Coupon Voucher

    Fixed an issue with the Ripe Wolfruit monster where a blank image would be displayed in certain actions when it died and the monster would appear to flicker.

    When entering Horntail with a party member who has already entered that day, there was an issue where the text after the character’s name was outputted in bold letters and has been changed to not be bolded.

    Certain weapons dropped by level 1~20 monsters were untradeable and have been changed to be tradeable items.

    • Plain
    • Purple Haze
    • Asymmetry Horn
    • Blue Revenger

    Fixed an issue in Golem Temple/Golem’s Temple 1 map where the Dark Stone Golems would drop Black Magic Cape items that didn’t match the monsters’ levels.

    Fixed an issue with the Grandis’ Arcane Stone quest where the Tyrant’s Citadel/Tyrant’s Throne map entered through the Grandis Goddess did not output Magnus’ sound effects.

    Zero’s Chaos Root Abyss boss entry requirements have been changed from defeating Normal Root Abyss boss monsters 10 times to 5 times.


    Fixed an issue in the ‘[Stone Colossus] Together with Chino’ quest’s minigame where if you killed additional monsters after succeeding or failing the mission, the success/failure status would be changed.

    Fixed an issue with the ‘[Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Creatures of Destruction’ where the number of monsters killed was not outputted in the quest progress information.

    Lara’s Maple World’s Arcane Stone quest dialogue has been updated to output ‘Mission to ring the bell’ before and after the story quests.

    In Black Heaven Act 2, the speech bubble locations of the NPCs meeting adventurer characters before boarding the ship have been adjusted.

    The ‘[Ramuramu] Crown for the Cutest Person’ quest has been changed so that it can be forfeited.

    Fixed an error where the ‘[Daily Quest] Cleaning Up Around Hotel Arcs’ quest displayed 5 Authentic Symbols: Cernium as the quest reward.

    You can now enter the Haunted House map even after completing the ‘[Fantastic Theme Park] Challenge! Creeping Ghost Extermination’ quest.

    Fixed an error with the ‘Use one hidden portal in a map’ Sudden Mission where it could be completed by using the exit portal in a boss map.

    Fixed an issue in Black Heaven Act 5’s Black Heaven Interior/Black Heaven Deepest Point maps where NPCs would not appear and you could not complete the quests.

    Fixed an issue with the ‘Earnings King Romero’s No Free Trade’ quest where reward information was displayed incorrectly.

    Fixed an issue with the ‘Title – Saint Exorcist’ quest where the outputted number of Skelesaurus killed would be incremented when killing Skelegons.

    Fixed an issue with the Escape party quest where if you tried to enter with a character lower than the entry limit of level 140, a message would be displayed saying that the entry limit was level 120.

    Fixed an issue in Zero’s story quest ‘Tell Me Why’ where you could be hit by the summoned monsters while in the cutscene.


    Fixed an error with Demon Avenger where Sogong’s Gloves, Mu Gong’s Gloves, and the Hero’s Gloves would not output the special effects when equipped.

    Fixed an error where certain Legend Rings were untradeable.

    Fixed an issue with the Blue Flame Husky Riding where certain actions had awkward riding images.

    Certain Cash items’ images have been changed.

    Fixed an error with the Synergy Ring where if you had only one character within the world with it equipped then unequipped it, that character would remain in the equipped ring list and the set effect would apply.

    Fixed an error with the Spirit Pendant where if you had it equipped and stayed logged in for 2 days or more, then reconnected, the equip time would be reset.


    Fixed an issue where if you pressed the jump key and the up arrow key at the same time as using a hidden portal, sometimes an afterimage of the hidden portal you used would remain after moving to a different portal.

    In Erda Spectrum, the Erda Concentrator’s description has been supplemented in Nina’s Erda Research/Inside the Land of Rest maps.

    Fixed an error in the Corridor of Diffraction where if a Viper used Transform in the other map, the character’s face would be visibly applied.

    Fixed an error in The Seed 11f where you used the up arrow key in specific locations, it would appear to teleport you in place.

    Fixed an error in Hotel Arcs’s Outlaw-Infested Wastes 2 map where you could not down jump in specific locations.

    Fixed an issue in Mirror World Edelstein’s Hospital map where the area mark was missing.

    Fixed an issue in Black Heaven Interior’s Black Heaven D3 map where the platform lever to go to the next floor would not work even after killing all the monsters.

    Fixed an issue in Aqua Road’s Red Coral Forest map where you could not move left or right after jumping down from the right floating platform because of the pillar terrain.

