KMST KMST ver. 1.2.080 – Content and System Updates

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    A new test server patch has been released, featuring a lot of content/system updates and improvements, as well as a new theme dungeon. There’s also the Adventure update events but I’ll cover those next week when this patch hits the official servers!

    I haven’t had a chance to add a few more details (mainly in the boss section) but I’ll try and get to them as soon as possible.


    • Momentum – Content and System Reorganizations
      • To make it easier to experience content while playing, difficulties have been adjusted and guidance has been improved. In addition, the growth system has been reorganized to make growth easier.
    • Momentum – Boss Monster Improvements
      • To give you the opportunity to learn boss monsters’ attack patterns, a Practice Mode has been added. Certain boss monsters’ difficulties have been changed and new rewards have been added.
    • Momentum – Maple Union Improvements
      • Maple Union’s beginning requirements have been relaxed and both the Preset system and Union Coin usage have been improved.
    • Theme Dungeon: Secret Forest Elodin
      • Enter Ellinia’s southern forest Elodin where no one steps foot in and explore its secrets.
    • Adventure Island
      • Use the Adventure Coin Shop which has different tiers and enjoy various minigames, God of Control, and Fight! Return of the Legends.
    • Burning World
      • A special limited time world which offers a variety of benefits for fast growth will be opened.
    • Adventure Sugar Time
      • Maple World’s sweetest Saturday! The Adventure Sugar Time event will be held on January 26.
    Momentum – Content and System Reorganizations

    The tutorial and story quests for each job as well as their job advancement quests have been improved.

    • The quests’ monster and item requirements have been adjusted so they are easier to complete.
    • Instructions on how to complete the quests have been enhanced.
    • The quests with inconvenient movement have been improved. After accepting certain quests, you will now be taken directly to your destination or be given directions.
    • The amount of time required to reach level 30 for Adventurers, Aran, Evan, and Resistance has been greatly decreased.


    The 5th job advancement has been streamlined.

    • You can now job advance without having completed the Temple of Time quests.
    • You can now job advance without activating your Arcane Stones through hunting.
    • Arcane Stones can still be filled up to be turned into Experience Potions like before.


    * Not specifically mentioned in the patch notes but Victoria Island’s world map has been updated. Most people hate it (as do I) so I hope it gets changed/reverted haha. RIP Florina Beach. *

    Theme dungeons between level 30-60 have been reorganized.

    • Fairy Academy Ellinel, Gold Beach Resort, Riena Strait, and the new theme dungeon Secret Forest Elodin’s monsters and quest experience will now scale based on your character’s level from level 30 to 59.
    • In these theme dungeons, Runes, Flame Wolf, Pollo and Fritto, and Elite Bosses will no longer appear.
    • These theme dungeons will be recommended in a random order in the Maple Guide.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The appearance speed of monsters in Perion and Kerning City’s swamp area have been improved.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Certain areas’ monster levels have been changed.

    • Temple of Time‘s monster levels have been changed to 140~155.
    • The One Who Walks the Road to Oblivion 2~5 quests’ required levels have been changed to 140.
    • Kritias‘ monster levels have been changed to 170~190.

    Kritias’ invasion entry/exit methods have been changed.

    • While an invasion is taking place, if you are in a Kritias map, you can enter the invasion using a quest on the left side of your screen.
    • While an invasion is taking place, you can exit the invasion using a quest on the left side of your screen.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Kritias, Fallen World Tree, and Haven’s daily quests have been changed.

    • The daily quests have been changed to weekly quests.
    • You will be given a certain amount of quests all at once and you will be able to choose to replace any number of them with a randomly chosen quest (same as Road of Vanishing/Morass/Esfera).
      • Kritias: You will receive 5 quests.
      • Fallen World Tree: You will receive 5 quests, with an additional reward if you complete them all.
      • Haven: You will receive 4 quests, with an additional reward if you complete them all. You will also be able to complete one more special quest.
    • Weekly quests will be reset every Monday at midnight.
    • Whether or not you have completed the daily quests before the patch, you can proceed with the new weeklies after the patch.


    Twilight Perion related quests’ experience have been greatly increased.


    Fox Valley’s hunting maps‘ overall structure has been improved.

    • Certain maps’ monster appearance speed has been increased.
    • The overall size of the hunting maps has been decreased and their hunting efficiency has been improved.


    Road of Vanishing’s quest difficulty has been greatly decreased.

    • The story quests’ hunting requirements have been decreased to half of what they were before.

    Level 150 and lower weapons, armor, and gloves will require fewer Scroll Traces when scrolling them.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Star Force Enhancement’s success rates have been increased.

    • When you fail at below 10 stars, the number of stars will no longer decrease.
    • The success rate for the 10th~13th stars have been increased.


    Hyper Stats have been reorganized.

