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    The test server has been opened for a short period of time in order to test the 64-bit client. There are a couple new options which were added for this test as well.

    In addition, on the MapleStory homepage, the developers released another notice commenting on the posts from the discussion board from the last month.

    64-Bit Client

    To provide a better game environment, we are preparing to convert the client to 64-bit, and we have temporarily opened the test server to perform client stability testing. We improved the client performance by analyzing the results of the previous test server results.

    This 64-bit client test will take place until May 3 at 10:00 AM. We are preparing to apply this to the official server by September 2021, after sufficient stability testing and optimization.


    64-bit client related options have been added.

    • Memory Map Input/Output: This option increases data loading speed by using additional memory. If you change this setting, you must restart the client for the changes to take effect.
    • Maximum Memory Usage Limit: This option limits the amount of memory used in gigabytes (GB). If the specified limit is exceeded, the game will attempt to release unused memory.
    Developer Comments on Opinions from the Discussion Board (4/29/2021)

    Hello. This is MapleStory.

    We have confirmed the opinions that many users left on the discussion board after the [3/25 Discussion Board Developer Comments] notice.

    From March 25 ~ April 27, a total of 4,761 opinions were given, and we would like to share the thoughts of the development team on the most actively discussed opinions.

    Please note that due to space limitations, detailed information cannot be provided in this notice for things that were answered in the customer conference, discussed on our suggestions notice board, and things already corrected through improvements and error fixes in the April update.

    [4/11 Customer Conference] [Customer Conference Suggestions Notice Board] [April Update Improvements] [April Update Error Fixes]

    <Developer Opinions on the Actively Discussed Content>

    I am curious about the reason why the Reboot World passive buff change’s test duration was extended.

    One of the test goals for the April 15 test world was to reduce the difference in efficiency between different classes of the Reboot World passive. Since the existing Reboot World’s passive damage % effect’s efficiency changed based on the class or character’s damage % and boss damage %, we changed it to final damage % to see if the difference in efficiency would be decreased.

    The test result was that if we changed Reboot World passive to the currently set final damage %, the difference in efficiency would be resolved when compared to before but we confirmed that the more powerful characters who used various methods of enhancement would become excessively strong, more than intended, as they stacked more damage %.

    The goal of the Reboot World passive reorganization was not to increase the overall damage but to reduce the difference in efficiency between classes. We will conduct additional testing to change the Reboot World passive to match this goal. Therefore, the tested content was not reflected in the April 22 update, and will be released by the June update at the latest.

    (※ The biggest goal of the test world is to verify the compatibility of the update to the official server through testing. Please note that additional tests may be conducted as required, and may not be reflected on the official server.)

    It is inconvenient to exist bosses using the mouse click.

    The change to the boss exit method was reflected to minimize the effects of the portal, a non-boss element, when fighting bosses. After this change was made, we received additional opinions such as “Change the portal usage method after clearing the boss.” For issues affecting many users, we decided that it was more appropriate to make the changes as simple as possible to minimize confusion. For the time being, we will keep the current method and observe if additional changes are required.

    I am curious about the developers’ opinions on the change to Luminous’ Dark Crescendo logic.

    In the April 22 update, we changed it to a passive skill to reduce the number of active buff skills. When it was an active buff, there was a disadvantage that when the skill was reused, the stacks were reset, so we changed it to have logic similar ot the Adventurer magician skill Arcane Aim. Since the number of stacks was doubled, we also increased the duration to a little more than double (12 seconds). When analyzing the test world’s combat records, the change in combat patterns was not big, so in the official server update, we slightly increased the duration. However, there are opinions that the battle pattern can change significantly in certain situations such as boss battles, so we will continue to look at this.

    Certain classes need improvements.

    As mentioned through the customer conference suggestions notice board, we will adjust performance between classes with frequent balance patches. However, instead of prioritizing classes or content mentioned on the discussion board, we will gradually adjust balance by considering all classes.

    Please merge worlds with fewer players. Please introduce a cross world Maple Auction.

    Each world has a different game environment with different economies. Therefore, in the process of merging worlds or introducing a merged Maple Auction, the game usage experience and value of items would change significantly. There are currently no plans to perform a world merge or introduce a cross world Maple Auction.

    Please eliminate the difference in systems between overseas MapleStory and Korea MapleStory.

    As mentioned at the customer conference, overseas service began in 2003, and localization proceeded according to the decisions of the local publishers in each country. As a result, after a long time, each MapleStory service has developed into a different game with the same IP (intellectual property). Therefore, it is difficult to directly compare systems that are different from service to service, or directly change them to be exactly the same.

