KMST KMST ver. 1.2.118 – Improvements and Bug Fixes

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    A new test world patch has been released. This one contains a new addition to the monster job list (currently only Pink Bean), the Yeti! There’s also a couple other events, but all of them will be covered when this patch comes to the official servers next week. Other than that, the patch focused on various improvements and bug fixes.


    • Yeti x Pink Bean World
    • Spring Spring Spring Solo Army vs Couple Army
    • Haste Plus
    • Improvement Work
    • Error Fixes


    Screen darkening and shaking effects from skills used by other characters will no longer be applied.

    Dark Sight skills that activate automatically when hit or when using certain skills have been changed so that when you avoid an attack that deals % HP damage, they will now have their duration decreased by 20% instead of being cancelled instantly.

    • [​IMG] Shadower/Dual Blade’s Advanced Dark Sight
    • [​IMG] Night Walker’s Shadow Jump
    • [​IMG] Cadena’s Chain Arts: Chase
    • [​IMG] Hoyoung’s Out of Sight

    Developer Notes
    Dark Sight when used directly has a penalty for the cooldown when you avoid certain attacks but Dark Sight when activated automatically had no penalty so we maintained the specification that they would be cancelled after avoiding 1 attack. However, since they both have the same title of Dark Sight, the differences caused confusion, so we are trying to unify the details related to avoiding attacks by adding a similar penalty which decreases the duration.

    [​IMG] You can now right-click Dark Knight’s Reincarnation skill to turn the continuous effect on/off.

    [​IMG] Marksman’s Arrow Illusion will now attract boss monsters in range regardless of where it was installed.

    Developer Notes
    Arrow Illusion did not attract boss monsters, but there was an error where it would if it was used in specific locations on a map. This issue has been around for a long time and there are already other skills which attract bosses, so we have changed this skill to do so regardless of the location it is used on a map.

    [​IMG] Viper’s Energy Charge‘s on/off charge effect will now also be applied to other characters.

    [​IMG] Soul Master can no longer be knocked back by any attack during Dance of Moon/Speeding Sunset’s use action.

    When Aran reaches 1000 Combo, the screen effect during Adrenaline Boost will now be outputted for a short time to inform you about reaching it.

    [​IMG] Luminous’ Light Blink‘s monster finding range in the upwards and downwards direction has been increased by 150% when used in non-town maps.

    [​IMG] Demon Slayer’s Demon Bane‘s command to instantly end the invincible attack has been changed from re-using the skill to re-using the skill with the down arrow key.

    Certain Wild Hunter buff skills’ cast delays have been decreased.

    • [​IMG] Soul Arrow: Crossbow: Cast delay has been decreased by 55%.
    • [​IMG] Howling: Cast delay has been decreased by 50%.
    • [​IMG] Beast Form: Cast delay has been decreased by 50%.
    • [​IMG] Silent Rampage: Cast delay when used while riding the Jaguar has been decreased by 29%, to be the same as when the Jaguar is summoned.

    [​IMG] Xenon’s Mega Smasher now has an additional 1 second of invincibility after the attack ends.

    [​IMG][​IMG] Buff Freezers will now be applied to Xenon’s Overload Mode and Hologram Gravity: Fusion.

    Boss Monsters


    Hard Hilla will no longer use Damage Reflect and Life Leech at the same time. The notification message when she casts Life Leech has been changed to be easier to see.

    Developer Notes
    Before the February 25 update where Hard Hilla’s Life Leech pattern was reworked, if you entered alone, if you didn’t use an invincibility skill to block the activation itself, you would just get killed. Even if you used it at the exact moment, you could still get hit by the pattern due to server delay. Also, if you had no skills with invincibility, it was a pattern that would just consume your Death Count.
    In the February 25 update, the Life Leech pattern rework allowed all characters to use a similar attack strategy regardless of if they had an invincibility skill or not. We maintained the existing concept of recovering by leeching HP but changed it to be absorbed from her summoned monsters instead of the character. There were many people who felt the difficulty increased sharply since it was a completely different pattern from the one before that they were used to, and the perceived difficulty was even higher if she used Damage Reflect at the same time as her recovery could not be stopped since the summoned monsters could not be killed.
    First of all, by stopping the situation where she could use Damage Reflect and Life Leech at the same time, the difficulty has been decreased by giving time to deal with the summoned monsters before the Life Leech pattern is activated. Afterwards, Hilla’s patterns will be observed closely, and additional adjustments will be made if necessary.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    In certain bosses, you must now exit by clicking the portals and selecting the exit option instead of pressing the up-arrow key on them.

