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    A new test world patch was released yesterday, including the new Extreme difficulties for Black Mage and Chosen Seren, as well as Monster Park Extreme and other growth changes.


    (Won-ki did a quick live stream, not really related to this patch, it was just him going through his Namu Wiki page and talking about random stuff. He did confirm that the roadmap for the second half of the year will be released around the end of August though.)

    • New Boss Difficulty Extreme Mode
    • Boss Difficulty Adjustments
    • Monster Park Improvements
    • Monster Park Extreme
    • Dynamic Fields
    • Outfit Presets
    • Improvements
      • Hunting Grounds
      • Skills
      • Quests
      • Items
      • NPC
      • Monsters
      • Maps
      • UI
      • Performance
    • Error Fixes
      • Skills
      • Quests
      • Items
      • NPC
      • Monsters
      • Maps
      • Maple Guide
      • UI
      • System
    • Ignition Fireworks Festival
      • [DJ Selena’s Showtime!] Amazing Ignition
      • [Arcade Festival] Bounce Beachball
      • [Arcade Festival] Puzzle Master
      • [Extreme Sports] Fight! Return of the Legends
      • [Ignition] Fireworks Festival
    New Boss Difficulty Extreme Mode


    Extreme Mode Black Mage has been added.

    • You can enter 3 times per day.
    • You can clear 1 time per month (limit shared with Hard Mode).
    • The level of the monsters in phase 1 and 4 have been increased to 275. The level of the monsters in phase 2 and 3 have been increased to 280.
    • The HP is increased by about 20x compared to Hard Mode.
    • The time limit is decreased to 30 minutes.

    ※ The ‘Black Mage Remnant’ required for the Genesis Weapon quests can only be acquired from Black Mage (Hard). The Genesis Weapon quests’ information has been updated.


    Extreme Mode Chosen Seren has been added.

    • You can enter 3 times per day.
    • You can clear 1 time per week (limit shared with Normal/Hard Mode).
    • The HP is increased by about 20x compared to Hard Mode.

    New Mileage quests related to the new boss difficulties have been added.

    • [Mileage] Annihilate Extreme Black Mage
    • [Mileage] Annihilate Extreme Chosen Seren

    New achievements related to the new boss difficulties have been added.

    • [Black Mage] Good Work… Now Take a Break…
    • [Black Mage] Encore
    • [Black Mage] Creation or Destruction, That is the Question
    • [Black Mage] Maple World’s True Salvation
    • [Black Mage] Adversary
    • [Seren] The One with the Seal Stone
    • [Seren] Twilight is Setting!
    • [Seren] Silencing the Burning Sun
    • [Seren] Did You Do It?

    ※ Black Mage (Extreme) and Chosen Seren (Extreme)’s practice modes will only be available in the test world.

    Boss Difficulty Adjustments


    Jin Hilla (Normal) has been adjusted.

    • The HP has been decreased by about 33%.
    • The Soul Fragments’ damage has been decreased from 20% maximum HP to 15% maximum HP.
    • The Soul Harvest pattern’s number of cycle changes has been decreased from 2 times to 1 time. It has been changed so that it happens when Jin Hilla’s health reaches 50% instead of when it reaches 66%/33%.


    Chosen Seren (Normal) has been adjusted.

    • Phase 1 and Phase 2’s HP has been decreased by about 23%.
    • In phase 1, the pillar attack’s warning effect time has been increased.
    • In phase 2, the Mitra’s Power pattern’s warning effect time has been increased.
    • In phase 2 sunset, the pillar attack’s warning effect time has been increased.
    • In phase 2 sunset, the flame orb pattern’s use cycle has been increased.
    • In phase 1 and phase 2 noon, sunset, and dawn, Seren’s forwards rush attack’s damage has been decreased.
    Monster Park Improvements


    4 new stages have been added.

    • Swamp of Memories Morass (Entry Conditions: complete the ‘[Morass] Her Objective’ quest) – 2.72b exp
    • Primal Sea Esfera (Entry Conditions: complete the ‘[Esfera] Mirror within the Mirror World’ quest) – 3.15b exp
    • Sellas, Where Stars Rest (Entry Conditions: complete the ‘[Sellas] Identity of the Light’ quest) – 3.63b exp
    • Moonbridge (Entry Conditions: complete the ‘[Moonbridge] The Path has Opened’ quest) – 4.69b exp

    The Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced dungeon entry levels have been changed.

