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    Together with the new test world patch, the new director Kim Changseop went live on the MapleStory Youtube channel to talk about the update with players. I found the stream pretty interesting since they explained a lot about their intentions and thoughts behind how they design some of these changes and events!

    Maple Now (September 14, 2023)


    • As the director, he wants to honestly share stories about the game and would be grateful if players listen to the stream with a relaxed mindset. And then he told everyone to drink their wealth/experience potions.
    • He named the stream MapleStory NOW because rather than talking about the future like in the Vision Talks, he wants to talk about the game right now. These streams will be centered around the current content and intentions of this update.
    • In addition, something new he wants to try in MapleStory NOW is that it won’t just be him talking but also other members of the MapleStory team. He wants players to understand and get to know the people working on the game and gain more trust in them. (Since it’s the first time though, they’re anonymous and are represented by various MapleStory plushies!)
    • People in the chat asked him if he was gonna do a mukbang and he said he couldn’t match up to the talents of the last director. (LOL)
    Test Server Events

    • They have lowered the participation requirements for this event (defeating 1000 monsters within your level range for 5 days of the week).
    • The event rewards are focused on supplementing the enhanced growth speed from 200 to 260 (including a Tera Burning Booster).
    • The final reward from this event includes Sol Erda. They will gradually give out more Sol Erda, in addition to those from hunting and bosses.
    • However, Sol Erda Fragments are materials that have a great impact on the market economy so they will not be adding them as event rewards any time soon.
    • People in the chat asked if they were ignoring Reboot World. He replied that they’re not ignoring them, but as he said previously, Sol Erda Fragments are a material that differentiates the experience between worlds, which will be maintained. The developers will make updates to each world as needed and he asked users to stop fighting with each other.
    • They have added a new event ring (Abyss Hunter’s Ring) that gives 20% damage to normal monsters to help players hunt more easily.
    • Previous coin shop rewards were implemented in a system that made them more useful for players that knew what to buy and coin capped on multiple characters. They changed this during Identisk to make it easier for all players to access the rewards, and have structured this year’s Chuseok event in a similar way. However, in the Identisk event, most players had a lot of Sunshine Coins left over so this time, they added more items to the coin shops for players to spend their coins on.
    • The Halfling Treasure Hunt event lets players choose between getting a guaranteed number of rewards or take a chance of getting more or less rewards. The average expected values are similar so you can do whichever you like.
    • When talking about the Forest Blast event, he brought the planner in charge of it out (in the form of a Slime plushie). This event was created by reusing overseas assets (the Abyss Expedition). A lot players ask for overseas content and events to come to KMS which they reviewed internally. They were looking at bringing the event as-is but it didn’t fit with the play experience they intended, and they also thought the concept matched the current Minar Forest event aesthetic so they reworked it.
    • They create these ‘Blast’ events to try and recreate the feel of old MapleStory, even a little bit. They know that party role-playing was a core part of MapleStory’s MMORPG fun before but since they can’t really force players into specific roles in the current MapleStory, they implement it in events.
    • Changseop asked the planner if they had any memorable issues when developing these Blast events and the planner replied that a lot of players criticized the fact that the test server Dungeon Blast had the Necro set in it which didn’t exist back then. This was actually because at 12AM the night before the patch, they had an issue with the outfits and to hotfix it before it was released, they quickly replaced them with equips that worked.
    • People in the chat asked why the boss in this year’s anniversary’s Dungeon Blast event was like the Newtro Pixrog instead of the original Balrog and they said it was originally intended to be a Newtro Dungeon Blast theme but they changed it at the last second to match better with the 20th anniversary throwback theme.
    • Changseop said he was the one that requested the Identisk slingshot minigame because he wanted a Metal Slug-type game but he apologizes for it now (because it was 100% the worst game the entire summer).
    • They said the reason why they moved from older minigames to things like the Blast events was because they work better in letting players experience cooperative content with MapleStory’s controls, rather than simple repetitive actions or minigames (like the train minigame). Players seem to enjoy them so they will continue to improve on them.
    • The new Drop the Acorns event participation was lowered from 3 times a week to 1 time a week (with the same experience rewards) when compared to the last Coconut Smash event. They call this an ‘experience Punch King’ event internally. They know its stressful for players to fully buff up for these things, and having to do it multiple times a week made it even worse, so they changed it.
    • The Drop the Acorns event is part of their goal to reward players for progressing further into the game (as you get more experience the more points you get). This is also seen in the boss coin shop, which has been added for this off-season event, with more items available for purchase. They want players to be able to get better feedback on how much stronger they are getting, not only through existing in-game systems and content but also events.
    • They know that a lot of players talk about how during the off-season, they tend to put more intensive events which can cause burnout (like Haste), so this time, they tried their best to avoid this. The Chuseok event was designed to include the simplicity, growth benefits, and factors from the summer event.
    • To match their intention of giving better feedback to character growth through events, they increased the weekly cap of boss coins from 1200 to 1600. They have added Arteria/Carcion Authentic Symbols to the shop and lowered the prices of Cernium~Shangri-La symbols to help players catch up on Authentic Force faster.
    • This year’s Chuseok event lasts 5 weeks, so they wanted to add some additional rewards around halfway through which matches up with Hangul Day. They have been celebrating it for 10 years so this year, they decided to make it a much bigger event with much better rewards. It doesn’t require killing mobs, rather you have to answer quizzes or get specific items. They said the only reason events like this are possible are because there’s so many MapleStory players, they can share their hints and solutions. He said there’s no way he could do these events by himself. They even keep track of how long it takes for them to be ‘cracked’ and usually it’s within 10 minutes.
    Profession Reorganization

