KMS KMST ver. 1.2.069 – MapleStory: Black Mage Begins!

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    Yesterday, Nexon held the offline event, MapleStory: The BLACK to announce this summer’s update, which is now confirmed to be called MapleStory: Black Mage! And not too long afterwards, they released most of the patch contents into KMST!!

    The conference began with this cool animated video, called Gathering of Heroes. Almost every MapleStory character was featured!

    NOTE: Incomplete post. I haven’t had the chance to add any pictures or skill information for the new V skills. Check back soon!

    Here’s the preview/trailer video for the update. It will contain:

    • Final chapter of Arcane River, Tenebris
      • 1st area: Moonbridge, the fog of the unknown tests the Alliance
      • The physical embodiment of the Black Mage’s desires, a giant monster
      • 2nd area: Labyrinth of Pain, escape from the endless labyrinth!
      • “Wandering forever in a deeper and deeper swamp, that is the end of your destiny.”
      • Reborn with the power of the Black Mage, True Hilla
      • 3rd area: Remain, confirming the end of Arcane River
    • To fight the Black Mage, the Maple Alliance appears!
      • Expedition Missions and Defense Missions
      • Maple Alliance ranks
      • Alliance support items
      • Alliance Skills
    • 3rd V – new set of 5th job skills for all jobs
    • Ultra Lev-Up
      • Terra Burning allows you to level up your character 3 times as fast to level 200, gives a time limited Root Abyss set and a time limited Eternal Flame title upon reaching level 200
      • Experience requirement reductions from level 200 to level 220
      • Given all 5th job skills upon advancing to 5th job
      • Increased efficiency of pre-level 200 content
      • Weekly Road of Vanishing quests that give Core Gemstomes
      • Maple Guide renewal
      • Hyper Skill level changes
      • Mastery Book acquire rate increased
      • Toad’s Hammer UI reneweal
      • Monster Park <Chew Chew Island>
    • June 21 – MapleStory: Black Mage – Gathering of Heroes
    • 2018 Summer – Black Mage – final battle!


    The update is split into three patches (plus more potentially?).

    • June 21: Gathering of Heroes
    • July 5: Prelude of War
    • July 19: Labyrinth
    • … and a continuing story

    Not everything was included in KMST but otherwise, I’ll go more into detail about everything while translating the patch notes.

    Tenebris Expedition

    To defeat the Black Mage, the journey of destiny begins.

    • Characters level 61 or higher can move to the Maple Alliance’s outpost by accepting the quest “[Black Mage] Upcoming Time of Destiny”. You can then become a member of the Maple Alliance by completing the “[Black Mage] Resolve with Cygnus” quest.
    • Every time you complete an Alliance Mission, you will gather more power for your desire to save the world.
    • After the <Black Mage – Gathering of Heroes> update, the defense mission <Scattered Desire> and the change in Maple World <Alliance’s Support> will be added. Later updates will add much more content.
    • Characters who complete the “[Black Mage] Resolve with Cygnus” quest will automatically complete the “[Black Mage] Gathering at the Outpost” quest. Other characters level 61 or higher in the same world will be able to complete the quest as well.

    The defense mission <Scattered Desire> has been added.

    • Helena will give you the Embers of Desire, which you can use to install in a map with monsters around your level range.
    • After the Embers are installed, for 10 minutes, you can collect 3 different Desire Fragments. Within the time limit, you can return to the Embers and transfer your Desire to activate a powerful explosion to attack enemies and gain Desire.
    • The Desire transfer can be done up to 10 times, and the amount of Desire acquired will be different each time.
    • The installed Embers of Desire will automatically disappear if you leave the map or log off, but you can reinstall it if you have remaining Desire for the day.
    • There is a cooldown of 5 minutes after installing it.
    • If you have lost your Embers of Desire, you can re-receive it through the quest “[Alliance Mission] Embers of Desire”.

    The change of Maple World <Alliance’s Support> has been added.

    • When Elite Monsters are defeated, the character who dealt the most damage will receive Alliance Support for 30 seconds.
    • You will receive one of: troop support, bombardment support, and airship support, to help you in combat.
    • After defeating an Elite Monster, you will receive 100 Desire. However, if you have reached your daily limit, you will no longer receive Desire.

    The following monsters have been added.