    Fixed an issue in the Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake’s Evening Primrose Hill map where the mountain in the background appeared to be cut off.

    Fixed an issue in Partem’s Dangerous Forest Bugs’ Land 3 map where the top of the minimap appeared to be cut off.

    Fixed an issue in Enheim Defense where if you jumped down right after firing the Light Magic Launcher, the projectile would not damage the monsters.

    Fixed an error were if you moved down to a platform while climbing a rope or ladder, pets and androids would jump off abnormally.

    Fixed an issue where if a character arrived at a platform while pressing the left or right arrow keys together with the up arrow key, pets and androids would disappear.

    In Tenebris/Labyrinth of Suffering Deepest Core 4 map, the image of the platform displayed under the platform at the bottom right part of the map has been removed.

    Fixed an issue in Enheim Defense where if you crossed the dimensional wall in certain conditions, you would not be moved to the centre of the map.


    Fixed an error in the Helisium Reclamation HQ map where if you used the navigation feature to the inside of the Tyrant’s Citadel, you would be guided to the wrong map.

    Fixed an error where the Arcane Stones UI from the 5th job advancement would not be outputted if you entered maps that changed the UI temporarily like Polo and Fritto’s Bounty Hunting.

    Fixed an error in Moonbridge’s storage NPC where the image would appear outside of the UI.

    In the Monster Collection UI, the notice text that stated monsters could not be collected in cross world party quests has been removed.

    In the quest UI, when forfeiting a quest, you can now only press the okay button using your mouse.

    In Monster Life, the glossy effect on profile pictures has been removed.

    Fixed an error with Wild Hunter where if you went to the character select window while the Jaguar Management skill UI was open, the UI would not disappear.

    Fixed an issue in the Rebirth Flame UI where if you had the mouse cursor over the results window and used the Use One More Time feature, the stats tooltip on the right side of the UI would not be outputted.

    Fixed an error in Maple Auction where certain expiring Accessory Scrolls could not be searched for in the detailed searches.

    • 100% Premium Accessory Attack Scroll
    • 100% Premium Accessory Magic Attack Scroll
    • 100% Accessory Attack Scroll
    • 100% Accessory Magic Attack Scroll

    Fixed an issue where if you had multiple UIs open at the same time and hovered over certain UIs, the tooltips of the UI displayed at the top would not be outputted.

    Fixed an error with Adventurer magicians where after achieving level 100, the Maple Guide where other quests would be accepted when trying to accept the ‘End of Strength’ advancement quest.

    Fixed an issue with FriendsStory where if you completed all the chapters and reset your progress, the Shinsoo International School’s Old Building map’s Lily’s old dungeon related menu would not be outputted.

    In Ghost Park, if you do not enter the correct arrow keys when using a Rune, the failure effect will now be outputted.

    In Mu Lung Dojo, when a character in the top 3 of job rankings or overall rankings has their avatar outputted then beats their existing record, the avatar information outputted on the rankings would be the same as when the previous record was made, therefore it has been changed so that now, the avatar information at the time of the new record will be displayed.

    Fixed an error where if you entered cross world party quests while the Maple Chat UI was open, the game would exit.

    Fixed an issue in Union Raid where if you disconnected right after entering then entered on another character, the name of the character participating would be outputted as the character who acquired the previous Union Raid rewards.

    If you exit the game while measuring a Battle Analysis, the battle time will now be reset.

    The Seed

    Fixed an issue when using Alicia’s Ring Boxes where sometimes the types of item images outputted would not change.

    Fixed an issue in the Seed 20F and 40F where if Alicia’s guide dialogue was displayed, the time limit ended and you were kicked out, the Seed exclusive skill would remain.

    Fixed an issue with the ‘[The Seed] Alicia’s Gift’ quest where if you acquired the Cash category effect reward, it would be outputted as a Decoration category item in the item acquisition system message.

    The ‘[The Seed] Alicia’s Gift’ quest’s reward dialogue for Seed Points given has been updated to be outputted with commas separating the thousands digits.

    Fixed an issue with the ‘[The Seed] Alicia’s Gift’ quest where the reward item icons were sorted awkwardly in the dialogue.

    The Seed weekly ranking board’s exploration ranking rewards guide’s Seed Points rewards have been updated to be outputted with commas separating the thousands digits.


    Fixed an error where if you entered a Bounty Hunting portal/Flame Wolf portal after certain situations, the Combo Kill would be maintained abnormally.

    • If an Elite Boss appears when a Bounty Hunting portal has been created then the Elite Boss has been defeated before entering the portal.
    • If you enter a Flame Wolf portal and change channels then defeat an Elite Boss.