    However, apart from this background, we will continue to improve the areas of our service which appear to be in need of improvements.

    Please diversify the application time of buff items.

    We will review this later and notify you through the homepage for any changes.

    Please expand the number of applied Link Skills and the number of transfers.

    As mentioned through the customer conference suggestions notice board, we will notify you by June after a little more reviewing.

    Please introduce party-type content and content that is not just simple hunting.

    As mentioned at the customer conference, we will continue to enhance in-game content.

    Improvements to potential lines are needed.

    We agree with this need for improvements, and we will establish an improvement plan by collecting various voices, including the customer advisory group which will begin in May.

    A boss monster party search feature is needed.

    We will review if adding a feature to make recruiting party members to defeat bosses is possible around the time when we reorganize boss rewards, which will take place within this year. If there are any changes, we will notify you through the homepage.

    Improvements to the codi/beauty system are needed.

    We think that for not only two-handed motions but other various appearance related things, we need to provide an option where users can select which case they would like rather than changing it in a single direction for all players. However, it is difficult to introduce features like this in the current game system, so if it becomes possible later on, we will notify you through the homepage.

    Please introduce items that let you change the colour of cosmetic items or trade Cash items.

    Cosmetic items’ colours are also an element of their designs, and we are not currenctly considering a colour change system. In addition, we are not reviewing a feature to change untradeable Cash items to be tradeable again.

    Please make it easier to move character names.

    Character names are unique names that refer to the character, not the account, and only that character can use that character name. Therefore, we currently do not support the transfer of character names to other characters in the account.

    However, since character names are used as unique names in-game, we know that it is uncomfortable as the number of available character names gradually decreases. We intend to resolve this by periodically deleting characters which have not logged in for a certain period of time, so that more character names become available. If it is decided that the issue of insufficient character names becomes too serious, we will look for other ways to increase the number of available character names.

    Please change MVP benefits to be based on the world instead of Maple ID.

    Since MVP rank is calculated based on Maple ID, there are no plans to reduce the MVP benefits to be based on the world.

    Please crack down on Reboot World’s proxy boss clearing.

    We will review improving content so that proxy boss clears are not required and introducing a system to prevent proxy gameplay. Before this, we will reinforce our operation policy for proxy gameplay by May and carry out a policy crack down.

    Enhancements to the crackdown on in-game bad manners are needed.

    We believe that to prevent in-game bad manners, we should improve game systems and take responses to actual actions based on our operation policy crackdown at the same time. Among various bad manners, specifically for game play, Among various bad manners, game disturbance is particularly inconvenient when playing the game. Due to the nature of MMORPGs, there are frequent encounters and activities with other characters, and in reality, it is difficult to define game disturbances from all of those situations. With that in mind, our operation policy focused on cracking down on stalking other customers, and we made progress in that case only. In addition to improving our operation policy, we will consider additional points where bad mannered behaviour in game systems can be improved.

    Communication from the development team is not enough.

    We are trying to communicate with players in various ways, but we still have many shortcomings. We will work harder. We will update the written inquiries from the customer conference by the first week of May and we will announce our progress for the customer advisory group soon.

    I am curious if the MapleStory development team actually plays the game.

    The members of the MapleStory development team are also enthusiastic users who love MapleStory, and there are a lot of people who have played MapleStory for a long time before joining the development team. However, as mentioned at the customer conference, there were cases where we did not sufficiently consider the play experience for all classes when changing class direction and performing balance patches. We will supplement this by listening to the opinions of users through testing.

    <About the Direction of the Discussion Board>

    Thank you for sharing various opinions and thoughts through the discussion board so that we can become a better MapleStory. We are checking everything posted on the discussion board, and will continue to improve various problems in-game based on what is discussed there.

    As mentioned at the last customer conference, we are planning to do our 1st reorganization of the discussion board by June. We will reorganize it in a direction that makes it more effective.

    We hope that the discussion board will operate as a forum for constructive discussion between users. Therefore, we sincerely request that you respect other peoples’ opinions and refrain from excessive slander and spamming.

    We too will continue to share the thoughts and plans of the development team to minimize confusion for users, and look at users’ wishes more carefully.

    <Discussion Board Messages Statistics>

    From March 25 to April 27, we have summarized the content of 4,761 posts on the discussion board. You can see which topics users are most interested in through this table.

    Thank you.


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