    • Magnus (Easy/Normal/Hard)
    • Hilla (Normal/Hard)
    • Arkarium (Easy/Normal)
    • Von Leon (Easy/Normal/Hard)
    • Caoong (Normal)
    • Pink Bean (Normal/Chaos)
    • Cygnus (Easy/Normal)
    • Pierre (Normal/Chaos)
    • Von Bon (Normal/Chaos)
    • Bloody Queen (Normal/Chaos)
    • Vellum (Normal/Chaos)
    • Suu (Normal/Hard)
    • Demian (Normal/Hard)
    • Lucid (Easy/Normal/Hard)
    • Will (Normal/Hard)
    • Dusk (Normal/Chaos)
    • Dunkel (Normal/Hard)
    • Jin Hilla (Hard)
    • Black Mage (Hard)
    • Chosen Seren (Hard)

    Developer Notes
    With the existing method to exit through portals, there were many cases where the flow of battle was interrupted by accidentally entering the portal at an undesired moment. In particular, this problem occurred in places like Lucid Phase 2 where the up-arrow key is used often. The exit portal has been changed to use mouse clicks so that they do not activate at the wrong time.
    Quests and Maps

    Quest information has been added to ‘[Yum Yum] Flower Investigation 1’ and ‘[Yum Yum] Flower Investigation 2”s quest information window.

    In the Maple Guide, ‘Sellas, Where Stars Sleep’s usage level has been expanded to level 240~251.


    In Chaos Scrolls’ displayed rates, the ‘no change in stat boosts’ and ‘+0’ options will be unified as ‘+0’.

    You can now use the Premium PC Quickslot Menu when pot locked.


    The ‘Hot Brothers’ achievement has been changed from the Battle category to the Boss category.

    The Seed

    In The Seed’s 43f, a description for the quiz has been added. A description has been added to the questions for 11f, 13f, and 21f, stating that it is based on the number of monsters you individually killed, not your party’s.


    In Reboot World, if your experience and item acquisition rates were decreased due to being in a party, there was no separate notice, so if your acquisition rate is decreased, a guide message will now be outputted in the battle tab.

    Error Fixes


    Fixed an issue where certain skills could debuff ally NPCs or unattackable enemies.

    • [​IMG] Archmage (F/P)’s Poison Mist
    • [​IMG] Night Lord’s Purge Area
    • [​IMG] Shadower’s Smokescreen
    • [​IMG] Adventurer Pirates’ Pirate Flag
    • [​IMG] Wind Breaker’s Emerald Flower

    While using continuously attacking skills, if you are transformed by things like Transformation Potions or statuses, the continuous attack will no longer deal damage.

    • [​IMG] Dark Knight’s Darkness Aura
    • [​IMG] Archmage (F/P)’s Fire Aura
    • [​IMG] Dual Blade’s Asura
    • [​IMG] Viper’s Serpent Screw
    • [​IMG] Captain’s Bullet Party
    • [​IMG] Mikhail’s Sword of Soul Light
    • [​IMG] Demon Slayer’s Metamorphosis
    • [​IMG] Kaiser’s Dragon Blaze
    • [​IMG][​IMG] Adele’s Storm/Restore

    Developer Notes
    In the current battle system, only certain character transformation skills like Kaiser’s Final Figuration let you attack while transformed. When an attack other than summons or install skills deals damage while being transformed/unable to attack like through Transformation Potions, this could interfere with the current battle system and cause various problems. Therefore, we have restricted the ability to deal damage during transformations, and other skills that do damage while being transformed and unable to attack will continue to be fixed.

    Fixed an issue where skills that find and move to enemies could target unattackable enemies.

    • [​IMG] Shadower’s Into Darkness
    • [​IMG] Striker’s Flash
    • [​IMG] Eunwol’s Fox Trot
    • [​IMG] Luminous’ Light Blink

    Fixed an issue in the Battle Analysis system where the Aeon of Creation’s skill name was not displayed correctly.

    You can no longer talk to NPCs during the delay time before you are moved after using a return skill.

