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    Hi Maplers,

    After the v.249 update, you may have seen that the in-game font for multiple menus and titles was adjusted. We'd like to inform you that the font will be reverted back to the original style in the v.250 update and share with you why these changes were made.

    While testing the new Character Info UI, we were finding that certain text and letters were not being properly aligned. To address the issue, the original font was modified to increase legibility which impacted all UI elements. We will be reverting this and only applying the legibility changes to the Character Info UI.
    Additionally, specific letters such as "w", "v", "t" and "f" can be hard to distinguish when they are typed next to each other. Therefore, we applied a change that added more spacing between these characters. This change will also be reverted to the original spacing.

    Although we are reverting the font back to the original style, we will continue to focus on improving our players' day-to-day gameplay experience. As always, your feedback is immensely important to us and we appreciate your support.

    Thank you,


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