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    A new test server patch has been released with an extension to Mu Lung Dojo and a bunch of events. I’m only gonna cover the Mu Lung Dojo stuff and bug fixes/improvements for now.


    • Mu Lung Dojo Extension
      • The highest floor of Dojo has been extended and the rewards have been reorganized. Challenge the newly renovated Mu Lung Dojo!
    • Fairy Bros’ Golden Chariot
      • Stay logged in for 1 hour every day to get gifts! Don’t miss the Golden Chariot’s gifts prepared by the Fairy Bros!
    • 2019 Haunted Mansion
      • The Haunted Mansion with a new story! The conspiracy of the Masked Gentleman and the identities of the five guests are?!
    • Halloween Party
      • On October 31, only one day! Enjoy a Halloween party with Hallowcat and receive party chairs with special music!
    • Tactical Relay Ver. 2
      • Strategically utilize the characters you have raised to clear missions! Meet Tactical Relay Ver. 2 with new missions and rewards!
    Mu Lung Dojo Extension


    The total number of floors in Mu Lung Dojo has been increased from 63 floors to 80 floors. Mu Gong will appear on the 80th floor, the existing monster placements have been changed, and new monsters have been added.

    • 16th Floor: Snowy Mountain’s Witch
    • 17th Floor: Seruf
    • 24th Floor: Chao
    • 26th Floor: Rombot
    • 28th Floor: Master Specter
    • 29th Floor: Master Birk
    • 37th Floor: Lich
    • 50th Floor: Pink Bean
    • 61st Floor: Pianus
    • 62nd Floor: Rex
    • 63rd Floor: Caoong
    • 64th Floor: Transformed Stumpy
    • 65th Floor: Sky Guardian Spirit
    • 66th Floor: Demolishizer
    • 67th Floor: Corrupted Enhanced Wolf Rider
    • 68th Floor: Arma
    • 69th Floor: Chewrup Tree
    • 70th Floor: Suu
    • 71st Floor: Cleaner
    • 72nd Floor: Weakened Harmony Spirit
    • 73rd Floor: Evaporating Erdas
    • 74th Floor: Arang
    • 75th Floor: Bongsun
    • 76th Floor: Wukong
    • 77th Floor: Songdal
    • 78th Floor: Gold Dragon
    • 79th Floor: Red Tiger
    • 80th Floor: Mu Gong

    When you enter Dojo, all buffs and summons will now disappear. You will be placed in the Lobby map where you can buff up for 30 seconds before the timer begins to tick down.

    To reduce the deviation between classes, after floor 30, multiple monsters will no longer spawn at the same time.

    The Introductory and Skilled groups have been merged into a single Introductory group from level 105 to level 200. The Master group will begin at level 201.

    The amount of Dojo Points given at the end of every week has been adjusted, and will be based on your rank in your group. You must be in the top 50% of the Introductory group or top 70% of the Master group to receive the weekly points.

    • Introductory group: 5000 ~ 10000 points
    • Master group: 10000 ~ 21000 points


    The prices of items in the Mu Lung Dojo Points Shop have been adjusted and new items have been added.

    • Adjusted Prices:
      • Mind and Body Training Centre Entry Charm (30 minutes/1 hour/3 hours/6 hours/9 hours/12 hours/24 hours) [600/1000/2700/4800/6300/7200/12000 points]
      • 50% Additional Potential Scroll [21000 points]
      • Powerful Rebirth Flame [9000 points]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • New Items:
      • Mu Lung Dojo Experience Coupon (2x experience for 30 minutes) [2000 points, limit of 10 per week]
      • Mu Lung Dojo Unidentified Accessory Box [2000 points]
      • Training with Mu Gong Chair (gives 1 Mu Lung Dojo Point every 10 seconds) [9900 points]
      • Mu Lung Dojo Defeater Chair (shows your current Dojo record) [199000 points]
      • Mu Lung Dojo Defeater Damage Skin [199000 points]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Mu Lung Dojo Unidentified Accessory Box gives a random expiring Apprentice Accessory with Rare or Epic potential and up to 8 Star Force.


    The appearance of the Mu Lung Dojo Damage Skin sold in the Mu Lung Dojo Points Shop has been changed.


    If you rank 1st in the Master group of your class, you will receive the Mu Gong’s Nutritious Tonic. This item gives 1.5x experience buff effect to all characters in your current map. It does not stack with MVP.