    • Beginner: Level 105~139 (‘Automatic Security Zone’ ~ ‘Another World’s Battlefield’)
    • Intermediate: Level 140~179 (‘Secluded Forest Dangerous Area’ ~ ‘Watchtower’)
    • Advanced: Level 180+ (‘Dragon’s Nest’ ~ ‘Moonbridge’)

    Certain stages in Monster Park have been improved. The monster placement and certain terrain have been changed in the following stages.

    • Road of Vanishing
    • Chew Chew Island
    • City of Dreams Lacheln
    • Mysterious Forest Arcana
    Monster Park Extreme


    Monster Park Extreme, whose door has been closed for a long time, is reopening. Explore Monster Park Extreme, which ahs been turned into an unknown area!

    Participation Targets:

    • Characters level 260 or higher.
    • A party of 1 to 4 players.

    How to Participate:

    • The party leader of a party of 1~4 players level 260 or higher must enter the Monster Park Extreme portal.

    ※ <Monster Park Extreme> can only be cleared 1 time per world per day. If you fail to clear or leave partway through, your clear count will not be deducted.


    When the game begins, Spiegelmann will tell you the type and number of monsters which you need to hunt.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    You can activate the large altar in the centre of the map by hunting the required number of monsters. When a party member holds the Harvest key on the altar, Extreme Bigfoot will be summoned.


    Extreme Bigfoot will appear somewhere on the map, and after a certain amount of time, it will escape. Spiegelmann will tell you the time remaining before it escapes.

    If Extreme Bigfoot escapes, you can summon it again by reactivating the large altar after hunting monsters.

    You can clear Monster Park Extreme by defeating Extreme Bigfoot within the time limit of 30 minutes. If you cannot defeat it in time, you will fail.

    ※ Extreme Bigfoot will only escape a certain number of times, after which he will no longer run away.

    After clearing, you can use the portal on the right side of the altar to receive experience based on your level and Monster Park Day Boxes.

    ※ Clearing <Monster Park Extreme> will not count towards Monster Park achievements or the ‘[Monster Park] Challenging the Days of the Week Medals’ quest.

    ※ <Monster Park Extreme>’s map BGM and monster sounds will be implemented in the official server update.

    Dynamic Fields


    Sudden Mission have been removed. All Sudden Mission related achievements can no longer be completed and have been moved to the Memories tab.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Rune of Swiftness has been removed. The Rune of Purification and Rune of Rays’s effects have been improved.

    • The Rune of Swiftness will no longer appear. The ‘[Rune] Fun to Pick and Eat’ achievement’s completion requirements will no longer include this rune.
    • The Rune of Purification‘s activation conditions hav ebeen alleviated. The gauge per monster defeated has been increased and the charge time has been decreased.
    • The Rune of Rays‘ attack range has been widened, the attack duration time has been increased.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Elite Bosses’ health has been decreased and certain features have been changed.

    • Elite Bosses’ health has been decreased. After being summoned, the 20 second invincibility effect will no longer be applied.
    • When an Elite Boss appears, the map’s regular monsters will continue to spawn.
    • When an Elite Boss appears, the timer and map effects will no longer be displayed. The Elite Boss will still disappear if it is not defeated within 10 minutes like before.
    • The Elite Boss appearance alert message will no longer be displayed in surrounding maps, and they will no longer be displayed on the world map.
    • The Black Knight Mokadin’s physical attack nullification duration has decreased to 5 seconds.
    • The Crazy Mage Karianne’s magic attack nullification duration has been decreased to 5 seconds.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Elite Bosses have been added to Cernium and Hotel Arcs. You can acquire Rare Tresure Boxes and Experience Orbs after defeating them.

    • Great Flame Spirit
    • Lef Commander
    • Wilderness’ Sheriff

    Elite Monsters, Elite Champions, and Elite Bosses have been improved so that they no longer affect the number of regular monsters that spawn in a map.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Flame Wolf’s Lair has been divided into 3 sections based on levels. When entering the portal, the difficulty will be based on the character’s level, and the experience acquired will be based on the difficulty.

