KMST KMST ver. 1.2.160 – Special Skill Ring Changes & 2023 Maple Vision Talk!

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    Last night, a new test world patch was released together with the Maple Vision Talk for the second half of the year. Director Wongki has become General Director Wongki and Planning Team lead Kim Changseop has become Director Changseop!

    This patch contains some of the things mentioned in the Vision Talk, like being able to upgrade Seed Rings to level 5, and some other changes like a lot of Grandis map improvements.

    2023 Maple Vision Talk


    • The Vision Talk started off with Director Kang Wongki, who revealed that after 8 years of being Director, he has moved on from his position. He is now the General Director of MapleStory, which includes Korean MapleStory development, overseas MapleStory development, MapleStory Worlds, and all other parts of the MapleStory franchise. He said he would be putting all of his effort into making the IP more popular.
    • To replace him, the Planning Team lead Kim Changseop has been promoted to Director.
    • He talked about how he was ready for the position but now that he’s actually there, he’s worried about the things he might do wrong and all the things he wants to get done. He also expressed his sincere gratitude to Director Wongki, who was his first team lead, taught him everything he knew, and made MapleStory a great game.
    • He said he was so excited when he first joined the MapleStory team, being able to work on a game that he loved. And now, he’ll try to continue his work with that same feeling.
    • After reflecting on the things mentioned in the last Vision Talk for the first half of the year, he decided to make some changes. Since the 6th job advancement showcase, many players have come to MapleStory, and now that the summer update is coming to an end, he feels relief and gratitude but also some regret for the things they couldn’t prepare in time.

    Update Timing and Composition

    • For MapleStory, it’s a very clear schedule where updates are concentrated in June for summer and December for winter. Various content is added or improved together with big events in a short period of time.
    • This is good in that this content synergizes with each other and lets players better feel the improvements in game quality. But at the same time, there are downsides where this schedule slows down the change cycle. Some updates might be implemented later even though they are needed earlier.
    • He thinks that the game’s update speed is just as important as its update direction, so starting from this August, they plan to properly allocate development power to allow for more frequent and timely updates.

    Special Skill Rings

    • Origin Skills were added in the 6th job update, but they were difficult to use with Skill Rings because of the short durations. Since players are still in the process of getting used to these skills in their rotation, he decided that it was the right time to adjust this as quickly as possible (an example of the more frequent and timely updates mentioned before).
    • They have added a new system that lets you upgrade existing level 4 Seed Rings by using mesos and an additional material. This material will drop from the newest set of bosses, including the difficulties added this summer. This system will also enhance the rewards from these bosses.
    • This summer, they added the Continuous Ring to add some variety in the meta, but since Origin Skills were added in the same short period of time, the existing short duration burst rings were still a better choice. Therefore, they have buffed the base stats of the Continuous Ring and made it the only Level 5 Ring that has additional effects when upgraded. In addition, this Ring is meant for fighting bosses so they improved it by making it activate only when you hit a boss monster.


    • Professions are a core system that provides a lot of essential items like Wealth Potions, Experience Potions, and Boss Killer potions. Since it’s such an old system, it definitely needs fundamental changes, but they want to improve parts of it as soon as possible, starting with the September update.
    • First of all, they’re going to change it so that players can get all Professions at the same time.
    • The existing logic where mastery decayed after reaching Craftsman and Meister rank will be removed.
    • In addition, they’ll add a personal field that you can enter after meeting certain conditions to make it easier to craft items.
    • These are simple and quick adjustments they are doing now to make the system more accessible. But the Profession system hasn’t been changed in a long time, so there’s many things that still need to be improved. After this, they’ll continue to look at play patterns and the flow of item production then take any necessary actions.