    Fixed an issue where blocking a pattern with multiple hits would appear to block only the first hit.

    • [​IMG] Mikhail’s Royal Guard
    • [​IMG] Adele’s Dike

    Fixed an issue where certain buff skills with no cast action would have a move action when used on a rope.

    If you enter the Soul Skill command while hanging on a rope, the skill cannot not be used and the Soul Skill will not be activated, but we fixed an issue where if you moved to the ground in a certain time after entering the command, the Soul Skill would be activated.

    Fixed an issue where you could not acquire the falling items from the Rune of Treasure or the Bonus Stage while using a keydown skill.

    Fixed an issue where Ready to Die’s duration was applied abnormally if the stage was changed at the same time as the duration ending.

    Fixed an issue where if you used Loaded Dice’s selection while in Hangul entry, sometimes the skill or item registered on that key would be used.

    Fixed an issue where if you received the Adventurer or Cygnus Knights link skill when you were an Adventurer or Cygnus Knight, the stats would be additionally increased from the previous level.

    Fixed an issue with Hero’s Sword of Burning Soul where if you changed maps after fixing its position, sometimes it would remain fixed. Fixed an issue where the skill description would show 0% damage when fixed. Fixed an issue where if the skill core was level 26 or higher, the skill description would not be outputted when fixed.

    Fixed an issue where if Paladin used Blessed Hammer immediately before Advanced Charge ended, then cancelled and recharged Elemental Charge, Blessed Hammer’s range would appear to be increased.

    Fixed an issue with Paladin’s Holy Unity where if they used the 1~6 keys to change the bonded party member, the skill or item registered on that key would be used.

    Fixed an issue with Archmage (F/P)’s Fire Aura where the effect was outputted between the face and eyes.

    Fixed an issue where Bishop was not in combat state when using Divine Punishment.

    Fixed an issue with Night Lord’s Purge Area where the debuff effect would not disappear for a certain amount of time after it ended.

    Fixed an issue with Night Lord’s Fuma Shuriken where the hit sound effect was not outputted when wearing Cash stars.

    Fixed an issue where Dual Blade’s Fatal Blow’s hit sound effect was not outputted.

    Captain’s Bullet Party’s skill description has been updated to match the current logic of ‘consuming MP per second’.

    Fixed an issue where if Pathfinder used Cardinal Transition while in the Reverse Keys status, it would only be activated in place.

    Fixed an issue where if Pathfinder used Relic Unbound repeatedly, sometimes the Relic Gauge would be consumed multiple times.

    Fixed an issue where Wind Breaker’s Howling Gale moved to target unattackable enemies.

    Fixed an issue where Aran’s Combo was not decreased to 800 if they moved to certain maps where they were able to activate Adrenaline Boost Activate then could not activate it anymore.

    Fixed an issue where if Mercedes died while using Elemental Ghost then used a Buff Freezer, Elemental Ghost would appear twice on the buff window.

    Fixed an issue where Phantom’s Noire Carte – Reverse Card skill appeared on the skill UI and you could use SP on it. SP which was already used will be returned.

    Fixed an issue where Eunwol was not in combat state when using Spirit Frenzy.

    Fixed an issue with Demon Slayer’s Orthros where the attack action would not be visible to other characters if the attack did not hit an enemy.

    Fixed an issue with Demon Avenger’s Blood Feast where the cooldown applied in Urus.

    To fix an issue where Blaster had remaining SP in 3rd job, Magnum Cannon and Lift Press will no longer share SP so you can consume it.

    Fixed an issue with Wild Hunter where if you used 2 or more Jaguar skills at the same time, only 1 would be activated but the cooldown of all of them would be applied.

    Fixed an issue where if Xenon died while using Time Capsule, it would be cancelled but sometimes the effect would remain.

    Fixed an issue where Kain’s [Execute] Chain Sickle’s final attack would cancel other skills and activate.

    Kain’s Thanatos Descent’s skill description has been updated to match the current logic of ‘Area of Death can be used during certain skills’.

    Alleviated an issue where if Zero tagged while using a skill that activated shockwaves/sword slashes, sometimes that skill’s shockwaves/sword slashes would not be activated.

