Maple Memo: Farewell from Anna

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    Hi Maplers,

    Today’s memo is not about our upcoming game update. Instead, I would like to talk about myself and give you an update on the changes within the MapleStory team.

    I’m sad to announce to you that I will be stepping down from my position as a MapleStory Producer as of October 1, as I decided to move back to Korea due to my personal reasons. With this change, one of our other existing MapleStory Producers, Sally; and the Live Game Director, Hyun, will be leading the team and the project from now on.

    MapleStory has been a part of my life ever since I joined the MapleStory development team in Nexon Korea back in 2007 so now that I’m writing this memo, I feel like I’m reaching a big turning point in my life.

    Among all these years, the best decision that I made was to move to the United States and take on the Global MapleStory Producer position in Nexon America. Thanks to this experience, I was able to work with you more closely and have a better understanding of our player base. It has been a very precious time for me to be able to meet our dedicated players and I’m confident to say that you are the most passionate players and you are the reason why MapleStory and our team exist.

    In addition to this opportunity of working closely with you, I was extremely lucky that I was able to work with our current MapleStory team as they all truly love being a part of MapleStory and working for our players. While the changes we make and what we do sometimes make our players disappointed, one thing I can surely say is that our team members consider you to be the most important thing and we all appreciate having you as our players. You will have more chances to hear from our team members about several important topics as they have just started to communicate more with the players through various channels.

    Even though I’m leaving, MapleStory will continue to have exciting updates and I’m sure that they will make you thrilled just like how MapleStory has been doing for all these years. I will also give my full support from a distance.

    Thank you all for the support that you have been showing me the whole time. It was a great honor to be your Producer.

    Thank you,

    - Anna

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