KMST KMST ver. 1.2.102 – More 17th Anniversary Events

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    A new KMST patch has been released, it’s pretty minor though. It has a few new events for the second part of the anniversary as well as some hunting map changes and a new security feature.


    • MapleStory 17th Anniversary (Hotel Maple)
      • Enjoy the special hunting service provided only for warriors with VIP Membership Prestige rank, Special Therapy.
      • On the rooftop, Goldrich Junior has prepared a new minigame, Monster Pyramid.
    • Hunting Maps Efficiency Improvements
      • Certain maps in Maple World will have more monsters spawn/monsters spawn faster.
    • Hot Summer Warming Up!
      • Summer is coming! Start preparing for the hot summer with the Hot Summer Warming Up event.
    • I Didn’t Do Anything But…
      • Even if you stay still, you’ll get experience! The I Didn’t Do Anything But… event has returned.
    • Green PC
      • Protect your valuable account and items with the Green PC setting.
    Hunting Maps Efficiency Improvements

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Certain maps in Kerning Tower, Henesys Ruins, Stone Giant Colossus, Knight’s Stronghold, Omega Sector, Kritias, Twilight Perion, Fox Valley, Mechanical Grave, and Fallen World Tree with low hunting efficiencies will have more monsters spawn/monsters spawn faster.

    The hunting efficiency of maps will continue to be improved based on collected data.

    • Kerning Tower
      • 3F Arts & Entertainment Shops 4
      • 4F Music Shops 4
      • 6F Hair Salons 4
    • Henesys Ruins
      • Henesys Ruins Market
      • Henesys Ruins Park
      • Suspicious Hill
      • Dark Spore Hill
    • Stone Giant Colossus
      • Stone Giant Torso 2
      • Stone Giant Torso 3
      • Inside the Stone Giant 1
      • Inside the Stone Giant 2
      • Inside the Stone Giant 3
    • Knight’s Stronghold
      • Mutant Tino Forest
      • Mutant Tiru Forest
      • Mutant Tiguru Forest
      • Hallowed Ground
      • Armory 2
      • Knight District 1
      • Knight District 3
      • Knight District 4
      • Knights’ Chamber 4
      • Knights’ Chamber 5
      • Hall of Honor
    • Omega Sector
      • Roswell Field 4
      • Corridor H02
      • Air Vent D-2
    • Kritias
      • Forest of Laments 4
      • Freezing Forest 1
      • Forest of Sorrows 2
      • Forest of Sorrows 3
    • Twilight Perion
      • Desolate Rocky Road
      • Lonely Rocky Road
      • Weathered Rocky Zone
      • Tempest Grave
      • Fiery Ravine
      • Forsaken Excavation Site 1
      • Spirit Zone Limbo
    • Fox Valley
      • Fox Tree Midway 1
      • Fox Tree Midway 2
      • Fox Tree Midway 3
      • Fox Tree Top Path
      • Fox Tree Top Path 2
      • Fox Tree Top Path 3
      • Fox Tree Side Path
      • Fox Tree Lower Path
      • Fox Tree Lower Path 2
      • Fox Tree Lower Path 3
      • Guardian Walkway
      • Guardian Walkway 2
      • Guardian Walkway 3
    • Mechanical Grave
      • Scrapyard Lot
      • Skyline 1
    • Fallen World Tree
      • Lower-Left Stem
      • Lower Stem Crossroad
      • Lower-Right Stem
      • Winding Left Stem 1
      • Winding Left Stem 2
      • Winding Left Stem 3
      • Winding Stem Crossroad
      • Winding Right Stem 1
      • Winding Right Stem 2
      • Winding Right Stem 3
      • Climbing Left Stem 1
      • Climbing Left Stem 2
      • Climbing Right Stem 1
      • Climbing Right Stem 2
    Green PC


    To protect Maplers’ accounts, you can use the PC Security rank Green PC. You can block trading on unsecured Red PCs and lock items on secured Green PCs.

    A new Security menu option has been added. Through the Security menu, you can see the list of PCs you have connected from and adjust their PC Security ranks.

    Red PC

    When you first log in on a PC, it will be registered as a Red PC. The following trade restrictions will be applied:

    • Cash Shop gifting blocked
    • Meso Market usage blocked
    • Maple Auction usage blocked
    • Meso dropping blocked
    • Items will disappear immediately after being dropped
    • 1:1 trades blocked
    • Courier and quick delivery usage blocked
    • Meso Riding usage blocked

    The Red PC trade restrictions will not apply to newly created accounts. However, if you rank up to Yellow PC or Green PC, or 30 days have passed since creation, the trade restrictions will begin to apply.

