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    Now that the Black Mage is finally gone, there are many changes happening in Maple World! We're increasing the max level cap, unveiling new Genesis Weapons, making Tenebris available permanently, and more! Read all about it below:

    To celebrate the defeat of the Black Mage, we're increasing the max level cap to Lv. 275! Now you can make your character stronger than ever. If you can reach Lv. 275, as a reward you'll receive the Symbol of Brilliant Honor Chair!


    Even though the war is over, we will opening the Tenebris region for players to explore permanently! You can enter Moonbridge, the Labyrinth of Suffering, and Limina if you meet the following conditions:

    • Moonbridge: Characters Lv. 245 and above that have completed the Esfera: Origin Sea story quest

    • Labyrinth of Suffering: Characters Lv. 250 and above that have completed the Moonbridge story quest

    • Limina: Characters Lv. 255 and above that have completed the Labyrinth of Suffering story quest

    New quests will be added to Tenebris daily. You can play the daily quests by clearning the story quests in each region of Tenebris. You can play 1 quest in each region for a total of up to 3 daily quests each day.

    You can still face the deadly bosses of Tenebris as well, including the Black Mage himself! Here's how to fight each boss:


    • Complete the Moonbridge story quest to find Gloom in the Eye of the Void.
    • A party of 1-6 can fight Gloom.
    • Entry count limited to once daily. Clear count limited to once per week.


    Verus Hilla

    • Complete the Labyrinth of Suffering story quest and clear the Labyrinth of Suffering Deep Core Dungeon to find Verus Hilla.
    • A party of 1-6 can fight Verus Hilla.
    • Entry count limited to once daily. Clear count limited to once per week.


    Guard Captain Darknell

    • Complete the Limina story quest to find Darknell in the Final Horizon.
    • A party of 1-6 can fight Guard Captain Darknell.
    • Entry count limited to once daily. Clear count limited to once per week.


    The Black Mage

    • Complete the Limina story quest to find the Black Mage in the Giant's Heart.
    • You need the Fragment of Destiny to find the Black Mage. to craft it, you will need the following materials:
      • Spark of Determination: Acquire by completing Tenebris daily quests and by defeating Gloom or Darknell.
      • Shadow of Annihilation: Acquire by eliminating Verus Hilla.
    • A part of 1-6 can fight the Black Mage.
    • Entry count limited to once daily. Clear count limited to once per week.


    Characters Lv. 225 and above that have made the 5th job advancement can track down the remnants of the Black Mage's power to unlock new Genesis Weapons! Once you complete the Limina story quest, you'll receive the Genesis weapon quest through the notifier on the left side of the screen. Accept the quest receive a Sealed Genesis Weapon Box from the quest to obtain a weapon based on your class!


    You can complete various missions afterwards to unleash the true power of your sealed Genesis weapon. These missions involve defeating each of the Black Mage's Commanders with special restrictions in place. Upon defeating each Commander (excluding Von Leon), you'll also need to defeat the Black Mage's Afterimage 8 times so you can claim a trace item. Upon completing all missions, Zero will acquire a Genesis Essence that can enhance Lapis/Lazuli to a Type 10.

    Each character can have 1 Genesis weapon, and it cannot be traded. If you lose any of the Genesis weapon items (sealed Genesis weapon, Genesis weapon, Genesis Essence) during your quest, then you must start over from the first mission. When the final seal on the Genesis weapon is removed, your weapon will receive the following qualities:

    • Use all available upgrade count with 15% Spell Trace enhancements suitable to each job.
    • Star Force 22-Star Enhancement
    • Has Unique Potential
    • Has Epic Bonus Potential
    • Additional Star Force and scroll enhancements are not available.
    • Zero can choose whether to transfer Potential and Bonus Potential.

    You can also use the two new skills listed below when you equip the Genesis weapon, depending on its unleashed state:

    • Aeonian Rise: Use the power of creation to become invincible for 12 sec. When the skill ends, activates the Genesis Force which attacks 12 enemies with 1,500% damage 7 times. Use the skill again to end immediately. Cooldown: 180 sec.
    • Tanadian Ruin: When the attack hits, the Power of Destruction activates and increases Final Damage by 15% for 30 sec. Cooldown: 90 sec.


    The Story Continues

    Just because the Black Mage has finally been defeated doesn't mean the story's over yet...

    Coming soon in a future update, prepare to return to Grandis to learn more about Magnus and his master, Gerand Darmoor. There's plenty more to be revealed, so stay tuned and get ready for a new, epic chapter of MapleStory to unfold!

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