    • You will now receive Hyper Stat points after level 250.
    • Existing Hyper Stats have been changed.
      • STR/DEX/INT/LUK will now give more stat per level.
      • Movement speed/jump/elemental resistance have been removed.
    • New Hyper Stats have been added.
      • Attack/magic attack, bonus experience, and Arcane Force have been added.
      • The Arcane Force Hyper Stat can only be levelled up after completing the 5th job advancement and will only apply after you have unlocked Arcane Force.
    • The maximum level of Hyper Stats has been expanded.
      • Stats with a max level of 5 (Stance, DF/TF) have been increased to level 10.
      • Stats with a max level of 10 have been increased to level 15.
      • You can only increase your Hyper Stats to level 6/11 and higher after completing the 5th job advancement.
    • The first time you login after the patch, your character’s Hyper Stats will be reset.

    The number of Hyper Stat points required to level up your Hyper Stats is: 1/2/4/8/10/15/20/25/30/35/50/65/80/95/110. To get from level 10 to 15, it costs an additional 400 Hyper Points. To get from level 1 to 15, it costs a total of 550 Hyper Points.

    Here are the new stats for Hyper Stats.

    • STR/DEX/INT/LUK: 30 per level (450 at level 15)
    • HP/MP: 2% per level (30% at level 15)
    • DF/TF: 10 per level (100 at level 10)
    • Critical Rate: 1% per level from 1-5, 2% per level from 6-15 (25% at level 15)
    • Critical Damage: 1% per level (15% at level 15)
    • Defense Ignore: 3% per level (45% at level 15)
    • Damage: 3% per level (45% at level 15)
    • Boss Monster Damage: 3% per level from 1-5, 4% per level from 6-15 (55% at level 15)
    • Status Resistance: 1 per level from 1-5, 2 per level from 6-15 (25 at level 15)
    • Stance: 2% per level (20% at level 10)
    • Attack/Magic Attack: 3 per level (45 at level 15)
    • Bonus Experience: 0.5% per level from 1-10, 1% per level from 11-15 (10% at level 15)
    • Arcane Force: 5 per level from 1-10, 10 per level from 11-15 (100 at level 15)


    The Star Force and Arcane Force related damage formulas have been improved.

    • Star Force: as a benefit of having more Star Force than required, your damage will now be increased by 1% per star exceeding the required stars (up to 20%)
    • Arcane Force: damage buff and damage reduction benefits have been changed from having 3 stages of 100%/110%/150% to 4 stages of 100%/110%/130%/150%.
    • You can check the damage buffs through the Star Force and Arcane Force UI’s tooltips.

    The Arcane Symbol: Road of Vanishing’s upgrade costs have been decreased. This applies only to the meso costs.


    When you receive a Skill Core from a Core Gemstone, the chance of getting a class-specific skill and the chance of getting a common skill have been separated. This probability is fixed, so even if more common Skill Cores are added, the chance of getting a class-specific skill will not be decreased.

    Elite Bosses and the Messenger of Darkness will now have a separate HP multiplier in Star Force maps/Arcane Force maps/Reboot world.

    The Toad’s Hammer guide quest’s required level has been changed to level 80. Toad’s Hammer can now be used starting at level 40.

    Momentum – Boss Monster Improvements


    Practice Mode has been added to bosses that can only be cleared 1 time per week.

    • Practice Mode is a mode for learning boss monster patterns and does not share entry or clear limits with regular modes, nor does it have any entry item requirements. However, quest requirements are the same as regular modes.
    • In Practice Mode, you cannot complete any quests related to the boss monster, register anything for Monster Collection, gain any experience or any rewards.
    • Practice Mode for specific additional content such as the Genesis weapon are not provided.
    • Practice Mode is available 5 times per day, regardless of which boss monsters you choose to use it on.

    Bosses that can only be cleared 1 time per week’s Powerful Strength Crystal’s selling prices have been increased.

    Certain bosses’ defense rates have been adjusted.

    • Caoong
    • Chaos Pink Bean
    • Chaos Vellum
    • Chaos Papulatus
    • Dusk
    • Dunkel

    Chaos Pink Bean and Hard Hilla‘s clear limits have been changed to 1 clear a week.

    • Their Powerful Strength Crystals’ selling prices and rewards such as Strange Cubes have been increased.
    • Chaos Pink Bean’s drop rates of Golden Clover Belts, Pink Bean Chalices, and Black Bean Marks have been increased.

    Pink Bean’s battle patterns have been changed.

    • Solomon, Rex, Hugin, Munin, and Ariel will now appear at the same time and will not be resurrected after they are defeated.
    • Damage negation and damage reflect’s durations have been decreased and their cooldowns have been increased.
    • The number of times that Chaos Pink Bean resurrects has been decreased.

    Equipment dropped by Elite Monsters will now have a higher chance to have Epic potential.

    Elite Monsters and bosses‘ drop rate of Chaos Blades/Powerful Chaos Blades has been increased.

    The highest difficulty bosses will now drop Strange Additional Cubes.

    • Suu (Normal/Hard)
    • Lucid (Normal/Hard)
    • Dusk
    • Dunkel
    • Will (Normal/Hard)
    • True Hilla
    • Black Mage
    Momentum – Maple Union Improvements

    Maple Union’s beginning requirements have been changed. You can now begin using Maple Union if one of the following conditions is met:

    • If you have 3 or more characters that are level 60 or higher and the total sum of their levels is 500 or more.
    • If you have 1 or more characters that have completed the 5th job advancement.