    Improvements to Displaying Combat Related Stats

    • Many different factors affect MapleStory’s combat. In addition to that complexity, the current UI configuration is so scattered that it’s hard to check at a glance (for example, cooldown resets). You can’t check elements of your own character as well as other players’ characters which is very inconvenient.
    • They’re aware of this issue and are trying to implement a solution as fast as possible. They’re planning to add something this October to make it easier and more accurate to check your character’s combat stats.
    • It’s difficult because there are so many factors. (Are you fighting a boss monster? What level are you? What’s your IED? What’s your buff duration?) These things are always changing, so they need to add some way to show them.
    • They also want to add a way to check other characters’ stats and be able to compare your combat performance to others.


    • This summer, they added Arteria and Carcion. The level 285 area Carcion wll probably stay as a challenge for players to reach for a while so in the second half of the year, they want to expand the story in a different way rather than adding a new area.
    • Usually, the story only gets expanded when a new area or new job is released, which always happens in the summer or winter. But it doesn’t have to be this way. They’re going to try to do more horizontal stories with things focused on other characters or background stories for each area.
    • In October, they’re planning to add a new Episode to Dimensional Library.
    • They will also be keep updating Maple Chronicle to allow players to see more past stories.
    • Starting from September, they will improve existing stories’ structure and content like Heroes of Maple, Pantheon, and Gate to the Future.

    Job Remasters

    • He started off by apologizing for not responding quickly enough to players’ desire for Remasters. They were not able to work on it as fast as expected due to how their development power was allocated.
    • As mentioned before, instead of remastering entire job groups at once, they’re going to focus on remastering jobs one-by-one as needed.
    • In November, one job will be remastered.

    Hexa Matrix

    • He thinks of the 6th job advancement as Phase 3 of MapleStory. It was designed as both core content and end-game content, but since it hasn’t been fully implemented yet, there’s still shortcomings. Their goal is to complete it as fast as possible.
    • Their first priority is to add Mastery Cores and Common Cores. Mastery Cores are the most used, and it seems that they didn’t make as big of a change as intended. There’s also differences in utility for each job so they will add the other Mastery Cores as soon as possible.
    • For Common Cores, they previously talked about how they exist in the showcase but they haven’t talked about what they actually are or how they work.
    • Their current goal is to add Mastery Cores and Common Cores this December.

    Monster Life

    • They are planning to replace Monster Life with a completely new system.
    • Monster Life was first added in 2013 and in the 10 years since then, it has become a main system that provides important stats for MapleStory players. But when you look back at the intentions behind its introduction and compare it to how it’s used now, it’s very different and has not been maintained for a long time which makes it feel inconvenient rather than fun.
    • They thought that it would be better to replace it with new content that provides similar stats. This will have a big impact on gameplay so they are being very careful with the new system and are trying to have it ready for this winter update.
    • The changes to Monster Life in the test server are simple changes to alleviate the inconvenience of using the system in the meantime.
    • This new system will be introduced in Reboot World as well. Together with this system, they are planning to make numerical adjustments to the combat stats currently being provided in Reboot.

    Update List

    • August: Addition of the Special Skill Ring Enhancement System, Monster Life Convenience Improvements
    • September: Profession Improvements
    • October: Combat Related Stats Display Improvements, Addition of a New Dimensional Library Episode
    • November: Job Remaster
    • December: Addition of Mastery Cores/Common Cores
    • Winter: Monster Life Removal and Addition of a New System

    Dropped Item Ownership Process Changes


    Items and mesos have been changed so that their drop ownership is no longer removed, even if a certain amount of time has passed after they have been dropped.

    • After the August 31 maintenance, the ‘(+) Loot Unowned Items and Mesos Skill’, ‘(-) Loot Unowned Items and Mesos Skill’, and those skills applied to pets will be removed.

    ※ Please check the official server notice for information on refunds for unused items related to the (+) Loot Unowned Items and Mesos Skill and (-) Loot Unowned Items and Mesos Skill, and the effects used on pets.

    When items and mesos drop while in a party, the drop ownership will now be given only to party members in the same map instead of to all party members.

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    Special Skill Rings

    Special Skill Ring Polishing


    You can now augment certain level 4 Special Skill Rings to level 5 with a certain chance by using Polishing Stones of Life and mesos.