    • Grudge’s Fog (Lv. ???)

    The following NPCs have been added.

    • Nova Soldier
    • Priest of Time

    The following quests have been added.

    • Upcoming Time of Destiny (Lv. 61, Moko)
    • Esfera Research’s End (Lv. 61, Ollie)
    • Back to Maple World (Lv. 61, Nineheart)
    • Before the End of the World (Lv. 61, Nineheart)
    • Accompanying Nineheart (Lv. 61, Nineheart)
    • Way to the Base 1 (Lv. 61, Nineheart)
    • Way to the Base 2 (Lv. 61, Nineheart)
    • Resolve with Cygnus (Lv. 61, Nineheart)
    • To Save the World (Lv. 61, Moko)
    • Gathered Desire into One (Lv. 61, Helena)
    • Gathering at the Outpost (Lv. 61, Helena)
    Ultra Lev-Up!

    The experience required to level up from level 200 ~ 220 has been decreased by 25%. If your current experience exceeds the required experience, you’ll level up as soon as you gain any experience.

    Quests below level 200 have had their efficiency increased and difficulty decreased.

    • Level 100 ~ 200 theme dungeons and town quests’ completion experience have been increased.
    • Haven story quests will now give experience upon completion.
    • Certain area’s quests’ difficulties have been decreased.
      • Door to the Future
      • Kritias
    • New medals have been added.
      • Rocky Mountain Hunter
      • The One Chasing Risks
      • Snow Field’s Explorer
      • Ludibrium’s Sheriff
      • How to Be Fresh
      • Rising in the Ruins
      • Twilight Warrior

    The Maple Contents Guide has been reorganized.

    • The new Town Guide has been added. You can receive a completion stamp after completing all of a town’s quests.
      • Perion
      • Sleepywood
      • Ludibrium
      • El Nath
      • Mu Lung
      • Three Doors
      • Kritias
    • The classification of certain Guides has been changed from regular maps to Towns. The conditions for the completion stamp have been changed.
      • Aquarium
      • Destroyed Henesys
      • Twilight Perion
      • Haven
    • Certain regular maps will appear on the guide after copmleting the corresponding Town.
    • Completion requirements will now be displayed on the Guide UI.

    Hyper Skills have been changed so you can acquire them faster.

    • The levels when you acquire passive SP and the levels required for passive skills have been changed to 140, 150, 165, 180, and 190.
    • The levels when you acquire active SP and the levels required for active skills have been changed to 140, 160, and 190.

    The rewards for completing the 5th job advancement have been changed. Instead of receive a special Core Gemstone that gives you one class-specific 5th job skill, you will now receive 2 class-specific Skill Cores immediately.

    The Road of Vanishing weekly quest have been added.

    • The “[Weekly Quest] Reward for Diligent Research” can be completed once per week.
    • If you complete the “[Daily Quest] Road of Vanishing Research” 2 times in a week, you’ll receive 3 Core Gemstones.

    The method of receiving mesos from Dimensional Library has been changed.

    • The meso rewards for the quests “[Dimensional Library] Read the White Mage/Read Becoming an Empress/Read the Black Witch” have been removed.
    • After completing any 3 chapters from Chapter 1~5, you will receive mesos after completing the “[Dimensional Library] Today’s Civilization” quest.
    • Characters who have already completed Chapters 1~3 and received mesos will have that amount deducted from the new reward.

    The levels required to acquire Honor and open Ability slots have been changed.

    • At level 50, the “Opening Eyes on Ability” quest will now open all 3 Ability slots. Previously opened slots will remain unchanged.
    • If you are below level 50, you will no longer be given Honor upon leveling up and you will not be able to receive Medals of Honor from monsters under level 50.
    • The drop rate of Medals of Honor has been changed to be the same for all monsters.

    You will no longer lose experience when dying in certain boss content.

    • Balrog
    • Horntail

    New effects have been added to certain regular equipment’s set effects.

    • Certain regular equipment set effects have gained 2%~20% damage to regular monsters.
    • The following equipment sets have been affected.
      • 7th Warrior Set
      • 7th Mage Set
      • 7th Archer Set
      • 7th Rogue Set
      • 7th Pirate Set
      • 8th Warrior Set
      • 8th Mage Set
      • 8th Archer Set
      • 8th Rogue Set
      • 8th Pirate Set

    The number of Mastery Books given when completing certain quests has been changed.