    The Mind and Body Training Centre’s experience rate for level 201 and higher has been increased.

    Certain achievements related to Mu Lung Dojo have been moved to the Memories section and new achievements have been added.

    • Moved to Memories:
      • Going Up Now – Targa
      • Going Up Now – Dragon Rider
      • Going Up Now – Cygnus Family
      • Going Up Now – Mu Gong’s Disciples
      • Going Up Now – Mu Gong
    • New Achievements:
      • Going Up Now – Pink Bean
      • Going Up Now – Cygnus
      • Going Up Now – Suu
      • Going Up Now – Mu Gong’s Disciples
      • Going Up Now – Mu Gong

    The following errors in Mu Lung Dojo have been fixed.

    • After being registered in the rankings, characters who switch jobs will be removed from their previous class’s rankings.
    • The dedicated quests to receive ranking rewards and weekly points have been removed, you can now get them directly from So Gong.
    • Fixed an error where the Exit Game window would show that you had Mu Lung Dojo Points to claim even when you didn’t have any.
    • You can now collect up to 500,000 points.
    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Skills)

    Debuff effects on monsters will no longer be affected by skill effect transparency.

    Fixed an error where sometimes you would not receive skills from equipment potential immediately after equipping them.

    Fixed an error where if you right clicked while an avatar smega appeared, you could cancel buffs that were not cancellable.

    Fixed an error where sometimes when using skills with cooldowns longer than 3 minutes while having cooldown reduction potential, the damage of the skills would not apply.

    Fixed an error where certain summon skills would not function properly when using the portals in Dream Breaker.

    [​IMG] The warrior common 5th job skill Aura Weapon’s activated Aura Wave’s cooldown has been decreased from 6 seconds to 5 seconds. Fixed an error where if you changed maps the cooldown would be reset.

    While Empress’ Prayer is active, you can no longer use Echo of the Hero or receive its effects from other characters.

    Fixed an error where using a skill that creates a clone then using a skill that causes movement, the clone would receive the effects of the movement. The applicable skills are:

    • Soul Master’s Celestial Dance: Silent Move, Dance of Moon, Speeding Sunset
    • Mercedes’ Elemental Ghost: Rolling Moonsault, Legendary Spear, Lightning Edge

    Fixed an error where the Other World’s Goddess’ Blessing’s activated Other World’s Void attack would activate in Lucid at locations without monsters.

    Dark Sight’s skill description has been updated to remove the line that says you cannot pick up items.

    Lucky Dice’s increased experience effect in the experience related system messages will not count towards the passive bonus but will be on the same bonuses as Holy Symbol and other buffs.

    Dark Knight’s Beholder’s description has been updated to match the current logic of not being affected by buff duration increasing effects.

    Dark Knight’s Sacrifice’s description has been updated to match the current logic of Sacrifice’s cooldown being decreased if Beholder attacks while Sacrifice is active.

    Fixed an error where Archmage (I/L) could use Lightning Sphere without a weapon equipped.

    Fixed an error where Bishop’s Holy Fountain sometimes did not heal.

    Fixed an error where adventurer archer’s Double Jump required you to press jump twice if you wanted to Double Jump in the opposite direction of your first jump.

    Fixed an error where Pathfinder’s Raven Tempest would not resummon Raven if you moved maps while it was active.

    [​IMG] Captain’s Head Shot‘s additional defense ignored has been decreased from 100% to 60%.

    Aran’s Adrenaline Boost’s description has been updated to match the current logic of Boost End, summons, and additional attack skills not being affected by the additional hits effect.

    If a character has Evan’s Onyx’s Blessing and Luminous’ Photic Meditation, only one skill will apply.

    Fixed an error where Evan’s Breath of Earth’s monster finding range and attack range were different.

    Fixed an error where Phantom’s Joker focused on the arms if used against Zakum.

    Fixed an error where if Phantom used Final Cut after using Sacrosanctity, Sacrosanctity’s buff would not appear in the buff window.

    Fixed an error where if Eunwol right clicked the Spirit Incarnation buff while using it, they could not move afterwards.

    Fixed an error where Blaster’s weapon image would disappear for a short time while using Explosive Move.

    Battlemage’s Union Aura’s reaper’s scythe attack’s action delay is now the same as Finish Blow.

    Fixed an error where if Battlemage’s Death was registered to a macro then used while it was active, Death would disappear and be resummoned.