    Fixed an issue where certain Windows keyboard setting options were reset intermittently when the client exited.

    Fixed an issue where if you had jump bound to a letter key instead of ALT and NPC Chat/Harvet bound to SPACE, in Hangul entry mode, if you pressed the NPC Chat/Harvest button continuously after jumping, the NPC Chat/Harvest button would be entered twice.

    Fixed an issue where if you had less inventory slots than the number of Rest Experience Coupons you were meant to receive, you would not receive any Experience Coupons.

    There was a pet movement issue which was fixed in ver. 1.2.349, and as a result, the appearance of pets with the Pet Giant skill was changed slightly. Our explanation was insufficient so we have informed you in this update.

    Fixed an issue where the message stating Party Points were reset was displayed on characters who have never participated in cross world party quests.

    Fixed an issue where chat history that happened while inside Monster Life could not be checked after leaving Monster Life.

    Cash Shop

    Royal Hair and Face

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The November Royal Hair Coupon will be on sale from October 14 to November 10. The Trendy Royal Face Coupon has been updated with a new set of faces.

    Golden Hands Awards Outfits & Pets


    The Golden Hands Awards Outfits and Pets will be on sale from October 14 to November 10. These are the outfits and pets which were designed by players and won the Golden Hands Awards event.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The outfits come in packages for M/F, and they cost 9,900 Cash each. The outfit sets are:

    • Cyber Planet set
    • Revenant Hunter set
    • Garden Sage set
    • Happy Birthday set
    • Retro Magic Girl and Boy set
    • Starry Night’s Punisher set
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The pets come with all 3 in one package, they cost 9,900 Cash each. The pet sets are:

    • Core Gemgem-y pets
    • Cooking with Fried Shrimp pets
    • Start the Adventure pets
    • Oh! My Petite Goddesses pets
    • Acorn Guard pets
    • Flame Devil pets

    Haste Plus


    The Haste Plus event will run from October 14 to October 27. This event is available to characters level 101 or higher.

    Enjoy Haste Plus with abundant rewards and a Haste Booster which makes hunting faster!


    During this event, there will be a few extra benefits to encourage hunting.

    • Elite Monsters’ appearance rate will be increased.
    • Runes will spawn more frequently and their cooldowns will be decreased from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.
    • Runes’ experience buff effect will be increased from 100% to 200%.
    • Sudden Missions will appear more frequently.
    • Sudden Missions’ daily limit will be increased from 3 to 6.
    • Polo & Fritto’s appearance rate will be increased.
    • Flame Wolf’s experience reward will be increased from 100% to 150%.

    Every day, you’ll have a total of 6 missions that you can complete (once per world). When you complete each one, you’ll get experience based on your level and a Haste Box.

    • Hunt 999 monsters around your level
    • Hunt 15 Elite Monsters/Champions
    • Clear Polo & Fritto 3 times
    • Clear Flame Wolf 1 time
    • Activate 5 Runes
    • Clear 1 Sudden Mission

    When you open a Haste Box, you’ll receive 1 of the following items as well as 1 Haste Booster.

    • 1~30 Selective Arcane Symbol Vouchers
    • 1~5 Advanced Hunter’s Medals of Honor
    • 1~10 Core Gemstones
    • 1~3 2x Experience Coupons (15 minutes)
    • 1~4 Karma Powerful Rebirth Flames
    • 1~3 Karma Eternal Rebirth Flames
    • 1~2 Karma Black Rebirth Flames

    ※ You can actually check the rates of getting each reward on the event notice on the homepage.


    You can use your Haste Boosters through the Haste window. When you use one in a map with monsters around your level, Blazing Flame monsters will be summoned for 100 seconds (only visible to you).


    If you can complete all 6 daily missions in a single day, you’ll unlock the hidden mission. This time, you must defeat 99,999 monsters by the end of the event. By completing it, you can receive extra prizes! The vouchers can be moved between characters in the same world but the actual items are untradeable.

    • Moonlit Night Drive Chair Voucher
    • I’m Quite Hasty Title Voucher

    The I’m Quite Hasty title gives 50 all stats, 20 attack/magic attack, 30% boss damage, 30% defense ignore, and 2500 HP/MP. However, the stats will expire on November 25.

    ※ The daily mission progress, completion records, and number of accumulated Haste Boosters will be reset at midnight.

    ※ Daily mission completion records and opened Haste Boxes are shared by characters in the same world.

    ※ The Haste Booster can only be used in maps with monsters within your level range, and cannot be used in maps where Elite Bosses are summoned, other players have already used a Booster, or in event maps.