    • When completing content, the given Mastery Book has been replaced with a Mastery Box.
    • The Mastery Box will give you a choice of a Mastery Book 20, Mastery Book 30, or 500 Scroll Traces.
    • Different content will give different numbers of Mastery Boxes.
      • Dimensional Library: 3
      • Lion King’s Castle: 2
      • Fantastic Theme Park: 2
      • Cross Hunter Chapter 3: 2
      • Korean Folk Town: 2
      • Root Abyss: 1
      • Crimsonwood: 2
      • Golden Temple: 2

    Mu Lung and Herb Town quests’ beginning levels have been changed to level 135.

    • The quests’ beginning level and the area’s monster levels have been increased by 10.
    • If your level is lower than the new beginning level and you have already started a quest, you will be able to complete only that quest.
    • The level of Golden Temple has not been changed.

    Monster Park <Chew Chew Island> has been added.

    • The Chew Chew Island stage has been added to Monster Park’s advanced dungeon. You will receive more experience than existing stages.
    • Only characters who have completed the “[Chew Chew] Goodbye Chew Chew Island” quest can enter this new stage.

    The field bosses in the Temple of Time will appear more often. They will no longer drop Cross Coins.

    After completing the 1st job advancement, you will now receive Return to Town Scrolls.

    The Toad’s Hammer UI has been changed.

    • Items that cannot be extracted using Toad’s Hammer will now be displayed on the UI, and clicking on them will display the reason why they cannot be used.
    • If an item cannot be extracted, it will not be displayed on the target list. The conditions are as follows.
      • Equipment with fixed potential stats
      • Time limited equipment
      • Cash equipment
      • Superior equipment
      • Miraculous Enhancement Scroll equipment
      • Equipment that has no upgrade slots
      • Equipment with unique skills
      • Equipment that disappears upon logging out
      • Equipment that cannot receive potential
      • Zero-only weapon
    • You can press the <Show Extractable Equipment> checkbox at the bottom of the UI to display only extractable equipment.

    The number of parties that can enter at the same time in a channel for certain content’s boss maps has been increased.

    • Gold Beach
    • Golden Temple
    • Lion King’s Castle
    Esfera Daily Quests

    New daily quests have been added to <Sea of Beginning, Esfera>. You can complete research missions with the Alliance’s soldier Ollie.

    • Completing a daily quest will reward you with 2 Arcane Symbols: Esfera.
    • You can complete up to 3 quests per day.
    • If you complete all 3, you’ll receive an additional 2 Arcane Symbols: Esfera.

    Completing Esfera will now simplify previous Arcane River areas’ daily quests.

    • Spirit Saviour: completing Esfera will allow you to immediately complete Spirit Saviour 2 times per day
    • Morass: completing Esfera will allow you to complete one less daily quest per day (total amount of Arcane Symbols acquired will be the same)

    New daily quests have been added.

    • Eliminate 200 Atuins
    • Eliminate 200 Atus
    • Eliminate 200 Bellalions
    • Eliminate 200 Bellaris
    • Eliminate 200 Arania
    • Eliminate 200 Aranea
    • Eliminate 200 Watchers of Light
    • Eliminate 200 Watchers of Darkness
    • Eliminate 200 Executioners of Light
    • Eliminate 200 Executioners of Darkness
    • Collect 50 Atuin Shells
    • Collect 50 Atus Shells
    • Collect 50 Bellalion Scales
    • Collect 50 Bellalis Scales
    • Collect 50 Arania Claws
    • Collect 50 Aranea Claws
    • Collect 50 Watcher of Light Rings
    • Collect 50 Watcher of Darkness Rings
    • Collect 50 Executioner of Light Rings
    • Collect 50 Executioner of Darkness Rings
    Game Related

    In Urus, Demon Avenger’s attack correction has been increased up to 3 times the previous amount.

    For the boss Chaos Papulatus, a 30 minute re-entry cooldown has been added.

    1280*720 resolution is now supported. It can be set in windowed mode, as well as in full screen mode if your display supports it.

    High resolution support beta testing has begun.