    • Below Level 199: Normal Flame Wolf
    • Level 200 ~ Level 259: Hard Flame Wolf
    • Level 260+: Extreme Flame Wolf

    The Flame Wolf’s Lair rewards have been changed. Based on the damage you dealt or if you defeated the Flame Wolf, you will be given a rank from ‘Moderate’, ‘Significant’, or ‘Critical’. You will be given item rewards and experience based on your rank.

    • Moderate Damage: 1 Intermediate Hunter’s Pouch
    • Significant Damage: 1 Advanced Hunter’s Pouch, 1 Intermediate Hunter’s Pouch
    • Critical Damage: 1 Ultimate Hunter’s Pouch
    • Defeat Flame Wolf: 1 Ultimate Hunter’s Pouch

    The Flame Wolf’s Lair battle time limit has been changed from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.

    Certain existing Flame Wolf related achievements have been moved to the Memories tab.

    • [Flame Wolf] Days Like This and Like That
    • [Flame Wolf] Fire Eating Hunter

    New Flame Wolf related achievements have been added.

    • [Flame Wolf] The Wolf Leaves a Flame
    • [Flame Wolf] Burning Brilliantly
    • [Flame Wolf] It Was a Warm Flame
    • [Flame Wolf] Wolves Like This and Like That
    • [Flame Wolf] Moderate, Significant, and Critical
    • [Flame Wolf] Sometimes Like a Wolf, Sometimes Like a Flame

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The new Bounty Hunter Especia’s <Totem Slash> has been added.

    • When the existing Pollo/Fritto’s Bounty Hunter portals appear 3 times, the new Bounty Hunter potal will appear on the 4th time.
    • Move to the jungle with Especia and use a special skill to defeat all of the totems.
    • If you defeat all of the totems, you can acquire a higher amount of experience.

    ※ However, using Pollo/Fritto Entry Tickets will not be included in the portal appearance cycle and will not affect the creation of the new Bounty Hunter portal.

    The Bounty Hunter portal daily entry limits have been adjusted.

    • Bounty Hunter Portals: 15 times
    • New Bounty Hunter Portals: 5 times

    ※ However, if you use up your daily Pollo/Fritto’s Bounty Hunter portals’ entry limit, the new Bounty Hunter portal will no longer appear.

    ※ However, if you use up your daily new Bounty Hunter portals’ entry limit, the Pollo/Fritto Bounty Hunter portals will no longer appear.

    Outfit Presets

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Outfit Preset feature has been added which lets you conveniently apply a set of items.

    • At the bottom of the Equipment window > Cash tab, 3 presets will be provided. You can equip each preset with your desired items to use them.
      • You can click the ‘Apply’ button on the selected preset to apply that outfit combination on your character. You can equip or unequip items on the preset.
      • Your character will only receive the effects of the items in the currently applied preset.
    • Items equipped in preset 1 will be automatically shared between all presets until another item is equipped in the same slot on the other presets.
      • These shared items will have a yellow-green colour border with the number 1 at the top left of the icon when looking at preset 2 and 3.
      • If you have any items that you absolutely need for all of your outfit combinations, try using it in a variety of ways by equipping it in preset 1.

    Hunting Grounds

    Click to view slideshow.
    The following hunting grounds’ monster placement and terrain have been improved.

    • Victory Plate Street 1
    • Victory Plate Street 2
    • Occupied Dance Floor 2
    • Labyrinthine Cavern
    • Labyrinthine Cavern – Upper Path
    • Labyrinthine Cavern – Side Path
    • Labyrinthine Cavern – Lower Path
    • Beneath the Spirit Tree
    • The Deepest Part of the Cavern – Lower Path
    • Street Cat Area 1
    • Street Cat Area 2
    • Path to the Coral Forest 2
    • Path to the Coral Forest 3
    • Path to the Coral Forest 4
    • End of the World 1-6
    • End of the World 1-7
    • End of the World 2-3
    • End of the World 2-4

    If you install multiple versions of the skills below, the remaining duration of each one will now be individually displayed as buff icons.

    • [​IMG] Shadower’s Smokescreen
    • [​IMG] Battle Mage’s Shelter

    [​IMG][​IMG] Shadower’s Pickpocket and Bloody Pocket’s maximum number of coins created limit has been improved to be applied separately for each dimension in Will phase 1.

    [​IMG] Captain’s Captain Dignity core and Captain Dignity enhancement skill icon have been changed.

    [​IMG] It has been improved so that Adele can use Lef Hero’s Will while using other skills.