    Developer Notes
    Zero’s logic is quite complex due to the uniqueness of Tag and Assist together with many factors. Certain error fixes can affect their overall logic and change their play style, so we are very careful when fixing them. We request a lot of feedback from users through Test World bug reports to see if there are any changes to play style due to the change in additional attack and Tag related logic.

    Fixed an issue where if Adele used Tread during Levitation, sometimes Levitation would not end.

    Fixed an issue with Illium’s Craft: Longinus where sometimes the skill afterimage would appear to remain to other characters.

    Fixed an issue where if all of Ark’s spells hit an enemy, the Scarlet Spell buff would not be applied.

    Fixed an issue where Hoyoung’s Seeking Ghost Flame would not target enemies being hit by multiple people.

    Hoyoung’s Scroll: Degeneration will no longer transform event monsters.

    Fixed an issue with the Warm Tangerine Riding skill where if you moused over the skill icon, it would move slightly.

    Boss Monsters

    Fixed an issue in Urus where certain patterns could knock back characters that were in an invincible state or unable to be knocked back by any attacks state.

    Fixed an issue in Urus where sometimes 2 Urus would be summoned.

    Fixed an issue in Arkarium (Easy/Normal) where after dying, if you died in the Time to Return to the Dimensional Crack map, you would be returned to the Rift of Time map even if you had remaining Death Count.

    Fixed an issue in Chaos Pink Bean where it sometimes did not appear.

    When The Seed’s Dorothy dies, the meteors used by Dorothy will now disappear.

    Fixed an issue where if you moved to Cygnus (Normal) through the Boss UI then moved to another boss in the entry waiting map, you would not be returned to your original map.

    Fixed an issue in Cygnus where if you were hit by the Dark Tornado, if you used a skill that could be used during other skills, the Dark Tornado would be cancelled.

    In Pierre and Bloody Queen, now after defeating the bosses, the map duration will be increased to 5 minutes and the character will not take damage, similar to other boss monsters.

    Fixed an issue in Pierre where invincibility applied to certain actions that did not have invincibility.

    Fixed an issue in Chaos Pierre phase 3 where if the split pattern was activated 1 time then Pierre’s HP was healed to return to the previous phase then it entered phase 3 again, it would instantly split without a grace period.

    Developer Notes
    Pierre’s titled ‘Split Skip’ strategy was based on an error where Pierre would not instantly split upon entering phase 3 for the first time. However, since this was a functional strategy, it has been maintained without additional changes. Since this strategy has been used for a long time, the pattern where Pierre instantly split after that first time caused confusion, so we have changed it so that it will split at the same time as the first entry for the 2nd or later attempts at phase 3.

    Fixed an issue in Pierre where if you had the same colour hat and dealt more than a certain amount of damage, Pierre would not recover health. When Pierre recovers health, it can now only recover up to 15% max HP at a time.

    Fixed an issue in Pierre where if you had a different colour hat, certain DoT skills did not deal damage.

    Fixed an issue in Pierre where if you were using a keydown skill or skill with a long cast action, the hat colour would appear not to be changed.

    Fixed an issue in Chaos Pierre where sometimes the split pattern would begin again after it was defeated.

    In Papulatus, the curse pattern’s stun and skill seal will now be applied only up to 30 seconds.

    When Papulatus is defeated, the curse pattern’s stun will now be cancelled.

    In Suu and Demian, to fix issues such as the bosses not reappearing after teleporting or the boss monsters duplicating, the resurrection and pattern logic has been changed.

    Developer Notes
    In Suu and Demian, after you die, the logic when resurrecting was to exit the map and re-enter. It has been confirmed that a large part of the error was caused by monsters not being able to find the character if there was server delay when re-entering. We are trying to lower the chance of this occurring by changing it so that you resurrect immediately without re-entering. When these boss monsters were first added, their patterns were created based on this re-entry, but the overall boss pattern logic has changed a lot from that time, so we request a lot of feedback from users through Test World bug reports to see if there are any changes to play style.

    Fixed an issue in Demian where if Demian disappeared then started to reappear in specific locations, you would sometimes take damage.

    Fixed an issue in Hard Lucid phase 2 where automatic screenshots were taken.

    Quests and Maps

    Fixed an issue in Henesys where white lines appeared on the background screen.

    Fixed an issue in Lake Side 3 where if you used movement skills in specific locations, you would be fixed on the map and be unable to move.

    Fixed an issue in Sleepywood where certain building images were awkward.