    When trying to Polish a ring, you can choose the number of Polishing Stones you will use. Based on that number, the Polishing success rate and the amount of mesos used will be set. The success rate and mesos used based on the number of Polishing Stones used are as follows.

    Number of
    Polishing StonesSuccess RateMesos Used
    110%500m mesos
    220%1b mesos
    330%2b mesos
    440%3.5b mesos
    550%5b mesos

    When your Polishing succeeds, the Special Skill Ring used as material’s level will be increased to level 5.

    Polishing can only be used on untradeable Special Skill Rings.


    The following items have been changed so that they can be polished.

    • Restraint Ring Level 4
    • Continuous Ring Level 4
    • Risk Taker Ring Level 4
    • Weapon Puff – S Ring Level 4
    • Weapon Puff – D Ring Level 4
    • Weapon Puff – I Ring Level 4
    • Weapon Puff – L Ring Level 4
    • Ring of Sum Level 4
    • Crit Damage Ring Level 4

    The following Special Skill Rings’ maximum levels have been increased to 5. The level 5 effects are as follows.

    • Restraint Ring: Consumes 600 HP. Create an area for 20 seconds that increases your own attack by 100% and magic attack by 100%. Cooldown: 180 seconds.
    • Continuous Ring: When the Continuous Ring is equipped, there is a 120 second preparation time. After the preparation time, using an attacking skill will increase your boss damage by 160%, attack by 12%, and magic attack by 12% for 8 seconds. Re-activation cooldown: 12 seconds.
    • Risk Taker Ring: Consumes 600 HP. Increases attack by 50% and magic attack by 50% for 40 seconds. However, if ou are hit, the buff will be removed. Cooldown: 180 seconds.
    • Weapon Puff – S/D/I/L Ring: Consumes 600 HP. Increases STR/DEX/INT/LUK by 400% of the equipped weapon’s attack/magic attack for 20 seconds. For Demon Avenger, HP is increased by 17.5x this value. (This applies the weapon’s attack or magic attack, whichever is higher) Cooldown: 180 seconds.
    • Ring of Sum: Consumes 600 HP. Increases main stat by 2% of the sum of all stats for 20 seconds. For Demon Avenger, HP is increased by 17.5x this value. Cooldown: 180 seconds.
    • Crit Damage Ring: Consumes 600 HP. Increases critical damage by 28% for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 180 seconds.

    The following items have been added.

    • Polishing Stone of Life

    ※ The Polishing Stone of Life can be acquired from all difficulties of ‘Watcher Kalos’ and ‘Kaling’ (except Story Mode) at a low rate.

    ※ The Polishing Stone of Life can be traded between players. (However, in Reboot World, it is untradeable.)

    ※ ‘Item drop rate increasing’ stats will apply to the Polishing Stone of Life.

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    Other Changes

    The Continuous Ring’s effects have been changed.

    • The skill has been changed so that it activates when your attack hits a boss monster after the preparation is complete.
    • The skill now gives 4%/6%/8%/10% attack/magic attack when it activates, in addition to the existing boss damage.

    The readability of the levels displayed on Special Skill Rings’ icons has been improved.

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    Monster Life


    When combining monsters, the rate of Special category monsters appearing has been increased. The appearance rates are as follows.

    Monster RankExisting RateChanged Rate

    The maximum Waru storage of all buildings has been increased to 400% of their current limits.

    When using the Auto Harvest feature, it has been improved so that all buildings’ Waru will be harvested at once.

    In this update, we wanted to make it easier to collect Waru and increase the chances of getting A+ rank and higher Special monsters to alleviate the burden of overall play time in Monster Life.

    In addition, since Monster Life related products will no longer be sold in the Cash Shop, certain actions that required Gems like extending monsters’ lifespans will be changed to use Waru instead on the August 31 official update. We ask for your understanding.

    Developer Notes

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    Cash Shop

    The Cash Shop’s ‘Game’ -> ‘Monster Life’ category has been removed.

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    Flame Wizard

    • [​IMG] Orbital Explosion: You will no longer take damage if this skill hits an enemy using Damage Reflect.