    [​IMG] It has been improved so that Illium can use Lef Hero’s Will while using other skills.

    Fixed an issue with Illium’s Craft: Javelin II where the created fragments could not find monsters in certain boss fights and would attack awkward locations.

    [​IMG] It has been improved so that Ark can use Lef Hero’s Will while using other skills.


    The ‘Empress and Phantom Thief’ quest’s Aria’s Portrait NPC’s click range has been improved.

    When the ‘Stubborn Maid’ quest completion conditions are satisfied, it has been improved to guide you to the correct location.

    Improved an issue where the ‘Exploring Riena Strait’ achievement could not be completed in certain situations.

    Fixed an issue in the ‘[Labyrinth of Suffering] Source of Suffering’ quest where Heinz’ NPC description was displayed incorrectly.

    Voices have been added to ‘Dimensional Library Ep. 2: How to Become an Empress’.

    • Nineheart
    • Cygnus

    Improved an issue where Eunwols who completed the story quests would remain in their quest-only Elluel instead of the regular Elluel.

    Improved an issue in the ‘[Esfera] Abandoned Name’ quest where you could be hit by monsters and die.


    The Gold Cross Ring and Red Cross Ring’s images have been changed.

    Certain Cash items’ equipped images have been changed.

    Androids have been changed to be displayed behind characters, even when looking at other characters. Pets will be displayed in front or behind characters based on the ‘Send Behind my Character’ option setting.

    Characters that cannot equip shields can now equip Cash shields if they have a secondary weapon equipped.

    Certain Experience Coupon and Union Coupon items have been improved to stack up to 100 per slot.


    The Ring of Karma item has been added.

    • You can use the Ring of Karma on an item that has become tradeable once by using the Scissors of Karma. The item will be changed back to untradeable and the scissor count will be restored by 1.
    • The Ring of Karma can be purchased at certain NPC shops like general merchants.

    Lith Harbor’s Goldrich NPC’s dialogue has been changed.


    In Zakum (Easy/Normal/Chaos), it has been changed so that the boss HP UI is displayed when attacking the arms.

    When attacking the Genesis Egg with skills activated with the basic attack key, only a certain part of the damage will now be applied. The skills that this applies to are as follows.

    • Soul Master’s Cross the Styx
    • Mikhail’s Soul Light Slash
    • Aran’s Smash Swing
    • Demon Slayer’s Demon Slash
    • Kaiser’s Dragon Slash
    • Cadena’s Chain Arts: Stroke
    • Angelic Buster’s Successor

    Improved an issue in ‘Chew Chew Village’ where you could jump from the right side to fall to the floor.

    Improved an issue in ‘Edelstein Park 1’ where monsters were hidden behind the phone boxes.

    Improved an issue in ‘Revelation Place 2’ where the rope was displayed unnaturally.

    ‘Mechanical Grave Hill 5’s BGM has been changed to be consistent with the other Mechanical Grave Hill maps.

    Improved an issue in ‘White Spear’ where medals and guild icons were displayed awkwardly.

    The Grandis daily quests have been improved so that you can confirm the selected quest one more time after clicking on them.

    Chair BGMs have been improved to be played in certain Cernium maps.

    Chryse PQ has been improved so that Illium’s ‘Crystal Skill: Glory Wings’ is cancelled when entering the Colosseum Top Floor.

    The Seed 23F has been improved so that certain platform hints are displayed immediately.



    The item disassembly feature has been improved.

    • You can now set up a filter to register desired equipment only when using the bulk register button. This includes item level, Star Force enhancements, and potential rank.
    • You can now deselect all items registered in the disassembly window.
    • The disassembly window will now display item information such as item rank and potential.

    In the Ability UI, it has been improved so that when you fix a Unique line, a lock mark will be displayed on the Unique rank.

    Zero’s Equipment window > ‘Zero-Only Weapon Window’ button has been changed to be displayed only on the equipment tab.

    Fixed an issue in the character select screen where the OTP guide text appeared to have a typo.



    Beta versions have been added to improve Damage Effects’ performance.

    • In the Options – Graphics – Damage Effects section, two new choices are available: ‘Basic Effect 2 (Beta)’ and ‘Mini Basic Effect 2 (Beta)’.
    • These will improve the issue where if a large number of hits occurred in a short period of time, there would be frame drops and screen freezes.
    Error Fixes

    ~ coming soon ~







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