    Fixed an issue in the Base Camp where if you moved to the Light Temple through the mirror then returned to the Base Camp, the NPC Melang would not be visible.

    Fixed an issue in Leafre where certain platforms were awkward.

    Fixed an issue on the World Map where Minar Forest’s Dragon Forest Entrance, Valley of the Goat 1, and Sky Nest 2’s map icons could not be clicked on.

    Fixed an issue in Wild Boar’s Land where there were branches floating in the air.

    Fixed an issue in Spiegelmann’s Guest House where the character would not be visible if they jumped from the left corner of the portal.

    Fixed an issue where you could use enhancements and cubes in the Source of Suffering map.

    Fixed an issue in Suu phase 2 where the map background was awkward in 800×600 and 1280×720 resolutions.

    Fixed an issue in Cernium Square (Before) where using the Celebratory Orgel did not change the background music.

    Fixed an issue in Zero quests’ dialogue window where a bodyguard character appeared instead of Zero.

    Fixed an issue where after accepting the Root Abyss daily quest, the quest completion notification would be outputted.

    Fixed an issue where you could not use items when moving on the boats in Penguin Harbor and Lith Harbor.

    You can now only accept the ‘Surrounding Patrol 2’ quest before completing the ‘There’s No Best Strategy, Only Second Best’ quest.

    Fixed an issue with Kain’s ‘Same Situation’ quest information where it incorrectly stated 2F Storage 1 instead of 2F Storage 3.

    Fixed an issue where Chaos Pierre’s Mileage quest was shared between all characters in the same world.

    Fixed an issue in certain Temple of Time maps where the bottom of the backgrounds appeared black in resolutions other than 800×600 and 1280×720.

    • Shining Temple of Time
    • Frozen Temple of Time
    • Burning Temple of Time

    Fixed an issue where Cube Chairs could not be used in certain areas.

    • Cygnus’ Garden
    • Light Temple’s Throne

    Fixed an issue where if you used exit portal in the Temple of Time’s Somewhere in the Temple Map, you would not be returned to the same channel before you entered the map.

    Fixed an issue where if you down jumped from the lowest platform on a map, sometimes you would fall below the platform.


    Fixed an issue where if a pet’s magic time ended, using a Water of Life would cause the pet to appear as being equipped in the inventory.

    Fixed an issue where pets’ Auto Potion was used even when you were hit by enemy attacks, but your HP was not decreased due to Shield skills.

    Fixed an issue where pets’ Auto Potion was not used based on the set rate when you were hit by enemy patterns that had multiple hits.

    Fixed an issue where if there was a set effect that included Cash weapons, if you unequipped your regular weapon, the set effect riding would remain.

    Fixed an issue with certain items and Cash item images.

    Fixed an issue where certain earrings were displayed as Unique Equipped Items.

    • Meister Earrings
    • Esmeralda Earrings
    • Scarlet Earrings
    • Inverse Jewel Earrings
    • Ifia’s Earrings

    Fixed an issue in the inventory where clicking and moving certain items would show a different image from the original item.

    • E.X.P Entropy
    • Golem Transformation Potion
    • Orange Mushroom Transformation
    • Pig Transformation
    • Alien Gray Transformation

    Fixed an issue where using the 10 Core Gemstones package showed a message that stated 10 use slots were required.

    When the Mugong’s Guaranteed Nourishing Tonic is used, there will now be a common weather effect message regardless of job.

    Fixed an issue where Zero’s essence items would not be recognized during Weapon Growth if they were in a Coin Purse.

    Fixed an issue for Zero where if Alpha or Beta did not equip a full set, the set effect riding would be activated.

    Fixed an issue with Ark where if they had no secondary weapon equipped, the secondary weapon slot would be displayed in red.

    Fixed an issue where if the character was in standby state and their MP fell below the set amount for the pet Auto Potion use skill, they would not use potions.

    Fixed an issue where certain bow arrows, crossbow arrows, stars, and bullets’ attack boosts did not match their descriptions, or the attack boosts were omitted from the descriptions.

    • Strong Bow Arrow
    • Sharp Bow Arrow
    • Titanium Bow Arrow
    • Crossbow Sharp Arrow
    • Crossbow Titanium Arrow
    • Paper Airplanes
    • Tangerines
    • Blaze Capsule
    • Glace Capsule

    Fixed an issue where if you pressed the cancel button while opening certain box items, the item acquired message would not be outputted. When you press the open button, the cancel button will now be deactivated.