    Yellow PC

    On a Yellow PC, you can play the game without any trade restrictions. When you are logged in on a Red PC, you can increase the Security Rank gauge in the Security menu by staying logged in and killing monsters. When it reaches 100%, you can rank up to Yellow PC.

    The Security Rank gauge has a daily limit that can be acquired. It will rise faster on weekends, at a PC Bang, and within 30 days of creating an account. During thes times, the daily limit will also be increased.

    When you are connected to the game on a Yellow PC or Green PC, you can instantly upgrade other registered Red PCs to Yellow PCs, regardless of your Security Rank gauge.

    Green PC


    On a Green PC, you can play the game without any trade restrictions and use the item lock/unlock features. When you are logged in on a Red or Yellow PC, you can press the Rank Up button in the Security menu to make it a Green PC.

    After authenticating, your Security Rank will become a Green PC. However, if you don’t trust the PC you are connected from, you can make it a Green PC only for the current connection.

    If you have signed up for Nexon OTP, you can use it to play at any PC or PC Bang as a Green PC.


    The Green PC only item lock/unlock feature can be used through a button in your inventory. You can use the item lock on equipment, stars, and bullets. You cannot use it on the following items:

    • Expiring items
    • Sealed items
    • Cash items
    • Wedding ring items
    • PC Bang only items

    The following restrictions will apply to locked items:

    • Selling to a shop blocked
    • 1:1 trades blocked
    • Maple Auction registration blocked
    • Item drop blocked
    • Enhancements blocked
    • Potential resets blocked
    • Karma Scissors usage blocked
    • Disassembly and fusing blocked
    • Android Beauty Manager usage blocked
    • Hair and Face Coupons usage on Androids blocked
    • Seal Locks usage blocked
    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Skills)

    Overall skill logic has been improved to help alleviate the error where an entered skill would not activate due to things such as potion use, pet auto buff and auto feed, or skill activations that do not affect character actions.

    Fixed an error where you could continue to use Decent item potential skills even after the item potentials were changed.

    The Rune’s Experience Special Core’s description has been updated to remove the restriction of activating 1 time every 30 seconds.

    The skill cooldown reset effect on the hotkey window will no longer be visible during cutscenes.

    Fixed an error where Hero’s Sword of Burning Soul did not attack if used during Leap Attack or Upper Charge.

    Fixed an error where Paladin’s Flame Charge, Blizzard Charge, Blast, Sanctuary, and Smite could hit certain objects that could only be basic attacked.

    Fixed an error where if Paladin used only a single elemental Charge skill after changing challens, Blast would not apply that Charge skill’s element.

    For party members bonded by Paladin’s Holy Unity, the activated Paladin’s attacking skills will now use the Paladin’s skill effect transparency options in certain boss content.

    Fixed an error where Bishop’s Shining Ray Enhancement Core’s skill icon showed the old icon.

    [​IMG] Bishop’s Vengeance of Angel now has level 1 Big Bang as a pre-requisite skill. When Vengeance of Angel is activated, Angel Ray will now apply the same defense reduction debuff as Big Bang.

    Fixed an error where if Bishop deactivated Vengeance of Angel at the same time as using Angel of Libra, sometimes the Angel of Revenge’s appearance would remain.

    Marksman’s True Sniping’s skill description has been updated to match the current logic of being able to deal damage to enemies using Damage Reflect and Damage Ignore.

    Fixed an error where Dual Blade could use Flying Assaulter in the air multiple times with certain operations.

    Fixed an error where if Captain used Wings then glided quickly, the cape effect would show 2 times.

    When Soul Master uses Aura Weapon then starts charging Cross the Styx, Aura Weapon’s wave will now be activated when the sword is released instead of when you begin charging.

    Wind Breaker’s Howling Gale’s targetting logic has been changed to find enemies in the air as well as enemies on the current platform.

    Fixed an error where if Wind Breaker registered Howling Gale on a hotkey, removed the Skill Core, then pressed that hotkey, the system message “You do not have prepared Wind Auras” would appear.

    Evan can no longer mount the Dragon Riding while using Mir skills.

    Evan’s Circle of Mana III and Cirvle of Mana IV’s skill icons have been changed.