    Tactical Relay Ver. 3

    The Tactical Relay Ver. 3 event will run from October 28 to November 10. This event is available to characters level 101 or higher.

    Tactical Relay is back again with more abundant rewards! Combine the power of your characters to clear the missions!

    You can open the Tactical Relay UI through the event icon or by talking to Cassandra.

    Every day, you’ll be given 9 stages to complete. You can press the Mission Start button on the character you wish to use to begin.

    • Stage 1: Defeat 500 monsters around your level
    • Stage 2: Achieve 150 Combo Kills
    • Stage 3: Defeat a daily boss
    • Stage 4: Defeat 1000 monsters around your level
    • Stage 5: Clear Monster Park 1 time
    • Stage 6: Activate 1 Rune
    • Stage 7: Defeat 3 Elite Monsters
    • Stage 8: Achieve 150 Multi Kills
    • Stage 9: Defeat 1000 Arcane River monsters

    Each stage will also have bonus conditions, which will give you extra points. You can clear the stage with a specific job and/or a character level 200 or higher to receive the extra points.

    • Base clear points: 50
    • Job bonus points: 10
    • Level bonus points: 20

    ※ The Stage Missions can only be cleared by characters who have pressed the Mission Start button.

    ※ You can press the Mission in Progress or Mission Complete button to talk to Cassandra and forfeit the current stage.

    ※ A single character can only clear a single stage per day.

    ※ Xenon can be used for both Pirate and Thief requirements.

    ※ Any Monster Park runs or daily/weekly bosses done before receiving the event quest will not count for the event.

    During the event, you will also have access to a total of 3 Daily Boosters. You can use them to double the amount of points acquired from that day.

    You will get daily rewards every time you clear stage 3, 6, and 9 in a day.

    • Stage 3: 5 2x Experience Coupons (15 minutes)
    • Stage 6: 1 Extreme Growth Potion
    • Stage 9: 1 Selective Symbol Voucher (20 Arcane Symbols or 4 Authentic Symbols)

    In addition, based on your total number of points over the course of the event, you can receive additional rewards.

    • 1000 points: 1 Mega Burning Booster, 1 Selective Slot Expansion Coupon
    • 2000 points: 1 Experience Coupon Pouch
    • 3000 points: Tactical Relay Chair Ver. 3 Voucher
    • 4000 points: 5 Karma Craftsman’s Cubes
    • 5000 points: 20 Strange Additional Cubes (20 Craftsman’s Cubes in Reboot)
    • 6000 points: 1 Selective Symbol Voucher (60 Arcane Symbols or 12 Authentic Symbols)
    • 7000 points: Selective Growth Potions Voucher
    • 8000 points: 1 Experience Core Gemstone
    • 9000 points: 3 Karma Black Rebirth Flames
    • 10000 points: Great Tactical Relay Chair Ver. 3 Voucher

    ※ The Selective Growth Potions Voucher lets you choose one of the following sets of Growth Potions.

    • 8 Growth Potions (200~209)
    • 4 Growth Potions (200~219)
    • 2 Growth Potions (200~229)
    • 1 Typhoon Growth Potion

    There is also a Special Mission, which requires you to complete two conditions: acquire a total of 10,000 points and solo Suu on 3 different characters.

    If you can do so, you will receive the Perfect Tactical Relay Chair Ver. 3 Voucher.

    Halloween Candy Party

    The Halloween Candy Party event will run from October 28 to November 10. This event is available to characters level 101 or higher.

    A spooky Halloween with sweet candy~ Make Halloween candy with Cassandra and get a cute gift!

    You can accept the quest through the event icon or by talking to Cassandra. She will give you a hint about the Halloween candy ingredients. There are 3 ingredients for each candy, and each player will be given only 1 ingredient. Combine your hints with other players to find out the other ingredients that you need to collect.

    After collecting them all, you can make the candy through the quest. If you make 3 types of candies in order, you will receive a reward.

    • Halloween Cat Ears Hat

    ※ The Halloween Candy Party event can only be done once per world.

    Lady Blair’s Dream Express


    The Lady Blair’s Dream Express event will run from October 15 to October 19. During this time, you can freely move your Cash items between characters, regardless of cash restrictions.

    Sunday Maple

    The Sunday Maple event will take place on October 17, October 24, October 31, and November 7.

    On October 17, the following benefits will take place:

    • ?

    On October 24, the following benefits will take place:

    • ?

    On October 31, the following benefits will take place:

    • ?

    On November 7, the following benefits will take place:

    • ?

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