Maple Memo: Farewell from SavageAce

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    Hi Maplers,

    As you can tell by the title of this memo, it’s time for me to step away from being your producer on MapleStory and give room to the current team here to continue leading the game.

    When I started working at Nexon on MapleStory just over five years ago, I hadn’t heard much about this game and therefore had very little experience playing it. As a huge fan of video games and the industry in general, I was fascinated that this game had stood the test of time and still had such a vibrant player base and community. When I started telling all of my friends I was working at Nexon and on this game, they immediately recounted stories of how special it is to them and their childhood. And after immersing myself in the community, reading posts and watching videos from all of you, it was then that I knew working on this game was a privilege for me and that I needed to do everything I could to not screw it up.

    While I could never have the same experience with the game as many of you had, being a passionate gamer myself, I knew how important it was for your voices to be heard and acknowledged by us here. That is one of the main reasons we as a team pushed to start doing these Maple Memos. While I know some of you feel that certain memos have been less helpful or more confusing than others, we always tried our best to be as honest as we could with you, and present you with the information we had. I do want to re-assure you all that the team here will continue to do these Maple Memos and will likely do a far better job than I have lately of providing you with updates and information about what’s going on here and with the future of the game.

    Speaking of the future, there aren’t any other changes to the team here or the current cadence of content updates and support that they will provide. You still have Ghiblee as your community manager who will continue to connect everyone with the team here. Anna, the producer whom you’ve met at MapleStory Fest, will be leading MapleStory here at Nexon America. And there is still a large team of people behind the scenes who are just as passionate about this game as you are. Although it was a difficult decision for me to step away, I have no doubt that you are all in great hands and I can assure you I would not leave this game if that weren’t the case.

    Words really can’t express enough the gratitude I feel to have worked on this game with the amazing team here and in Korea, and - most importantly - with all of you. When I look back at my fondest memories on MapleStory, they involve meeting all of you in person at MapleStory Fest, talking to you on the forums, Discord, and Twitch, and seeing the love and passion you have about this game.

    The one thing I would like to ask all of you as MapleStory keeps growing and thriving without me is that you continue to be as vocal, patient, kind and respectful with the team here and with each other as you experience what comes next. MapleStory is a special game for Nexon and for all of the people who work on it, and everyone understands that the more constructive the relationship we have with all of you, the better we can help each other continue to see this game succeed.

    As for me, I’ll still be at Nexon America, but I’ll be working on other games that need support. I will definitely continue playing MapleStory, as I’m excited about the upcoming content updates this year. So feel free to find me in-game and say hello!

    Thank you to all of you for this wonderful opportunity that I have enjoyed working on MapleStory, and I hope I get the chance to work with you again in the future.

    Thank you,

    Dennis "SavageAce" Bernardo
    Producer - Formerly on MapleStory

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