    Fixed an error where while Mercedes was riding Sylphidia, certain skills’ attack speeds would exceed the attack speed limit. However, certain action delays have been decreased. The skills that this applies to are:

    • Gust Dive
    • Unicorn Spike
    • Legendary Spear
    • Wrath of Enlil

    Fixed an error where Phantom could not use Arrow Blow, Arrow Bomb, or Flame Shot with Talent of Phantom Thief.

    Fixed an error where Demon Slayer’s Demon Fury’s feature of absorbing additional Force when attacking boss monsters would be decreased after learning Max Force.

    Fixed an error where Demon Slayer’s Max Force’s additional Force absorption feature did not apply to regular monsters.

    Demon Avenger’s Conversion Star Force’s skill description has been updated to match the current logic of not applying to the Star Force from the guild skill.

    Fixed an error where Blaster’s Revolving Bunker did not reload Bullets to the limit.

    Battle Mage’s Debuff Aura’s application time will now be more accurate.

    Wild Hunter’s Summon Jaguar’s summed Jaguars’ basic atack sound effects have been added.

    Fixed an error where Mechanic’s Support Waver: H-EX’s final damage boost did not apply to Evan’s Dragon skills.

    Fixed an error where Kaiser’s Morph Gauge UI’s flashing effect would sometimes not disappear and continue to play.

    Fixed an error where mastery did not apply to Angelic Buster’s Successor.

    Fixed an error where Angelic Buster’s SUper Nova effect would sometimes show 2 times to other characters.

    Fixed an error where Zero could use Burst Step to move through a platform where down jump was blocked.

    [​IMG] Adele’s Restore’s Ether acquisition rate boost has been increased from 40% to 52% (at level 25).

    Ark’s Returning Hatred will no longer be affected by cooldown resets.

    Fixed an error where if Hoyoung used Flying Nimbus and climbed on a rope, they could not use Flying Nimbus again.

    [​IMG] Hoyoung’s Fan Smash: Human’s 20%p damage boost when enemies are directly hit by the fan has been changed to a 10% final damage boost.

    Fixed an error where if Hoyoung used Fan Smash at the same time as climbing on a rope, Fan Smash would be activated while on the rope.

    Hoyoung’s Distortion Axis Gate’s skill description has been updated to match the current logic of creating a new gate and moving using the skill having a shared cooldown.

    If you change maps while using Hoyoung’s Sage Teachings: Dream Garden, the skill will now be cancelled.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Boss Monsters)

    Elite Champions will no longer resist binds.

    The error where entering Urus for the first time would sometimes cause the client to disconnect has been alleviated.

    When you buy items in the Urus shop, the subtracted material items will now instantly reflected in the UI.

    You can no longer use mounts inside Horntail.

    To prevent accidental exiting in Pink Bean, the exit guide from the Forgoten Temple Manager has been supplemented.

    Fixed an error where the text was cut off when selecting difficulties while entering Suu and Demian.

    In Suu phase 2 and 3, the electric current pattern will now only be activated a certain period of time after the falling platform pattern.

    Fixed an error in Black Mage phase 4 where skills’ enemy targetting logic sometimes did not activate.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Quests and Maps)

    Fixed an error where in Sharp Cliff 3, Snowman did not summon Junior Yetis.

    Fixed an error where Burning did not apply to the Resurrecting Memory map.

    Pollo and Fritto’s Bounty Hunting and Flame Wolf portals will no longer appear in certain areas of Asylum, Verdel, and Savage Terminal.

    Fixed an error where the Spore Hill map had an invisible platform.

    Fixed an error where you could not climb on certain buildings in Kerning City.

    Fixed an error where you could not use Maple Union and Maple Auction in Golden Temple.

    Fixed an error where you could get stuck in certain terrain in Leafre.

    Fixed an error where the client would exit when an Elite Champion appeared in Aqua Road.

    Certain Pollo and Fritto’s Bounty Hunting content has been changed.

    • Castle Walls: the number of directions that monsters appear in has been decreased, monsters will now be created at all directions
    • Midnight Monster Hunt: the stun rocks will no longer appear, you can no lunger jump in the tank

    Fixed an error in the Temple of Time Corridoer 2 map where part of the background was cut off.

    Fixed an error in the Black Mage’s Room Corridor 1 map from Demon’s tutorial where sometimes cutscenes would be cut off.