    • Sealed Box (Hat)
    • Sealed Box (Overall, Top, Bot)
    • Sealed Box (Shoes, Gloves)
    • Sealed Box (Weapon)
    • Chaos Sealed Box (Hat)
    • Chaos Sealed Box (Overall, Top, Bot)
    • Chaos Sealed Box (Shoes, Gloves)
    • Chaos Sealed Box (Weapon)
    • Alicia’s Ring Box (Rank 1)
    • Alicia’s Ring Box (Rank 2)
    • Alicia’s Ring Box (Rank 3)
    • Alicia’s Ring Box (Rank 4)
    • Alicia’s Ring Box (Rank 5)
    • Alicia’s Ring Box (Rank 6)
    • Alicia’s Ring Box (Rank 7)
    • Alicia’s Ring Box (Rank 8)
    • Alicia’s Ring Box (Rank 9)
    • Alicia’s Ring Box (Rank 10)
    • Hidden Ring Box

    Fixed an issue where automatic screenshots were taken when items were dropped.

    In the Maple Guide’s reward list, the Mastery Book icons have been changed to the Mastery Box icons which are actually given.


    Fixed an issue where Kain could not perform the Reboot Gift Box quest.

    In Reboot world, system message will now appear when a party member is on a different map and the dropped mesos acquired is not distributed to the party member and disappears.

    Fixed an issue in Reboot World where trading items to the NPC Sergeant Charlie would sometimes fail.

    In Reboot World, the quest dialogue after acquiring the Cursed Kaiserium will no longer include Karma Scissors and trade related information.

    The Seed

    Fixed an issue in The Seed 13F where monsters were not summoned.

    After a game maintenance, the past 1st place achievement message when entering The Seed Lobby will no longer be outputted.

    Mu Lung Dojo

    Fixed an issue in Mu Lung Dojo where certain monsters would cast patterns even when bound.

    Alleviated an issue in Mu Lung Dojo where the remaining time displayed on the UI and the recorded time on the rankings were different.


    Fixed an issue where the ‘Not Legendary but a Legend I’ achievement sometimes got reset.

    The ‘[Normal Zakum] Weakum’ achievement name has been changed to ‘[Zakum] Weakum’.

    Fixed an issue where the achievement notification window would disappear after a cutscene ended.

    Monster Collection

    Fixed an issue in Monster Collection where the Receive Reward button would be active after already claiming the rewards.

    Monster Life

    In Monster Life, the Black Mage’s Shadow’s potential description has been changed from ‘Increases Attack, Magic Attack by 6’ to ‘Increases Attack by 6, Magic Attack by 6’ to be clearer.

    Monster Park

    Fixed an issue in Monster Park’s Lacheln Stage 5 where the character and monsters could move off the screen.

    Fixed an issue in Monster Park’s Road of Vanishing Stage 5 where the clear effect would be outputted when all the Erdas of Rest were defeated before the Lantern Erda monsters were summoned.


    A notice message will now be outputted when admins are using many Guild Skill Points.

    Fixed an issue where the client would exit if you used Alliance Chat with 256 members or more logged on in the Alliance.

    Effects and Expressions

    The Meister Effect will now be outputted based on the head instead of the character location.

    Fixed an issue where there was an awkward action when levelling up while hanging on a rope.

    Fixed an issue with the MapleStory Font Damage Skin where the ‘팔’ image was outputted awkwardly.

    Fixed an issue in Ghost Park and Dream Breaker where if a Zero achieved a ranking, sometimes Alpha’s appearance would not be used in the statue.

    Fixed an issue in Maple Union Raid where if Zero was placed as an attacker, Alpha and Beta would appear alternately. Now, only Alpha will appear, and the skills will also use Alpha’s skills.


    The Damage Skin UI’s delete menu will now only be outputted when the icon is dragged outside the Damage Skin UI since before, if you dragged it while the Damage Skin UI was overlaid with another UI, the delete menu would only be displayed with the Damage Skin UI range.

    Fixed an issue where the menu would be displayed if you right clicked a monster name with dialogue while using the external chat window.

    Source: Orange Mushroom's Blog