    • 1920*1200 and 1920*1080 resolutions will now be supported. They can be set when your window display settings are on 1920*1200 or higher.
    • Because it is a beta test, it may cause problems in certain situations, in which case you should use 1366*768 resolution which is officially supported.

    The following errors have been fixed.

    • The Union Master will only be allowed to leave the Union after transferring their position. Unions which currently do not have Union Masters will automatically appoint one of the guild masters.
    • Fixed an error where the average level of guilds with users who logged in privately was lower than it should have been.
    • Fixed an error where in Monster Life, the Judas world mark was shown instead of the Elysium world mark.
    • Fixed an error where the Arcane Shade Essence could be purchased in Reboot World.
    • Fixed an error where Twilight Essence and Brilliant Twilight Essence were not dropped by Mysterious Veins and Legendary Veins.
    • Fixed an error where you would appear online if you logged in privately then searched through guilds.
    • Fixed an error where Training Characters gaining experience in certain boss content would cause NPCs to not be summoned or quests to not be completed properly.
    • Fixed an error where the Rune of Thunder would not attack after changing channels.
    • Fixed an error where Nautilus Harbor’s weapon salesman and armor salesman’s locations were swapped.
    • Cadena and Ark characters who have not completed their tutorial quests will now have it appear as a location on the Maple Contents Guide to allow them to move there at any time.
    Cash Related

    When using Royal Hair Coupons while having a Mix Dyed Hair, the current mix dye information will be shown in the result window.

    Skill Related

    Okay so this patch has skill changes as well as new 5th job skills. I’m gonna cover the skill changes first and then put all the new skills below them.

    Archmage (I/L)

    • Lightning Sphere: cooldown has been increased from 60 seconds to 75 seconds
    • Thunder Break: cooldown has been increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds


    • Holy Magic Shell – Cooltime Reduce has been changed to Holy Magic Shell – Enhance: Holy Magic Shell’s damage reduction is increased by 5%.
    • Pray: at level 25, the maximum final damage boost possible has been decreased from 75% to 40% but the final damage will now apply fully to yourself, INT required for 1% final damage boost has been increased from 1500 INT to 2500 INT

    Night Lord

    • Mark of Assassin: your Stars’ attack now applies to this skill
    • Mark of Night Lord: your Stars’ attack now applies to this skill


    • Eviscerate: cooldown has been increased from 10 seconds to 14 seconds


    • Serpent Screw: Energy consumption has been changed from 100 when charged/110 when uncharged to 85 Energy regardless of charge status, boss monster energy consumption reduction has been increased from 60% to 80%, this skill now consumes 100 Energy per second regardless of attack

    Wind Breaker

    • Spiral Vortex: the upper and lower attack ranges of the arrow have been increased to 10x as much

    Night Walker

    • Shadow Servant Extend: at level 25, the number of times you can change positions with the summoned shadow has been increased from 1 to 3, you cannot change positions for 0.5 seconds after summoning the shadow or changing positions


    • Sylphidia: this skill’s final damage will be increased accordingly if used while Elemental Ghost is active


    • Infiltrate: the skill will be released if a summon attacks while this skill is active


    • Charge Mastery: if a Charge skill is used in the air, a Bullet will not be automatically reloaded
    • Hurricane Mixer: now maintains Combination Training’s maximum stacks while hitting enemies with this skill


    • Metal Armor: Tank: critical rate boost has been decreased from 50% to 30%
    • Overtuning: now gives 20% critical rate
    • Homing Missile System Research: required skill has been changed from level 10 Advanced Homing Missile to level 15 Advanced Homing Missile


    • Advanced Will of Sword: sword flying range has been increased by up to 25%
    • Will of Sword: Strike: sword flying range has been increased by up to 25%

    Angelic Buster

    • Energy Burst: invincibility buff duration has been changed from a fixed 10 seconds to 6~10 seconds based on the Energy Orb’s stage
    • Spotlight: install locations have been changed to be based on the 1366*768 resolution


    • Joint Attack: at level 25, Beta’s 1st and 3rd attacks’ number of hits have been increased from 4 to 8, their damage has been decreased from 3500%/6500% to 1750%/3250%


    • Crystal Ignition: at level 25, the number of hits has been increased from 3 to 4
    3rd V


    • Combo Instinct: Take the Combo Counters into your unconsciousness, unlocking your latent instincts.


