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    A new test server patch has been released, with a few game changes/bug fixes but mainly two events. One is the Utah Family Farm event which I will cover when it is added to the official server, and the other is a new type of event called Challenge World!

    Challenge World Season 1: Mu Lung Dojo


    Challenge World is a limited-time seasonal world where you must create new characters to compete in ranked content. The first season will be based on Mu Lung Dojo. Show off your talents in Mu Lung Dojo and receive rewards based on your ranking!

    Ranking Character

    In Challenge World, you can register one character as your Ranking Character. You can only enter Mu Lung Dojo with your Ranking Character. You can change your registered character at any time by talking to Maple Admin, but if you do so, your previous character’s recorded rankings will be removed.

    Challenge Skills


    In Challenge World, you’ll be able to acquire the world-exclusive Challenge Skills, various skills to help grow your character and fight in Mu Lung Dojo.

    You’ll receive 1 Challenge skill point every day you login, per character, up to 10 points. Challenge Skills can be reset at any time.

    • Challenge: Attack/Magic Attack: Increases your attack/magic attack by 30/60. (max level: 2)
    • Challenge: Critical Damage: Increases your critical damage by 8/16/24/32%. (max level: 4)
    • Challenge: Defense Ignore: Increases your defense ignore by 15/30/45/60%. (max level: 4)
    • Challenge: Critical Rate: Increases your critical rate by 15/30/45/60%. (max level: 4)
    • Challenge: Boss Damage: Increases your boss damage by 15/30/45/60%. (max level: 4)
    • Challenge: Buff Duration: Increases your buff duration by 15/30/45/60%. (max level: 4)
    Entry Limits

    In Challenge World, you can enter Mu Lung Dojo without any entry limits. However, you will not receive Breakthrough Points if you enter more than 3 times.

    Challenge World Conditions

    Challenge World has various conditions on gameplay.

    • You cannot trade items or mesos.
    • You cannot use the Meso Market.
    • You cannot use the gifting, coupons, or payback features of the Cash Shop.
    • After the world’s operating period ends, all information will be deleted.
    • You will be paid back the amount of Nexon Cash used in Challenge World as Maple Points after a certain period of time when the world ends.
      • Any spent Maple Points and Mileage will not be included in the refund.
      • Maple Points refund schedule will be announced in a separate notice.
    Ranking Rewards

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    When Challenge World comes to an end, the users with the highest ranked characters in Mu Lung Dojo will receive special rewards in regular worlds.

    • Overall Rankings 1st Place
      • 500k Maple Points
      • Challenge World Season 1 Legendary title
      • Mu Gongroid
      • Season 1 Challenger Chair
      • Season 1 Challenger Crest: Legendary
    • Class Rankings 1st Place
      • 300k Maple Points
      • Challenge World Season 1 Unique title
      • Mu Gongroid
      • Season 1 Challenger Chair
      • Season 1 Challenger Crest: Unique
    • Class Rankings 2nd~10th Place
      • 100k Maple Points
      • Challenge World Season 1 Epic title
      • Mu Gongroid
      • Season 1 Challenger Chair
      • Season 1 Challenger Crest: Epic
    • Class Rankings 31st~100th Place
      • 10k Maple Points
      • Season 1 Challenger Crest: Challenger

    The Mu Lung Dojo rankings will not reset weekly and weekly rewards will not be given out.

    The account that acquires 1st place in the overall rankings will not receive the rewards of the 1st place in their class rankings.

    Mu Gongroid is a non-humanoid Android that cannot be equipped with items, or have its hair and face changed.

    Breakthrough Rewards


    When you pass certain floors in Mu Lung Dojo, you will receive additional rewards. These can be claimed once per account.

    • Breakthrough Floor 5
      • 100 Utah Family Coins
      • Challange Damage Skin: Season 1
      • Mind and Body Training Centre Entry Charm (24 Hours)
      • Storm Growth Potion
    • Breakthrough Floor 10
      • 300 Utah Family Coins
      • 20 Strange Additional Cubes (20 Strange Cubes in Reboot)
      • 3 3x Experience Coupons (15 Minutes)
    • Breakthrough Floor 20
      • 500 Utah Family Coins
      • Mega Burning Booster
      • 30 Core Gemstones
      • 20 Selective Arcane Symbol Vouchers
    • Breakthrough Floor 30
      • 700 Utah Family Coins
      • 3 Meister Cubes
      • 3 Eternal Rebirth Flames
      • 3 100% Epic Potential Scrolls
      • Prepared Spirit Pendant (14 Days)
    Quest Related


    The [Labyrinth of Suffering] The One Who Knows the Depths of the Labyrinth quest has been added. You can accept it after completing the [Labyrinth of Suffering] Root of Suffering quest.

    To complete it, you must defeat Hard Hilla. You will then receive The One Who Knows the Depths of the Labyrinth medal (15 all stats, 1000 HP/MP, 5 attack/magic attack).

