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    Last week some players who use Google third-party authentication (TPA) began experiencing issues logging in with Nexon Launcher. It appears that there were some changes on the Google side, which caused the log in process to freeze when using Nexon Launcher. Logging into the Nexon website was not affected.

    We’re still investigating a permanent solution to the core Google issue, that will allow players to log in to Nexon Launcher using Google TPA.

    In order to provide players who use Google TPA with an alternate route to log in to Nexon Launcher, we released an update to the entire TPA system on Sunday, January 20. This provided a workaround so that players who log in using Google TPA can now log in using their email instead on the Nexon Launcher. Here’s what to do:

    • 1) If you experience an issue logging in to Nexon Launcher with your Facebook/Google TPA, please go to the Nexon website.
    • 2) Log in to the Nexon website using your existing Facebook/Google TPA.
    • 3) You may see the following message: “Sorry, but it appears that you have used that email address on another Nexon account.”
      • If you see this message, please add an additional email address (that is not tied to any other Nexon account) to your Facebook/Google TPA account.
    • 4) Once you are successfully logged in on the Nexon website, go to Account Settings.
    • 5) Create/change your password.
    • 6) Now you can use your Nexon email address and password to log in to Nexon Launcher.

    Because at this time we have not yet resolved the core issue (logging in to Nexon Launcher using Google TPA), you should use your Nexon email address to log in to Nexon launcher for now.

    If you have any additional questions regarding the new Facebook/Google TPA linking process, you can view the FAQ here.

    If you continue have trouble logging into your account via Nexon Launcher, please contact our Customer Support.

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