    • A different planner was brought out (Pink Bean) to explain the profession changes.
    • You can now learn all the professions on a single character, the maximum Fatigue has been increased, and crafting cooldowns have been removed. They have also lowered the Fatigue costs for some recipes, and changed the Meisterville gathering farms into instanced maps.
    • To enter the instanced maps, you must defeat 1000 monsters within your level range first. This requirement was added because it’s a direct source of crafting materials which would have a drastic impact on the economy, and also to stop macroers.
    • The reasons why they started the profession reorganization was to improve its convenience and prevent rapid price fluctiations, but another reason was to limit macros. Professions had a lot of inconvenient elements which promoted the use of workshops/macros since players had items they wanted but didn’t want to go through the effort to get. They are doing their best to improve the experience for players while blocking macroers. Since gathering materials is a core part of professions, it’s not a complete improvement but they didn’t want to make it too difficult to get them since it would cause the prices of all the crafted potions to skyrocket.

    • They have added side quests to Carcion. They include more backstory about things like the Spectres, the Anima tribes, and ancient gods. They would love to include quests like this right from the beginning but due to scheduling reasons, they could not complete them in time. That is the benefit of a live service game where they can continue to add and improve on existing concepts.
    • They also reorganized Door to the Future’s story. It was an older story with an unclear ending and various inconveniences like having to go back and forth to diferent monsters, so they reorganized it to make it better. It’s also where Lucid first appears but she looked completely different, so they updated the artwork to match her actual appearance. He wanted to fix it a long time ago but they kept putting it off and now they are finally doing it.
    • This is an issue with live service games, where certain stories need to be shown at specific times (to introduce new areas or bosses). But as further content and story developments are added, they become outdated and inaccurate.
    • They’re preparing for the next Dimensional Library episode. It will be based on the Grandis story and things that haven’t been shown off that much so far.
    Cash Shop & UI

    • They have added the Coloring Prism, which is an item that lets you dye cash equips.
    • The Sol Erda UI has been updated to include Sol Erda Fragments as well. They added a hotkey to let players open the UI instantly without having to press the button on the Hexa Matrix.

    Changseop said that he tried to do an unscripted stream in celebration of the Chuseok update, and he hopes to continue speaking honestly with players as the director.

    He wanted to focus on the current update but there were many players in the chat asking questions that he thought he should answer instead of ignoring.