    The Union Preset system has been changed.

    • The number of Union Presets have been expanded to a maximum of 5. The 1st and 2nd presets will be given to you by default.
    • You can select a preset to place the given set up and then press the Apply button to apply the changes immediately.
    • Your current placement will be automatically saved as Preset 1 after the patch.
    • Presets 1~3 that were in use will be transferred to Presets 3~5.


    Overlapping blocks of deployed members will now be displayed.

    Union Coins will now be shared between all characters in the same world.

    • Union Coins that were held by a character will disappear and have been changed to be shared between all characters.
    • Your number of Union Coins can be checked through the Union Shop and the Maple Union window.
    Theme Dungeon: Secret Forest Elodin


    Secret Forest Elodin is a theme dungeon for characters level 30~59. The monsters and quest experience will scale based on your character’s level.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    There is a strange sound coming from the southern forest of Ellinia where no one steps foot in?! Go to Elodin on behalf of the frightened Anne and explore the secrets of the forest!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The following monsters have been added.

    • Spiky Thorn Tree
    • Forest Howler
    • Night Howler
    • Straw Bunch
    • Dust Bunch
    • Deep Forest Wisp
    • Forest Watchman
    • Night Watchman
    • Blue Spring’s Spirit
    • Deep Spring’s Spirit


    A new medal has been added.

    • The Discoverer of the Forest’s Secret (3 all stats, 150 HP/MP, 15 defense)
    Click to view slideshow.
    Here’s the new maps for this area. You can access it from a portal at the bottom of Ellinia.

    Secret Elodin

    Luen’s House

    The two new BGMs.

    Daily Content: Erda Spectrum

    Click to view slideshow.
    Nina, who was sent to investigate the Road of Vanishing, is looking for Erda with beautiful colours. Help the wounded Nina complete her research!


    • Characters level 200 or higher
    • Characters who have completed the [Road of Vanishing] Arcane Symbol” Road of Vanishing quest

    How to Participate:

    • You can enter through the NPC Rona in the Nameless Town in Road of Vanishing.
    • You can enter up to 3 times per day.
    • You can enter in a party of 1~3 people.

    Play Simplification

    • Like other content in the Arcane River area, completing further Arcane River areas’ story quests will allow you to instantly receive rewards.
    • Clearing Chew Chew Island/Lacheln will allow you to receive rewards without playing 1/2 times.


    • After clearing Erda Spectrum, you will receive 2 Arcane Symbols: Road of Vanishing and experience.
    Improvements and Bug Fixes

    The maximum number of character slots has been increased from 43 to 44.

    When you exit the game, the confirmation window will now notify you of any invitation events which might happen soon.

    Fixed an error where the game exit confirmation window did not show equipped Cash items that were about to expire.


    During the winter, Urus’ Golden Time will be expanded to 10am ~ 10pm.

    In maps with bosses, certain skills used by other characters will now use your own character’s skill transparency setting. In regular maps, they will use the other characters’ skill transparency setting like normal.

    • Bishop’s Mystic Door, Holy Fountain, Pray
    • Flame Wizard’s Burning Region
    • Mechanic’s Open Gate: GX-9
    • Zero’s Time Distortion

    Fixed an error where certain quests in Detective Rave’s Case Journal would cause the client to shutdown in some battles.

    Fixed an error where certain package items were missing their discounted price and the discount rates were incorrect. Item sale prices have not changed.

    Fixed an error where Papulatus could move invincible characters.

    Fixed an error where Paladin’s Grand Cross effect would sometimes remain after the skill ended.

    Fixed an error where Angelic Buster’s character window would show anvilled items’ original appearances while transformed.

    Fixed an error where Night Lord’s Spread Throw would not show their Cash star effects to other characters.

    Fixed an error where Kinesis could use Psychic Move while sitting in a chair.

    Fixed an error where sometimes you could not tag after using Zero’s Joint Attack.

    Fixed an error where having the Master of Swimming skill effect would cause the HP drain while swimming to not apply.

    Fixed an error where Damien’s orb attacks were sometimes stuck in the corner of the screen.

    Fixed an error where Bishop’s Heal did not apply in Magnus’ zone.

    Fixed an error where the Auction House’s autocomplete feature would sometimes complete a different item name after selecting one.

    When using a Cube multiple times in a row, if they are tradeable Cubes, there will now be a confirmation window before it is used.

    Fixed an error where offline level 256 or higher characters’ Link Skill levels were shown as level 1.

    Fixed an error where you could open the Equipment Enhancement and Toad’s Hammer UIs while inside the Flame Wolf map.

    Your pets and Android will no longer appear while riding in the Road of Vanishing’s boat.

    Fixed an error where the On the Red Damage Skin could not be extracted.

    You can no longer use Lie Detectors in boss entry and exit maps.

    Fixed an error where anti-bot monsters would sometimes be stuck in one spot.

    Fixed an error where closing the dialog popup when combining Soul Pieces would cause related achievements not to be updated.

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