    Fixed an error where Wild Hunter’s Jaguar skills did not appear in the Battle Statistics system.

    If Wild Hunter has a captured monster that is on the list of non-capturable monsters, when Call of the Hunter is used, that monster will be removed and another monster will be summoned instead.

    Fixed an error where if Angelic Buster’s Super Nova had its cooldown reset by a Rune of Transcendence, it could not be reused.

    Fixed an error where if Angelic Buster used Mascot Familiar’s Shiny Bubble Breath then moved maps, it could be used again.

    Buff Freezers will now apply to Illium’s Crystal Charge and Glory Wings.

    [​IMG] Fixed an error where Illium’s Glory Wings: Javelin‘s number of hits was 3. Final damage buff when hitting 1 less monster has been decreased from 20% to 10% (maximum of 80% decreased to 40%).

    When Illium enters a quest cutscene during Glory Wings, Glory Wings will now be cancelled. Fixed an error where you could not use Erda Nova during Glory Wings. Fixed an error where if you revived after dying, the screen effect would remain.

    [​IMG] Illium’s Craft: Longinus‘ action delay has been decreased by 10%, its number of hits has been increased from 7 to 8 and its damage has been increased from 900% to 950%.

    Fixed an error where Ark’s Scarlet Charge Drive’s flames were not affected by enhancement cores.

    Fixed an error where Hoyoung’s Real skills and Suction Bottle could cancel other skills’ actions.

    Fixed an error where if Hoyoung died while using macroed skills, the macroed skill would continue to be used.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Bosses)

    Fixed an error where you could sometimes queue up for a boss without having completed the required quests.

    Fixed an error where Poisonous Elite Monsters’ poison did not deal damage over time.

    The Urus UI will now show the number of remaining survivors.

    The Urus results UI will now show the amount of mesos given before the Golden Time 2x effect applies.

    Fixed an error where in Zakum, sometimes when the floating platforms disappeared the flame effect would not end.

    Fixed an error where in Lucid’s phase 2, if Eunwol used Soul Splitter, sometimes the soul would be spawned in a location where it could not be attacked.

    Fixed an error where in Lucid’s phase 2, sometimes the blades did not deal damage.

    Fixed an error where in Lucid’s phase 2, Hoyoung’s Earth Strike: Real did not move them to the nearest platform.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Achievements)

    The [Medal] Saviour of Black Heaven achievement has been renamed to [Title] Saviour of Black Heaven.

    New boss monster related achievements have been added. (I won’t list them in detail)

    • Von Leon
    • Arkarium
    • Hilla
    • Magnus
    • Pink Bean
    • Cygnus
    • Papulatus
    • Zakum
    • Von Bon
    • Pierre
    • Suu
    • Demian
    • Lucid
    • Will
    • Dusk
    • Dunkel
    • True Hilla
    • Black Mage
    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Quests and Maps)

    Destroyed Henesys and Twilight Perion’s quest structures have changed.

    • All quests are now connected and can be completed seamlessly.
    • Certain quests have been deleted, the quest difficulties have been decreased, and the experience rewards have been adjusted.
    • Destroyed Henesys quests and the quests required to enter the Cygnus boss map have had their beginning levels changed to level 165.
    • Normal Cygnus’ minimum entry level has been changed from level 170 to 165.
    • In the official server, if you have completed the final quest of each region, you will have all the new quests automatically completed. Otherwise, all quest progress will be reset.
    • Certain maps in each area have been adjusted to make hunting more efficient.

    All classes’ Silver and Gold Emblem reissue quests will appear in the lightbulb icon.

    All classes’ Silver Emblem receiving and reissue quests will no longer be available once you complete the 4th job advancement.

    Fixed an error where Eunwol and Blaster could not complete the “Buy Mastery Books!” quest.

    Fixed an error where maps in the nameless forest area did not appear correctly.

    Fixed an error in Korean Folk Town’s mountain entrance map where characters could move off the screen.

    Fixed an error where certain monsters in Korean Folk Town did not drop equipment matching their level.

    If you use a nearest town scroll in the Rose Garden area, you will be moved to the Desolate Field map.

    Fixed an error where certain quests in the Ancient Ruins of Partem did not use the navigation system.

    You can now use the Maple Guide to move to Savage Terminal for Detective Rave’s Case Notes up to level 195.