    • [​IMG] Boost End – Storm of Fear: This skill has been changed so that it can stack Combo Counts during Adrenaline Surge.
    • [​IMG] Boost End – Hunter’s Targeting: This skill has been changed so that it can stack Combo Counts during Adrenaline Surge.

    Demon Slayer

    • [​IMG] Nightmare: The point at which the Judgement of the Underworld can be activated after creating the Demon’s Domain has been decreased by 60%.

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    The ‘[6th Job] HEXA Matrix’ quest has been added to explain how to use the Hexa matrix.

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    The Blood Ring, Experience Boost Ring (15%), and Prepared Spirit Pendant Voucher have been changed so that they can no longer be deleted from the Cash Wardrobe.

    When using Custom Mix Dye Coupons and Custom Mix Colour Lense Coupons, a confirmation stage has been added when changing colours.

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    Hunting Grounds

    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]

    The following hunting grounds’ monster placements and terrain have been improved. You can see before/after comparisons on this Inven thread.

    • Rocky Overlook 1
    • Rocky Overlook 2
    • Rocky Overlook 3
    • Rocky Overlook 4
    • Cernium Western City Ramparts 3
    • Cernium Eastern City Ramparts 2
    • Cernium Eastern City Ramparts 3
    • Royal Library Section 5
    • Royal Library Section 6
    • Western City Ramparts in Battle 1
    • Western City Ramparts in Battle 2
    • Western City Ramparts in Battle 3
    • Western City Ramparts in Battle 4
    • Eastern City Ramparts in Battle 1
    • Eastern City Ramparts in Battle 2
    • Eastern City Ramparts in Battle 3
    • Eastern City Ramparts in Battle 4
    • Eastern City Ramparts in Battle 5
    • Eastern City Ramparts in Battle 6
    • Burning Royal Library Section 1
    • Burning Royal Library Section 2
    • Burning Royal Library Section 3
    • Burning Royal Library Section 4
    • Burning Royal Library Section 5
    • Burning Royal Library Section 6
    • Outlaw-Infested Wastes 2
    • Outlaw-Infested Wastes 4
    • Nostalgic Drive-in Theater 2
    • Nostalgic Drive-in Theater 3
    • Nostalgic Drive-in Theater 4
    • Nostalgic Drive-in Theater 5
    • Nostalgic Drive-in Theater 6
    • Train With No Destination 2
    • Train With No Destination 3
    • Train With No Destination 4
    • Train With No Destination 5
    • Train With No Destination 6
    • Road to the Castle’s Gate 1
    • Road to the Castle’s Gate 2
    • Road to the Castle’s Gate 3
    • Captured Alley 1
    • Captured Alley 2
    • Captured Alley 3
    • Captured Alley 4
    • Sunny Laboratory 1
    • Sunny Laboratory 2
    • Sunny Laboratory 3
    • Laboratory Behind Locked Door 1
    • Revitalizing Spring 1
    • Revitalizing Spring 2
    • Revitalizing Spring 3
    • Revitalizing Spring 4
    • Revitalizing Spring 5
    • Dimly-Lit Summer 1
    • Dimly-Lit Summer 2
    • Dimly-Lit Summer 3
    • Dimly-Lit Summer 4
    • Pale Autumn 1
    • Pale Autumn 2
    • Pale Autumn 3
    • Pale Autumn 4
    • Cruel Trace’s Winter 1
    • Cruel Trace’s Winter 2
    • Cruel Trace’s Winter 3
    • Cruel Trace’s Winter 4
    • Outskirts Combat Area 1
    • Outskirts Combat Area 2
    • Lowest Floor Passageway 1
    • Lowest Floor Passageway 2
    • Lowest Floor Passageway 3
    • Top Floor Passageway 2
    • Top Floor Passageway 4
    • Top Floor Passageway 5
    • Top Floor Passageway 6
    • Top Floor Passageway 7

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    The following monsters’ hitboxes have been increased.