    • Q: Which job is being remastered?
      • A: He can’t say right now but it will be announced in a later stream before it is added to the test server.
    • Q: Can you change Noblesse Skill cooldowns?
      • A: As of now, there are no plans to change or remove them. In fact, he said that if he could go back in time to when Noblesse Skills were added to guild content, he would’ve been much more conservative with them because he thinks MapleStory should be fun to play even if you’re playing solo. However, since they were implemented in that way and have become a core part of MapleStory, they can’t change it easily now. Their utility is extremely high in both bosses and hunting, so they are not considering giving them more uptime. However, he does know that it makes it inconvenient to try out bosses, so they will try to resolve other factors as much as possible.
    • Q: About 2 minute burst jobs.
      • A: In general, he doesn’t think 2 minute burst cycles are an issue. It would be too hard to unify all jobs to 3 minute bursts, both in terms of implementation and fun. 2 minute bursts have their own pros (when soloing bosses, situations where burst damage uptime is lower, personally having more fun). However, they are aware of certain aspects like the Genesis iframe, AB link, and Seed Rings which don’t match up and are considering how to improve them.
    • Q: Why have there been no balancing updates?
      • A: They don’t think changing values and adding Mastery Cores at the same time is efficient. They know they haven’t done any balance patches in a while, but that is because classes will be balanced naturally as they add 6th job Mastery Cores, which is their current focus. Of course, this doesn’t mean they’re not going to make other balance changes as needed.
    • Q: Alleviating the Liberation process.
      • A: They have no plans to alleviate this. Liberating a Genesis weapon is the final weapon content. They will only alleviate this if new content becomes available.
    • Q: Presets.
      • A: He thinks its necessary too and agrees its annoying having to change a bunch of settings like Union and Hyper Stats when bossing or hunting. It’s hard to say when it will be released but they’re working on it.
    • Q: Link Skill limit.
      • A: They are not considering changing it right now.
    • Q: Ability presets.
      • A: They are currently considering it, but he thinks that it would be better to add after more players completely finish their current Ability (he said he looked at player data for this). Ability Presets will probably not be included in the other Presets when they are added.

    • He hopes that people will be able to watch the MapleStory NOW streams a little more comfortably than showcases or other events. That way, he will also be able to talk more casually and have fun with players.
    • He said players asked him why he’s Mike in-game, and the story behind that was that he actually voiced Mike in Fight! Return of the Legends, but he was too embarassed to show his face so they used the art with the helmet on.
    • The next stream will be in October. This one had two planners but he hopes that future ones will include not just planners, but developers, artists, and more.

    Profession Skill Reorganization

    Acquiring Profession Skill Improvements


    In regular worlds, you can now learn Accessory Crafting, Equipment Crafting, and Alchemy at the same time.

    You can no longer reset your already acquired profession skills.

    Crafting System Improvements

    Regular worlds’ maximum Fatigue has been increased from 200 to 500.

    Reboot worlds’ maximum Fatigue has been increased from 300 to 600.

    Fatigue will no longer be decreased by 20 every hour.

    All profession skills’ craftable items’ crafting cooldowns have been removed.

    The following items’ crafting fatigue requirements have been decreased.

    NameFatigue Consumed (Pre-Change)Fatigue Consumed (Post-Change)
    Craftsman’s Cube2510
    Meister’s Cube2510
    Powerful Rebirth Flame2010
    Eternal Rebirth Flame2510
    Black Rebirth Flame2510
    Boss Killer Potion105
    Hero’s Potion105
    Piercing Potion105
    Great Blessings Potion105
    Advanced Boss Killer Potion3010
    Advanced Great Hero Potion3010
    Advanced Piercing Potion3010
    Advanced Great Blessings Potion3010
    Mastery Improvements

    Accessory Crafting, Equipment Crafting, and Alchemy’s mastery will no longer decrease.

    When you reach Meister rank, the mastery will no longer increase.

    Meisterville Gathering Farm Improvements


    The following maps have been changed into instanced maps that you can only enter in a party of 1.

    • Beginner Gathering Farm
    • Intermediate Gathering Farm
    • Advanced Gathering Farm
    • Expert Gathering Farm

    You can now only enter the gathering farms on characters that have defeated 1000 monsters within your level range that day.

    You can gather for 30 minutes after entering the farm. There is no separate limit on then number of entries.

    When your Fatigue is fully consumed in the farm, you will automatically exit.

    You cannot enter the farm if your Fatigue is fully consumed or you are on a Red PC.

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    The Cradle of Life, Carcion


    The following side quests have been added to the Cradle of Life, Carcion area.

    • New Mission
    • Securing Infectious Material
    • Laboratory Investigation
    • The Things Left to Us
    • Secret Request
    • Pinzar Specialty
    • Turtle’s Favour
    • How to Calm the Desire for Revenge
    • Path to Harmony
    • For a New Start
    • Memorial Service Preparations
    • Rest in Peace, Warriors
    • Carcion Public Works 1
    • Carcion Public Works 2
    • The Legend That Will be Remembered Forever

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    Dimensional Library: Book of Grandis

    The ‘Cradle of Life, Carcion’ content has been added to the Book of Grandis.

    • You can unlock this content by having 1 character that has completed the ‘The Cycle of Life Begins Again’ achievement within the same world.
    • You can move to the Dimensional Library through the Maple Guide or the Dimensional Mirror.