    Improvements and Bug Fixes

    The Cash Shop loading time has been shortened, and the time required to enter the Cash Shop has been shortened as well.

    The effects and usability of certain skills in Dream Breaker have been changed.

    • The issue where Flame Wizard could use Fire Blink to move to other rooms without using the portals in Dream Breaker was fixed in the 9/6 update, but was missing from the patch notes.
    • Dream Breaker has been changed so that you cannot use Blink skills to move to other rooms without using the portals.
    • Fixed an error where Shadow Flash, Shadow Servant Extend, and Sylphidia did not work correctly if used in Dream Breaker while not in the centre room.

    Fixed an error where while in Ready to Die’s 2nd stage, if you took damage from a % HP attack, the damage would be reduced based on your defence.

    Fixed an error where the Hyper passive skill Double Lucky Dice – One More Chance description said it increased Double Lucky Dice’s success rate. If Double Lucky Dice does not activate, there is a chance that the cooldown will not be applied and the next Double Lucky Dice will be activated with 4 or higher.

    Fixed an error where Double Lucky Dice – Enhance caused Double Lucky Dice’s cooldown to not be applied if it didn’t activate. It now correctly increases the chances of rolling 4, 5, or 6 as descrubed.

    Fixed an error where if your maximum HP was increased by Lucky Dice’s 3 effect and you changed maps, your current HP would be reduced by a certain amount.

    Fixed an error where using Boost End – Hunter’s Targeting right after using Combat Step would cause it to not activate normally.

    Fixed an error where using Ark’s Memory of Root while in the air would cause the explosion damage not to apply.

    Fixed an error where after casting Shadow Flash, Distortion Field, Assistant Hunting Unit, or Drill Container then leaving the map with no characters would cause the installed item to not disappear.

    In Reboot world, the amount of mesos you acquire is divided based on the number of party members. It will now be divided based on the number of party members regardless of their location.

    Fixed an error where buff skills with cooldowns did not have their cooldowns decreased while inside Monster Life.

    When entering Urus with an 18 person expedition, if the expedition leader is not in a party, they will be placed in a 1 person party after entering.

    Fixed an error where using Vengeance of Angels in Urus would cause unusable skills to appear as usable.

    Fixed an error where the Road of Vanishing stamp would not be acquired after copmleting the story quests.

    Fixed an error where the Hungry Muto stamp could only be acquired through Normal Mode monsters, it now counts Easy and Hard mode monsters.

    The Quest Specialist quest can no longer be completed repeatedly. If you have lost the medal, you can re-acquire it through the Medal UI.

    Fixed an error where the Premium PC Room Only Damage Skin did not apply occasionally.

    Fixed an error where the images of the Veritas, Maple Trendy Tablet, Light of Truth and the White Flower did not appear normally.

    The Red Florence Hair will now appear normally during certain actions and while wearing hats.

    Certain hair colours will now appear normally during certain actions and while wearing hats.

    The Tenebris daily quests will no longer change if you don’t accept them from the NPC Velva. They will only change after midnight.

    Before clearing Labyrinth of Suffering or Limen’s story quests, the Tenebris daily quests NPC Velva will no longer show you missions for areas you have not cleared. You can check your quest progress by seeing if you have the stamps for Labyrinth/Limen.

    Dusk’s storm pattern’s fixed damage has been decreased.

    Fixed an error where achievements for defeating Dusk did not apply regularly.

    Accessory scrolls which cannot be used on shoulderpads will now state that in their tooltips.

    Fixed an error where characters would have a limit on the number of SPecial Medals of Honor they could use.

    Fixed an error where certain Outpost soldiers were not in the correct place according to the quest progress in Tenebris.

    Cash Shop

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Luna Crystal has been added. This is a new item where you can use your Wonder Black pets (from Wisp’s Wonder Berry) and combine them to get special pets or pet equipment.

    • Luna Sweet rank
    • Luna Dream rank
    • Luna Petite rank
    • Luna Crystal Key

    You use one pet as a base then use another to combine it with. The Luna Crystal can be used with either Wonder Black pets or Luna Sweet pets. The rank of the pet you’ll receive is based on the base pet you used.


    The Luna Crystal Key is a pet equipment that can only be used by the Luna Petite rank pets. It has 10 attack/magic attack and no slots. You cannot use the Pet Equipment Stat Transfer Scroll on it.

    If you have not received any pets from the Luna Crystal, you can pay back the equipment in the Cash Shop for 540 Maple Points.

    So basically, it’s another cash grab RNG combining fest like the Royal Style Coupons/Masterpiece items. But the Luna Petite rank pets have a very special effect: they can pick up items from a larger range. It’s basically item vac hahaha.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Wisp’s Wonder Berry item preview has been added. In the Cash Shop’s Event category’s Wonder Berry tab, you can see the Wonder Berry and Luna Crystal’s possible rewards.

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