    • Ebonstar Foot Soldier
    • Ebonstar Archer
    • Monster Gull
    • Curious Scholar Ghost
    • Flora Foot Soldier
    • Flora Magician
    • Flora Assassin
    • Flora Heavy Infantry
    • Ebonstar Bombardier
    • Ebonstar Magician
    • Sandblade Marauder
    • Ironshot Desperado
    • Puxillian Rover
    • Puxillian Scrounger
    • Conductorbot
    • Houndbot
    • Harp
    • Blood Harp
    • [★] Blood Harp

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    The Boss HP UI has been improved to update more frequently.

    The Item Enhancement UI has been improved so that the ‘Enhancement success rate increased by Fever Time!’ message is no longer displayed on scrolls with 100% success rate.

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    Recommended Key Settings System


    In the Shortcut Key Settings UI, a feature to check Recommended Key Settings has been added.

    • You can check five other Key Settings used by other players, and apply them to your own keyboard. The top part will display their keys (including things that you do not have on your current one highlighted in red) and the bottom part will display things that you have on your keyboard that are not on theirs.
    • The Recommended Key Settings information is updated every Thursday at midnight.
    • The Recommended Key Settings feature can only be used by characters who have completed the 5th job advancement.

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    Error Fixes


    Fixed an issue where certain Origin skills’ continuous effects sometimes did not apply.

    Fixed an issue where characters could not move when using certain skills in specific locations on the Guardian Angel Slime map. The affected skills are as follows.

    • Archmage (F/P): Teleport
    • Archmage (I/L): Teleport
    • Bishop: Teleport
    • Evan: Teleport
    • Battle Mage: Teleport Ver. 2
    • Kaiser: Final Figuration
    • Zero: Burst Step
    • Adele: Tread
    • Illium: Crystal Portal
    • Hoyoung: Thousand-Ton Stone


    • Fixed an issue where if Sword of Burning Soul was used right before changing maps, the Soul Sword would not be summoned.


    • Fixed an issue where if you changed maps after using Sacred Bastion, the holy area was not maintained.

    Archmage (I/L)

    • Fixed an issue where Ice Age’s cast effect as visible to other characters.


    • Fixed an issue where Afterimage Shot Enhancement’s Hexa Core description and skill description were awkward.


    • Fixed an issue with True Sniping on high resolutions where clicking a location would attack a monster in a different place.


    • Fixed an issue where Sea Serpent skills activated while Sea Serpent is active would not consume MP.
    • Serpent Stone will no longer consume MP when activated. Now, Serpent Assault and Serpent Assault Enrage will now consume MP when activated.

    Soul Master

    • Fixed an issue where if Cosmic Burst was on Auto Use mode, if Solunar Slash was used to cancel the previous skill’s cast action, Cosmic Orbs would not be released.


    • Fixed an issue where if Adrenaline Surge’s Awakened Adrenaline mode ended during Boost End skills’ keydowns, the Combo Count would be displayed abnormally.
    • Fixed an issue if Boost End – Storm of Fear was used during Adrenaline Surge’s Awakened Adrenaline mode, the Combo Count would be displayed abnormally.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not hit targets that can only be hit with basic attacks when using Howling Swing.
    • Fixed an issue where if Blizzard Tempest’s ice block effect was disabled, the effect would still be displayed if the Dire Wolf’s curse activated while Aura was released.


    • Fixed an issue where Magic Debris sometimes did not disappear.


    • Fixed an issue where Punishing Resonator Enhancement’s Hexa Core description and skill description were awkward.

    Demon Slayer

    • Fixed an issue where Nightmare’s Judgement of the Underworld’s damage sometimes did not apply normally.


    • Release Pile Bunker’s skill description has been changed to be more accurate.
    • Fixed an issue where Revolving Cannon would sometimes not activate when Bunker Buster and Afterimage Shock were used together.

    Battle Mage

    • Crimson Pactum’s skill description has been changed to be more accurate.