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    Door to the Future Reorganization

    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]

    Destroyed Henesys, Knights’ Fortress, and Twilight Perion quests have been changed. Certain quests’ start conditions and dialogue have been changed and cutscenes have been added.

    Door to the Future related quests have been added.

    • [Knights’ Fortress] The Truth of the Future
    • [Twilight Perion] Behind the Dream
    • [Twilight Perion] Looking for the Fog of Oblivion
    • [Twilight Perion] Magic Refining 1
    • [Twilight Perion] Magic Refining 2
    • [Twilight Perion] To the Other Side of the Dream
    • [Twilight Perion] The End of the Dream

    Certain Door to the Future related quest names have been changed.

    • [Destroyed Henesys] Adventurer from the Future → [Destroyed Henesys] The One from the Past
    • [Destroyed Henesys] Alex’s Decision → [Destroyed Henesys] Impending Conclusion

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    In the Cash Shop, the Coloring Prism has been added. (29,900 NX, can use 30% Mileage, expires in 30 days)

    • The Coloring Prism is an item that can change a cosmetic item’s colours.
    • You can change a cosmetic item’s colour by choosing one of the provided colour series options then adjusting the hue, saturation, and brightness. Even if you use multiple Prisms, it will change based on the item’s original colours. However, if you choose a colour series option that does not exist in the original item, the colours will not change even if you adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness.
    • The Coloring Prism can only be used on permanent, untradeable Special Label, Red Label, Black Label, and Master Label items. Master Label weapons’ special effects will maintain their original colour even if you use a Coloring Prism.

    In the Cash Shop, the Prism Color Restore has been added. (3,000 NX, can use 30% Mileage)

    • The Prism Color Restore is an item that can return an item that has had its colours changed with the Coloring Prism back to its original colours.

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    Hero’s Sword of Burning Soul has been improved so that the fixed mode’s attack range is the same regardless of whether or not Enrage is applied.

    Shadower’s Eviscerate has been improved so that when it is used in Watcher Kalos (Easy/Chaos/Extreme), you will no longer move to a place far away from Kalos.

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    The [6th Job] Hexa Matrix quest has been changed so that if you choose to not watch the tutorial, the quest will now be completed instantly.

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    Certain hair coupons’ spacing notation have been changed.

    When using a VIP Buff (Experience), a warning message will now be displayed if the same buff is already applied.

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    Will (Easy/Normal/Hard)’s Phase 1 HP has been improved to be updated more frequently.

    Certain boss monsters have been improved so that they are summoned a certain amount of time after entering.

    • Suu (Normal/Hard)
    • Demian (Normal/Hard)
    • Guardian Angel Slime (Normal/Chaos)
    • Lucid (Easy/Normal/Hard)
    • Will (Easy/Normal/Hard)
    • Dusk (Normal/Chaos)
    • Dunkel (Normal/Hard)
    • Jin Hilla (Normal/Hard)
    • Black Mage (Hard/Extreme)
    • Chosen Seren (Normal/Hard/Extreme)
    • Watcher Kalos (Easy/Normal/Chaos/Extreme)
    • Kaling (Easy/Normal/Hard/Extreme)

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    Fixed an issue in ‘Moonbridge/White Spear 1’, ‘Moonbridge/White Spear 2’, and ‘Moonbridge/White Spear 3’ where certain decorative elements were displayed behind the character.

    In the Forgotten Twilight, the Forgotten Temple Manager NPC’s name will now be displayed.

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    The UI to check your Sol Erda Energy information has been improved into a combined UI to check both your Sol Erda Energy and number of Sol Erda Fragments.

    It has been improved so that you can open the UI to check your Sol Erda information using a shortcut key.

    The boss party recruitment information UI has been improved so that in the application list, the people who have applied most recently will be placed at the top of the list.

    When registering a boss party recruitment post, the required Authentic Force value setting has been increased to 660.

    In the New Name Auction, the precautions when receiving a successfully bid on character name or returning a rejected character name have been supplemented.

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    Error Fixes


    Fixed an issue where skill sound effect options were not applied when using certain skills.

    Fixed an issue where in certain resolutions, skills’ screen shaking effects were awkward.

    Fixed an issue where Blink used for the first time in a map would always move to the left.

    Fixed an issue in the skill UI where sometimes skills would appear awkwardly.

    Fixed an issue where certain Origin Skills’ effects were visible to other characters. The changed skills are as follows.

