Maple Memo: An Update Regarding Mesos in Reboot World

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    Hi all,

    I’d like to provide an update regarding meso rewards in Reboot world.

    As I mentioned in my previous letter, when we fixed the issue with the level range penalty for certain maps in v190, our original intent was to mitigate further abuse and harm to the game balance due to players exploiting a bug that had been left unfixed for a long time. We never intended to neglect the needs of our legitimate players in Reboot world and we never wanted to severely hurt their meso generation and progression. We fully understand that mesos are the most important resource for gear progression of our Reboot players and we also understand that the fix we implemented was too drastic and our players preferred playstyle in Reboot world.

    Prior to the bug fix players favored training in a small selection of maps, and with certain jobs to accumulate their meso earnings. This situation left very little choice for players on how to efficiently gain mesos and we felt this may be unhealthy for the game in the long term. When discussing ways to address current players’ concerns regarding the loss of options for meso generation, we made it a priority to find ways to encourage players to explore other maps and provide a reason to participate in the ongoing events we have scheduled.

    We discussed these issues at length with our developers and came up with some immediate actions we could take in the short term to alleviate the situation, address some of the concerns our players had, and introduce additional mesos in a more healthy manner for all Reboot players. As a result, we added, and in some cases increased, the meso rewards for the events we have recently announced, including the current Level 200 Rewards event and the newly opened Step Up event. We know this is not nearly enough to provide Reboot world with a more consistent stream of mesos, so we also decided to increase the base meso rewards from all monster drops in Reboot world by an average factor of 15%. The actual meso increase amounts will vary from map to map and from monster to monster, since the rates for each meso drop is not a constant number. However, the overall meso increase from monster drops should average 15% across the board.

    With these changes we hope to provide players more options to obtain mesos through normal gameplay and avoid players needing to focus on a few maps to be able to progress in the game.

    Please understand that our determination to improve the health and balance of meso generation in Reboot world does not stop with this change. We have always been committed to ensuring the concerns of our Reboot world players are taken into consideration, and addressed when ever possible. This dedication on our part has not and will not change, even with this current situation.

    So we encourage all of you to please provide us with feedback on these changes so that we can continue to improve the game with you.


    Dennis "Savage Ace" Bernardo
    Producer - MapleStory

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