    • Fixed an issue where you could not hit targets that can only be hit with basic attacks when in Metal Armor: Human and Metal Armor: Tank.
    • Fixed an issue where clicking on the Massive Fire IRON-B skill name in the skill book after activating the Massive Fire IRON-B VI Mastery Core, Massive Fire IRON-B would be activated.


    • Fixed an issue where Aviation Liberty and Mega Smasher could be used at the same time.


    • Fixed an issue where if you used [Possess/Execute] Sneaking Sniping after changing maps, Death Blessing’s Blessing Manifestation and the Merit buff would not be activated.


    • Fixed an issue where Assist skills sometimes did not activate.
    • Fixed an issue where Advanced Power Stomp’s shockwave sometimes did not activate when it was activated as an Assist Skill to Pierce Thrust.
    • Fixed an issue where if moving to an enemy with Shadow Strike, linking with Alpha’s other skills would sometimes activate additional sword slashes.
    • Fixed an issue where Flash Assaulter and Spin Cutter were linked in the air, Spin Cutter and the sword slashes would be activated late.
    • Fixed an issue where Rapid Time’s attacking skill cooldown reduction effect would sometimes not be applied.


    • Fixed an issue where Ultimate – B.P.M’s cast sound effect and skill voice could be heard when changing maps.
    • Psychic Grab, Psychic Grab 2, and Another Realm’s skill descriptions have been changed to be more accurate.


    • Shard VI’s skill description has been changed to be more accurate.


    • A guide has been added that states Craft: Orb’s damage boost effect does not apply to Craft: Javelin VI.


    • Fixed an issue where if you used Unstoppable Impulse or Unstoppable Instinct only once with Plain Charge Drive, the next Unstoppable Impulse/Instinct would not jump regardless of whether or not it was linked.

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    • Fixed an error where characters who did not complete the Limen area quests could not play certain sections of the Maple Chronicle Limen Chapter 1.
    • Fixed an error where if you were playing as a Flame Ziard in the ‘[The Day After] The Day After’ quest, an awkward scene would be played.
    • Fixed an error in the ‘Member of the Alliance’ quest where Cygnus’ image was awkward.
    • Fixed an error where even after completing the ‘[Labyrinth of Suffering] Into the Labyrinth’, the Priest of Time NPC would be visible in the Crash Site.
    • Fixed an error where the ‘[Cernium (After)] Grab It, Salvation is…’ quest’s cutscene was awkward.
    • Fixed an issue where during the ‘[Carcion] Aftermath of the Invasion’ quest’s cutscene, certain dialogue’s voices were missing.

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    • Fixed an issue where the Level 60 Equipment Box’s Black Basil’s Boots were not included in the 2nd Pirate set.
    • Fixed an issue where characters sitting on the Mu Lung Dojo Champion Chair would sometimes appear awkwardly to other characters at a higher location.
    • Fixed an issue in the Android Beauty Manager Sunny where if you were changing a female Android’s appearance and clicked the ‘Remove All’ button, male clothing would be displayed.

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    • Fixed an issue where if you already had the Rex’s Hyena Riding skill and tried to trade for the riding skill through the NPC Shamos, it would still deduct your Hob Warrior’s Marks.
    • Fixed an issue where NPC images would temporarily be invisible while using the Custom Mix Dye Coupon and Custom Colour Lens Coupon.

    [Back to Overview]


    • Fixed an issue where the ‘Inner Self in the Twisted Darkness’ monster that appeared in Arkarium would be included in level range monsters.
    • In Bloody Queen (Normal/Chaos), when basic attacking the Bloody Queen’s Treasure Box, each attack will now be limited to applying 1 hit.
    • In Pierre (Normal/Chaos), when basic attacking the Pierre’s Treasure Box, each attack will now be limited to applying 1 hit.
    • Fixed an issue in Dunkel (Normal/Hard) where if it faced the right and used the Sword Slash, the Sword Slash creation location was different.
    • Fixed an issue in Black Mage (Hard/Extreme) where if the Aeon and Yaldabaoth used the Punishment pattern, sometimes you would take damage before the attack action was visible.
    • In Chosen Seren (Normal/Hard/Extreme), when basic attacking the Chosen Seren’s Treasure Box, each attack will now be limited to applying 1 hit.
    • Fixed an issue in Kaling (Easy) phase 3 where even after defeating Frenzied Kaling, you would get hit by the remaining patterns.