    • Luminous’ Harmonic Paradox
    • Khali’s Hex: Sandstorm
    • Hoyoung’s Sage: Formation of Heaven and Earth

    Certain Origin Skills’ sliding banners will now be displayed immediately after casting them. The changed skills are as follows.

    • Luminous’ Harmonic Paradox
    • Khali’s Hex: Sandstorm
    • Hoyoung’s Sage: Formation of Heaven and Earth

    Fixed an issue when casting certain Origin Skills where the effects displayed to other characters were not visible. The changed skills are as follows.

    • Demon Slayer’s Nightmare
    • Demon Avenger’s Requiem

    Fixed an issue where if you failed to use an Origin Skill, sometimes the map’s background would still be changed. The changed skills are as follows.

    • Paladin: Sacred Bastion
    • Archmage (I/L): Frozen Lightning
    • Night Lord: Arbiter of Life and Death
    • Captain: Dreadnought
    • Flame Wizard: Eternity
    • Wind Breaker: Mistral Spring
    • Evan: Zodiac Burst
    • Phantom: Defying Fate
    • Demon Slayer: Nightmare
    • Kain: Annihilation
    • Illium: Unlimited Crystals

    Fixed an issue when using Origin Skills where sometimes the previously used Origin Skill’s attack would be applied.

    Fixed an issue where if a Master Core deactivated because you did not meet the required skill level, you could not use the 4th job or lower skill enhanced by that Mastery Core.

    Archmage (F/P)

    • Fixed an issue where if you installed Poison Region in the same area as another Archmage (F/P)’s Poison Region, the poison area would be created based on the other character’s poison magic circle.
    • Fixed an issue where if you were Sealed at the same time as casting Infernal Venom, sometimes the skill would not be activated properly.


    • Fixed an issue where if you used Resurrection, sometimes party members would not be resurrected at their current location.


    • Fixed an issue where Curse Enchant could be used in event maps.
    • Fixed an issue where using Ultimate Blast would sometimes display a different amount of Relic Gauge consumed.
    • Fixed an issue where the skill voice would not be played when using Combo Assault (Discharge).


    • Fixed an issue where if you were Sealed at the same time as casting Decisive Strike, sometimes the skill would not be activated properly.


    • Fixed an issue where if you climbed on a rope or ladder after Liberate Neptunus’ Neptunus Enrage activated, it would not attack.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes the connection to the game server would be lost while Liberate Neptunus’ Neptunus Enrage was activating.

    Soul Master

    • Fixed an issue where if you climbed on a rope or ladder right before Flare Slash activated, the skill would not be activated.

    Flame Wizard

    • Fixed an issue where sometimes Blazing Orbital Flame would not return.
    • Fixed an issue where if you used Infinity Flame Circle when you had 1 Phoenix Feather remaining, the skill would end immediately.

    Wind Breaker

    • Fixed an issue where reinstalling Mistral Spring would make the buff icon disappear.


    • Fixed an issue where Adrenaline Surge’s final strike did not activate sometimes.


    • Fixed an issue where Zodiac Ray’s magic was not charged by Elemental Blast if the Elemental Blast Enhancement Hexa Core was activated.


    • Fixed an issue where if Ishtar’s Ring hit ursus, the monster hit effect was displayed awkwardly.
    • Fixed an issue where Unfading Glory’s Spirit King’s Manifestation’s duration would sometimes reset.


    • Fixed an issue when Harmonic Paradox’s Power of Truth activated, sometimes Luminous would be visible to other characters.

    Demon Slayer

    • Fixed an issue where Nightmare’s Judgement of the Underworld sometimes did not activate.

    Wild Hunter

    • Fixed an issue where Call of the Hunter’s summoned monsters’ damage did not apply properly.


    • Fixed an issue where Chain Arts: Fury’s giant chain would sometimes be displayed awkwardly.

    Angelic Buster

    • Fixed an issue where using Spotlight would sometimes cause the connection to the game server to be lost.


    • Fixed an issue where if you changed maps after using Psychic Over, the changed BGM would be cut off.
    • Fixed an issue where if you changed maps after using Psychic Over, sometimes Psychic Points would not be recovered.
    • Fixed an issue if a platform disappeared during Psychic Tornado, the collected objects would be forcibly thrown.


    • Abyssal Recall’s skill description has been changed to be more accurate.
    • Fixed an issue where HP was not recovered even when the explosions activated at the end of Abyssal Recall’s attack hit an enemy.

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    Fixed an error when playing ‘[Borderless] He is in Ereb’ as a Kaiser where awkward cutscenes appeared.