    • Grand Cross: Summon a gigantic cross of light that symbolizes a sublime sacrifice.

    Dark Knight

    • Fierce Cyclone: Swing your spear fast enough to create a black storm that wipes out enemies in front of you.

    Archmage (F/P)

    • Fury of Ifrit: Expose Ifrit’s rage, liberating its true form.

    Archmage (I/L)

    • Spirit of Snow: Summon the aloof snow spirit of the El Nath Mountains.


    • Peacemaker: Fire an objet imbued with divine power.


    • Quiver Full Burst: Use all of your arrowheads at the same time.


    • Charged Arrow: Focus your mind and shoot a powerful soul arrow.

    Night Lord

    • Dark Lord’s 비전서: Use a scroll containing the Dark Lord’s techniques.


    • Sonic Blow: Attack continuously while moving at a speed that makes you invisible.

    Dual Blade

    • Blade Tornado: Rotate rapidly to attack nearby enemies. Due to your extreme speed, a red and black typhoon is created and moves forward.


    • Furious Charge: The aura of the ocean bursts and rushes at your enemies.


    • Nautilus Assault: The battleship Nautilus rushes towards enemies. It hits enemies with its enormous hull then uses all of its turrets to destroy enemies.

    Cannon Shooter

    • Special Monkey Escort: Summon a special champion monkey to help in combat.


    • Sword of Soul Light: Concentrate your soul’s power into your sword, to cut down enemies with a sword of soul light.

    Soul Master

    • Soul Eclipse: Concentrate your soul’s power to create a sun and moon that overlap to cause an eclipse.

    Flame Wizard

    • Infinity Flame Circle: Summon the cycle of the eternally repeating phoenix.

    Wind Breaker

    • Wind Wall: Activate the element of wind around you, creating a wind barrier that protects you from all attacks.

    Night Walker

    • Shadow Bite: Control your enemies’ shadows, stealing them away when attacking them.


    • Lightning God Spear Strike: The powerful lightning god’s spear is created to attack nearby enemies.


    • Fenrir Crash: Wield your polearm to use the power of a mythical wolf’s strike.


    • Zodiac Ray: Install a magic circle that charges magic power and releases the power of the constellations.


    • Baptism of Light and Darkness: Thrust the swords of light and darkness into an enemy to perform the baptism of truth.


    • Irkalla’s Breath: Make enemies feel the breath of Irkalla with continuous fatal attacks.


    • Mark of Phantom: Carve the mark of the master thief Phantom into enemies’ bodies.


    • True Wind Claw: Combine the bond with your spirits to attack with an even more powerful Wind Claw.

    Demon Slayer

    • Orthros: Offer your Force to summon the underworld’s violent twin gods.

    Demon Avenger

    • Dimension Sword: Amplify the power of your Desperado, manifesting intangible swords from another dimension.


    • Burning Breaker: The Bullets’ explosive power is stored in the Revolver Gauntlet, then rush forward and discharge it at the same time.

    Battle Mage

    • Grim Reaper: Achieve a new level of black magic, allowing the true appearance of the reaper to descend.

    Wild Hunter

    • Wild Grenade: Using the Resistance’s new technology, equip a grenade launcher that can be used simultaneously with your crossbow.


    • Hologram Gravity: Fusion: Develop a new hologram field that combines the functions of all the Hologram Gravity skills.


    • Metal Armor Full Burst: Use all of the Metal Armor’s weapons at once, raining bullets down on enemies.


    • Draco Slasher: Use Giga Slasher enhanced with the power of ancient dragons.


    • Chain Arts: Maelstrom: Create a maelstrom by rapidly swinging your chain around you.

    Angelic Buster

    • Mascot Familiar: Forcefully transform Eskada into a mascot character, an essential element of a magical girl.


    • Shadow Flash: Leave a sword on the ground to create holy ground, then turn back time to instantly move back to that location and activate a fatal attack.


    • Ultimate – Psychic Bullet: Enemies and objects controlled with telekinesis are combined into one and shot forwards.


    • Soul of Crystal: Create a Soul of Crystal that copies the Crystal’s power.


    • Escaped Nightmare: While concentrating on battle, the power of the Specter escapes and cuts down enemies.

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