    Fixed an error where Fox Valley’s Guardian Spirit’s Mountain’s monsters would move after a short period of time when hit by pushing/pulling skills.

    Fixed an error where sometimes during the Chew Chew Island quests, Muto’s face would not appear.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Items)

    The fame requirements to equip certain items have been removed.

    Equipment with the -required level additional option will now show the calculated level in the equipment tooltip.

    Fixed an error where items with required level 0 and the -required level additional option would not show the additional option.

    Papulatus’ Clock Chair will no longer show Hoyoung’s tail.

    Fixed an error where if your remaining number of expandable slots was 4, certain Selective 8 Slot Expansion items could not be used.

    Mega Burning Booster’s burning effect can now be used on Ho Young characters.

    Fixed an error where certain potential lines from Red Cubes or Black Cubes would be rerolled to random lines when transferred through Toad’s Hammer.

    Fixed an error where you could not revive pets through the NPCs Fairy Mar or Wisp while having the Water of Life in your inventory.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Misc.)

    Nexon OTP can now be used.

    Fixed an error where sometimes your quickslot shortcuts could not be changed.

    Fixed an error where pressing the Alt and = keys together would cause input to be handled incorrectly.

    Fixed an error where you could not search for maps in worlds other than the one your character was currently in on the world map.

    Fixed an error where certain unpurchaseable item names would appear in the Maple Auction autocomplete.

    Fixed an error in Maple Auction where hovering over Arcane Symbols would not compare them with the same type of Arcane Symbol.

    Fixed an error where the beginner discount would not apply to the Danger Zone Bullet Taxi in the Desolate Field map.

    Fixed an error where Runes and herbs/veins could spawn in the same place.

    Fixed an error where sometimes the Maple Union UI would remain on screen after exiting the game.

    In Maple Union, when a placed character’s attack power is changed, the new attack power will no longer be applied when you press the Apply button, only when you login to another character.

    When sending a message to an account buddy, if the buddy is offline, their character name will no longer be shown.

    Fixed an error in The SEED where the 2nd floor’s Seal Break Card’s description showed the 23rd floor.

    Fixed an error in the SEED where you could not receive Red Sand Crystals by dropping the Red Sand Powder on the left altar.

    Fixed an error in the SEED where sometimes the background would not darken on the 29th floor.

    Fixed an error in the SEED where on the 36th floor, you could hit monsters with Night Walker’s Rapid Evasion, Eunwol’s Backstep, and Zero’s Burst Step.

    Fixed an error in the SEED where on the 38th floor, sometimes the guide would say to hunt monsters.

    Fixed an error in the SEED where on the 39th floor, sometimes the clear effect would not be shown when you cleared the stage.

    Fixed an error in Erda Spectrum where sometimes the Arma Junior could not be moved past a certain range.

    Fixed an error in Spirit Saviour where certain jump pads would not cause you to jump if you touched them.

    Fixed an error in Black Heaven’s Act 5’s D3 area where the icon would not appear on the minimap.

    Cash Shop

    The methods of using Royal Hair Coupons, Royal Face Coupons, and other beauty coupons have been changed.

    • Items like the Royal Hair/Face Coupons can now be used by double clicking them.
    • Other beauty coupons will need to be taken to Big Headward (hair style and hair colour coupons), Plastic Roy (face coupons) or Nami (skin coupons).
    • If you are changing hairs or faces and your current hair/face is not saved in a Mannequin, a popup will now appear that asks you to confirm your choice. In the popup, you can choose to open the Mannequin UI to save your hair/face or change it without saving.
    • If you want to use any beauty coupons on your Android, you can talk to the Android Beauty Manager Sunny in Henesys Hair Shop.

    Certain behaviours of certain cash items have been changed.

    • Fixed an error where certain action images of the Grand Pony (M) outfit were misaligned.
    • Fixed an error where certain Paladin skills would cause certain images of the Ice Staff to be missing.
    • Fixed an error where the Bling Bijou Face’s base eye colour did not match some of the winking gestures.

    Gold Apples can no longer be used on the first day of the month between 12AM and 2AM.

    When gifting items with expiration dates, the expiration time will now begin from when you send it. Items sent before this update will still have their expiration dates begin when the gift is received.

    Fixed an error where level 30 Luna Petite pets (Petite Victory, Petite Pony) would not show the correct actions when the Sleep command succeeded.

    Fixed an error where the Cash Shop main page’s slide banner’s sound would overlap.

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