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    Hi Maplers,

    We’re here to share our Roadmap for Q1 2023! As always, please be mindful that it will list the notable updates but not everything that will be included in each patch. We recommend waiting for the respective update’s Update Preview post or Patch Notes post for details.


    • January 2023
      • Hyper Ignition Event
      • New Area: Odium
      • Boss Extreme Mode
    • Early February 2023
      • Neo Tokyo Event
      • Fairy Bros' Golden Giveaway
      • Cube Revamp
    • March 2023
      • Super Yeti x Pink Bean World
      • Grand Athenaeum Update


    January - Hyper Ignition Event

    The Fireworks Festival Parade closes out with one last set of events and mini-games to enjoy as we ring in the new year! This is also your last chance to claim the many rewards from the Fireworks Festival Parade, so enjoy the fun and rocket off into 2023 with some exciting new activities to master!

    January - New Area: Odium

    Beyond Karote, The Unending Tower, lies Odium, a building full of untouched mysteries behind its locked doors. No one knows who built it or with what purpose, and it’s a mystery as to what is happening within... Uncover the secrets as you make your way into Odium in this new content for players Lv. 275 and up!

    January - Boss Extreme Mode

    Take on Seren and Black Mage on the newest difficulty mode, Extreme! These already-powerful bosses will have more HP to burn through and greater power in their attacks, but that's not all. The familiar mechanics of these bosses will be tweaked to make Extreme difficulty far more than just needing bigger numbers to win– you'll need to give it your all to have a chance!

    February - Neo Tokyo Event

    Take a trip into the future and take part in the long-awaited Neo Tokyo Event! This limited-time, time-twisting tale will be opened for you to experience for the first time ever, with plenty of secrets to learn and temporal phenomena to untangle!

    February - Fairy Bros’ Golden Giveaway

    The Fairy Bros are back to reward you for your attendance in MapleStory! Keep coming back to MapleStory throughout this update and the months to follow for a wide array of fantastic prizes!

    February - Cube Revamp

    We will be retiring the current slate of Cubes with the February update and providing a new set of Cubes. The new set of Cubes will have a chance for double rank-up and there will be changes to how Cube Fragments function. You can see the full details on the Upcoming Cube Changes post.

    March - Super Yeti x Pink Bean World

    The chaotic ball of energy Pink Bean, and the kind-yet-powerful Yeti are back again, and their rivalry hasn't cooled down at all! Enjoy these two unique playable jobs and show off their powerful skills once again!

    March - Grand Athenaeum Update

    The Grand Athenaeum is being updated with a look back on some high level content! Re-experience the events of the Arcane River and Grandis storylines that you've already completed!

    We hope you’re excited by this high-level view of the content and events arriving to GMS between January - March 2023. As always, our goal with these roadmaps is to provide information that players may be curious about and assist players with advanced preparation. Please keep in mind that there is more content on the way in addition to those listed above, so we advise players to refer to the Update Preview post and Patch Notes post for the finalized details for every game update. If plans change due to unforeseen circumstances, we will have a mid-update post to inform players of the changes to the proposed timeline. Have a happy holidays and we’ll see you in the new year with the next roadmap!

    Thank you,

    Evolys and the MapleStory Team

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