    Fixed an error with the weekly quest Mechanical Grave: Atenna Piece Blue Transmission where the location was marked at a different place.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Items)

    Fixed an error where if Zero sat on a char and used certain skills, the equipped image would appear awkwardly.

    Fixed an error where if you say on the Mu Lung Dojo Defeater Chair at a certain time, the character’s weapon would not appear.

    You can now confirm the Pet Equipment equipment type in the tooltip.

    The Seal Lock item’s description has been updated to include information about items with the lock applied.

    Fixed an error where if you rode the Thunder Horse Riding and selected certain maps on the world map, an abnormal pop-up window would appear.

    Certain Cash item actions have been changed.

    Improvements and Bug Fixes (Etc)

    The Meister Spirit UI can now be exited with the ESC key.

    In the Cross Hunter UI, you can now use the TAB key to move between tabs.

    Fixed an error in Maple Union where Maple M characters were not excluded from the raid.

    Fixed an error where certain skill efects appeared in the Maple Infinity Pool.

    Fixed an error where Zero (Beta)’s mix dye colour appeared differently on the homepage.

    Fixed an error where the Auto Fly Purchase tab did not appear on the world map.

    Fixed an error where certain scrollbars in the guild window did not work properly.

    In the Maple Auction, Soul Shields and Force Shields’ item classifications have been changed from shields to secondary weapons.

    Fixed an error in Reboot where bag items’ tooltips were shown incorrectly. They will now show ‘untradeable after being used’ before they are used and ‘untradeable’ after they are used.

    Certain typos in game have been fixed.

    Fixed an error where you could not open the Reboot Gift Box if you had more than 9.9b mesos.

    Fixed an error where the Haste Plus event rewards would appear in the game exit pop-up even after the event ended.

    Fixed an error where you could not right click Magnificent Dunkel’s Soul Skill to cancel it.

    Fixed an error with the VIP Hunter Club: Neon Mushroom Watching skill where sometimes you would not receive the correct amount of coins.

    Fixed an error in Monster Life where if you had more than 999 items in your inventory, the number would be truncated.

    Fixed an error in the guild window where if there was a change in the guild member list, the scrollbar would no longer work properly.

    Fixed an error in the guild window where the rank sorting of guid members was applied in ascending and descending order.

    Fixed an error where if a guild master’s name changed, the search would not work properly.

    Fixed an error in the SEED 40F where the Scarecrow did not detect characters who were in certain locations.

    Fixed an error in the guild window where the alliance information displayed at the end of the alliance member list did not appear correctly.

    Fixed an error where guild names appeared incorrectly.

    Fixed an error where character icons on the world map who did not accept your buddy request would appear as buddies.

    Fixed an error where certain monsters could not be searched for on the world map.

    In Maple One Card, if multiple players have the same amount of remaining cards when the game ends, they will now receive a joint ranking.

    Fixed an error in Maple One Card where the first turn had a higher probability of getting attack cards.

    In Maple One Card, if you draw 17 or more cards, you will now insantly lose and exit from One Card.

    In Maple One Card, you will now receive a message if you did not play a card in time.

    In Maple One Card, if you do not play a card 5 or more times, you will exit the game.

    Fixed an error in Maple One Card where if a character was being attacked and then exited, the next character would be attacked instead.

    Fixed an error in The SEED 8F where the Volcano Worrms did not appear.

    Fixed an error in The SEED 42F where sometimes the Beetles and Dual Beetles did not appear.

    Fixed an error in The SEED 50F where the stage would reset if you died at the same time as beating Dorothy.

    While following, if you open a minigame, the follow will be cancelled.

    Fixed an error where the Swamp Zone exploration achievement could not be completed.

    Fixed an error in Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake where summoned monsters could hit the moon bunny.

    Fixed an error where the character appeared awkwardly while riding the Plump Orange Mushroom riding.

    Fixed an error where if you entered the /cashtrade command on a character that wasn’t created more than 3 days ago, the message that stated ‘traded cash will become untradeable’ did not appear.

    If you use bind skills on enemies that cannot be bound, the bind resistance message will be displayed at certain intervals.

    Fixed an error where if you had Num Lock applied then the number keys on the keypad would not work properly.

    Fixed an error where when resetting Ability, the detailed stats window and Ability settings window’s information would not be corrected.

    Fixed an error where the Pet Loot Item Ignore feature would only allow you to ignore one of an item if they had the same name.

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