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    • You can no longer use Transformation Potions in boss battle maps.
    • Fixed an issue where the Altar of Desire’s upper area was too high.
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘Shangri-La’s Lark’ did not appear in ‘Cruel Trace’s Winter 4’.
    • Fixed an issue where certain platforms were awkward in ‘Breathtaking Cave 2’.
    • Fixed an issue where monsters appeared in an unintended location in ‘Breathtaking Cave 3’. The number of monsters that appear will be the same as before.
    • Fixed an issue in ‘Sunken Ruins 3’ where certain ropes were awkward.
    • Fixed a problem where the ‘Sanctum’ map did not have a map icon.
    • Fixed an issue where using certain skills would cause the map background to shine excessively.
      • ‘Queens Road: Eastern Outskirts’
      • ‘Queens Road: Western Outskirts’
      • ‘Queens Road: Southern Outskirts’
      • ‘Queens Road: Northern Outskirts’
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘Temple Soaked in Tears’ map’s portal location appeared awkwardly in lower resolutions.
    • Fixed an issue where the Authentic Force requirement was displayed in the regular map ‘Somewhere Deep in the Cave’.
    • Fixed an issue where during the ‘Snakes’ Whereabouts’ quest, certain maps’ ropes were awkward.
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘Eyes of the Ishfira’ map’s background was awkward.
    • Fixed an issue where if you died after using the Rune of Rays and revived in town, the Rune of Rays effect would be displayed even in the town.
    • Fixed an issue in Monster Park ‘Labyrinth of Suffering Stage 4: Labyrinth of Suffering Interior’ where certain ropes were awkward.

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    • Fixed an issue where the ‘Top Floor Passageway 6’ Maple Guide did not work properly.
    • Fixed spelling errors and typos in the Maple Guide’s plots for Limen, Odium, and Arteria.
    • Fixed an issue in the Character Select window where certain capes equipped on Zero Alpha characters would cover parts of Zero Beta characters.
    • Fixed an issue in the Zero Weapon UI where if you had over 100b mesos, the numbers would be displayed awkwardly.
    • In the Zero Weapon UI, when dragging a Cube to use on another item thats not your weapon, the ‘Use One More’ button will only be activated when the inventory UI is open.
    • Fixed an issue where the popup window to confirm exiting the game when entering ‘ALT + F4’ would appear again if you pressed cancel.
    • Fixed an issue in certain resolutions where characters with the Blind status effect would not cover certain parts of the left side of the screen.
    • Fixed an issue where if a character who previously acquired the Maple Idol Star medal rechallenged the medal, it would not be displayed in the Medal UI.
    • Fixed an issue in certain resolutions where if the game exit popup window was displayed, certain parts of the left side of the screen would not be darkened.
    • Fixed an issue where increased damage range and attack from projectiles would not be reflected in the Detailed Stats UI.
    • Fixed an issue where if you used the Sit hotkey to sit on a chair that lets you input a message, the text corresponding to that hotkey would be automatically entered into the message input window.
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘Display Silhouette when Hit’ would function even when the setting was not turned on.
    • Fixed an issue where dragging an equipped item from the Equip window to the inventory would not play the unequip sound effect.
    • Fixed an issue where dragging an equipped item from the Equip window and replacing it with one from the inventory would not play a sound effect.
    • Fixed an issue in the Maple Guide UI’s Boss tab where defeating Easy Kaling would not reward the stamp.
    • Fixed an issue in the Options UI where if you changed other options at the same time as the resolution, the resolution would not be changed.
    • The guide that displayed when failing to enter content when certain UIs are open has been updated to include White Additional Cubes.

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    Monster Life

    • Fixed an issue where the Giant Spider’s potential effect description was described incorrectly.

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    Source: Orange Mushroom's Blog