    Fixed an issue where the graphics quality was lowered during the ‘[Shangri-La] Peach Blossoming Paradise’ quest.

    The headers have been removed from the following quests.

    • Weapon Storage’s Vision Bomb
    • Frozen Solder’s Last Words
    • Soldiers Who Couldn’t Escape
    • Mikhail’s Return
    • The Need for Change

    Fixed an issue with the [Daily Quest] Shangri-La’s Contamination Purification where defeating Shangri-La’s Skylark monsters would not increase the quest count.

    Fixed an issue where the ‘Drake Complete Attack Strategy 1’ quest appeared 2 times to Kaisers.

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    Fixed an issue where the sound outputted when equipping the Nickyroid was awkward.

    [Back to Overview]


    Fixed an issue in Hilla (Normal/Hard) where if you died while choosing to leave the boss map, you would be resurrected outside the boss battle map.

    Fixed an issue when entering Demian (Normal/Hard), sometimes the cutscene animtaion would not be visible.

    Fixed an issue in Guardian Angel Slime (Normal/Chaos) where if you applied an Absolute Bind during the Groggy phase, you could not apply a regular bind for a certain period of time afterwards.

    Fixed an issue in Will (Easy/Normal/Hard) where the spatial collapse pattern’s effect caused the edges of the screen to appear awkwardly at certain resolutions.

    Fixed an issue in Black Mage (Story) where the Aion of Creation and Yaldabaoth of Destruction did not move when using the rush.

    Fixed an issue in Black Mage (Story) where the Aion of Creation and Yaldabaoth of Destruction’s Punish pattern was cast in place.

    Fixed an issue in Black Mage (Hard/Extreme) where more than 3 bind resistance icons were not displayed on the Aion of Creation and Yaldabaoth of Destruction’s HP UI.

    Fixed an issue in Black Mage (Hard/Extreme) phase 2 where sometimes the Nox Spears were created on the whole map at once.

    Fixed an issue in Chosen Seren (Normal/Hard/Extreme) where sometimes the Sun’s Rage created on the ground were created on the whole map at once.

    Fixed an issue in Watcher Kalos (Easy/Normal/Chaos/Extreme) where if you applied an Absolute Bind during the Groggy phase, you could not apply a regular bind for a certain period of time afterwards.

    Fixed an issue in Kaling (Easy/Normal/Hard/Extreme) phase 3 where if Death-Gripped Taowu used the Judgement pattern, there were areas where the lightning was not created.

    Fixed an issue in Protect the Castle Walls where certain skills that applied slows or binds affected the monsters.

    Fixed an issue where if a monster was knocked back and fell off a platform when they were defeated, they would sometimes not drop items.

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    Fixed an error in ‘Snow Island/Lilin’s House’ where you could leave the building.

    Fixed an error in ‘Snow Island/Rien Library 1F’ where you could leave the building.

    Fixed an error in ‘Arteria/Lower Level Right Hallway’ where the wall efect was awkward.

    Fixed an error in maps like the cross world party quest entry waiting map and event party content entry waiting map where if you exited, another same title in your inventory would be equipped instead of your originally equipped title.

    Fixed an issue in ‘Carcion/Darkness Falling Tree Trunk 2’ where certain platforms were awkward.

    Fixed an issue in ‘Morass/Trueffet Square’ where after setting the graphics quality to very low, the background objects were displayed awkwardly.

    Lie Detectors will no longer activate in Ellin Forest and Queen’s Hideout.

    The monster placement in ‘Hotel Arcs/Nostalgic Drive-In Theatre 6’ has been changed.

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    When using a PC Room Only Damage Skin, you can no longer use Damage Skin Voucher items or change to other Damage Skins.

    Fixed an error where in certain situations, a party member other than the party leader could accept a party join request.

    Fixed an issue where if you put Heroes Cube Chairs inside 6/10 Slot Chair Bags, the item icons would be displayed awkwardly.

    Soul related information will no longer be displayed on non-weapon equipment item traces’ tooltips.

    Fixed an issue where the Monster Life homepage bulletin board scroll bar was not displayed.

    The guild information window and guild search’s detailed view window will now be displayed in the same font as the guild introduction.

    Fixed an issue in the 6th job advancement quest where the stone gauge windows sometimes were not visible.

    Fixed an issue where changing maps in full screen mode would change the client’s resolution.

    Fixed an issue in resolutions of 1920×1080 and higher where right-clicking another character’s name in the external chat would display the menu awkwardly.

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