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    A new test server patch has been released! This one includes a few changes to world merged party quests, Bait (same as Cursed Runes), a few ‘fixes’ to Hard Lucid, and a couple of skill changes.

    They also added a few more anniversary events and they will be extending them, so it seems there won’t be any new content for May. [​IMG]

    Monster Life

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    NPC Farms have been added.

    • NPC farms are farms owned by various MapleStory NPCs. (duh)
    • Every day, the NPCs and their monsters that appear will be different. You can find them on your Suggested Friends list.
    • Each NPC will focus on monsters from their favourite category.
    • You can play and combine with monsters on NPC farms up to 4 times per day.
    • Monster Combination cannot be performed when the day of the week is about to change.
    World Merged Party Quests

    The entry restrictions have been changed.

    • You can now enter with any party members, regardless of difference in level.
    • When entering any stage, your stats will be adjusted appropriately.


    The clear condition for Moon Bunny’s Rice Cakes has been changed.

    • The number of Rice Cakes required has been decreased from 100 to 80.


    Ariant Hunting Competition has been added as a world merged party quest.

    • Ariant Hunting Competition can be entered with a 4 person party.
    • Together with your party members, hunt monsters to collect Spirit Jewels.
    • Sometimes, a Giant Scorpion will appear. If it hits you, you will drop some of your Spirit Jewels, so be careful!

    Clear experience has been adjusted.

    • Clear experience has been increased.
    • The upper limit on clear experience has been removed. Clear experience will now increase even past the old cap of level 180.
    • The Party EXP Booster item will no longer be sold.
    • Specific equipment that increases party quest clear experience will remain.

    The Party Point system has been changed.

    • Party Points will now be given 10 at a time, regardless of level.
    • Party Points will be now be reset at regular intervals.
    • If you die during a party quest, the cost to revive yourself is now fixed at 10 Party Points.
    • Previously acquired Party Points will be adjusted in proportion to the new formula.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Some items in the Party Point Shop have been changed.

    • Certain items will no longer be sold.
      • 100% Party Quest Two-Handed Weapon Attack Scroll
      • 100% Party Quest Two-Handed Weapon Attack Scroll
      • 100% Party Quest Two-Handed Weapon Magic Attack Scroll
    • New items have been added.
      • Torn Notebook Page (gives a random notebook page)
      • Old Book Page (gives a random book page)
      • Old Letter 1st Edition (gives a random letter page)
      • 10 Scroll Traces
      • Party EXP Booster (increases experience by 10% for 15 minutes when hunting with party members)
      • Masteria’s Shoulderpads (5 all stats, 4 attack/magic attack, untradeable, cannot have potential, Lucky item)
      • Warrior’s Ring (5 all stats, 1 attack/magic attack, untradeable, unique equipped item, Lucky item)
      • Party Quest Damage Skin (blue)
      • Party Quest Gift Box
    • The pre-existing equipment items will no longer be sold directly. You can acquire them randomly through the Party Quest Gift Box.
      • Rice Cake on Top of your Head
      • Two Rice Cakes on Top of Your Head
      • Rainbow Rice Cake on Top of Your Head
      • Goddess’ Shoes
      • Goddess’ Bracelet
      • Goddess Minerva’s Shoes
      • Goddess Minerva’s Bracelet
      • Squishy Shoes
      • Sticky Shoes
      • Brilliant Altair Earrings


    This one doesn’t really affect most people since it’s a KMS-only system, but it’s still pretty useful. Basically, U-OTP is a one-time password system that generates a new password for you every time you want to login and sends it to your phone. It’s been implemented for 5 years I think.

    This patch, they added the ability to save PCs to your account, so if you login on a saved PC, you don’t have to go through the OTP system. Up to 3 PCs can be saved to one account.

    Game Related


    In Chu Chu Island’s Torrential Zone, unused Bait will now activate the Cursed Bait effect.

    • Bait that has been left unused for 5 minutes or more after being spawned will be cursed by Elite Bosses and will become Cursed Bait.
    • All Bait on the map will be affected by the Cursed Bait. If there is no Bait on the map, the Cursed Bait effect will not apply.
    • The Cursed Bait effect will apply to the entire map, and the experience/drop rates for hunting will be decreased.
    • Over time, the curse will become more powerful.
      • 5 minutes: Stage 1, 50% experience/drop rate reduction
      • 10 minutes: Stage 2, 65% experience/drop rate reduction
      • 15 minutes: Stage 3, 80% experience/drop rate reduction
      • 20 minutes: Stage 4, 100% experience/drop rate reduction
    • As soon as one Bait is used, the Cursed Bait effects on the map will disappear.
    • If you use Bait, you will receive the Sealed Rune’s Power buff which prevents you from being affected by Cursed Bait effects for its duration (same as the cooldown before you can use another Bait).


    When using Bait, you must now succeed in a directional arrow key minigame.

    The directional arrow key minigame’s arrows will now have randomized colours.


    The following changes have been made to the boss Lucid’s Hard Mode.

    • When the last phase is at 10% health or lower, the invincibility pattern’s duration has been decreased slightly.
    • An error where Lucid would heal an abnormally high amount of health in her last phase has been fixed.

    The following errors have been fixed.

    • An error where if your resolution was changed while MapleStory was minimized, it would not apply properly has been fixed.
    • An error where Demon Balrog’s hands would remain if you dealt all of his HP in one attack has been fixed.
    • An error where you would not be able to use Toad’s Hammer if you changed maps while using it has been fixed.
    • An error where the client would sometimes exit if you logged in using fullwidth characters has been fixed.
    • An error where Monster Life’s Viking Commander’s monster effect description had incorrect text has been fixed.
    • If you are Seduced by a monster while sitting on a chair, you will now be removed from it.
    • An error where the Netherworld Monks on the 30th floor of Mu Lung Dojo dropped items has been fixed.
    • An error where you would be moved to Evolving System when exiting after clearing Normal Cygnus has been fixed.
    Skill Related

    Pink Bean’s skills have been adjusted.

    • Sky Jump‘s damage has been increased.
    • Mini Beans‘ damage will now be based on the character’s damage.
    • Power Accumulation‘s cooldown has been increased.
    • An error where Pink Bean’s Tutu could sometimes not be used with certain weapons has been fixed.
    • An error where Pink Bean would not correctly use skills after Pink Bean’s Tutu‘s keydown duration has been fixed.

    The following errors have been fixed.

    • An error where certain 5th job skills would be allowed to be used in Urus has been fixed.
    • An error where skill transparency did not apply to certain skills in the Union Raid has been fixed.
    • An error where Night Lord’s Spread Throw could not be saved using Buff Freezers has been fixed.
    • An error where if Viper used Double Spiral at the same time as levelling up, the cooldown would apply has been fixed.
    • Blaster’s Charge skills will now consume MP when they begin charging instead of when they are activated.
    Skill Changes

    Wind Breaker

    • [​IMG] Wind Blessing: DEX boost has been increased from 12% → 15%


    • [​IMG] Will of Sword: Strike: damage has been decreased
      • Level 25: Consumes 1000 MP. Each weapon will hit an enemy, dealing 1000% damage 4 times. After that, they will fall to the ground. After 2 seconds, they will create a powerful flame, dealing (1400% → 700%) damage 6 times on up to 12 enemies. The final damage of the flames will be increased up to 2x based on the amount of time the swords were in the ground. Cooldown: 30 seconds. Final Figuration: Will of Sword and the flames’ number of hits are increased by 1.

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