Maple Memo: GMS Roadmap Q1 2024

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    Hi Maplers,

    We’re here to share our Roadmap for Q1 2024! As always, please be mindful that it will list the notable updates but not everything that will be included in each patch. We recommend waiting for the respective update’s Update Preview post or Patch Notes post for details.


    • v.248 Update (early February)
      • World Selection Reorganization
      • Burning World Leap
      • Spiegelette’s Strawberry Farm
      • Gold Richie’s Safe
      • Exciting New Collaboration!
    • v.249 Update (mid-March)
      • Minar Picnic
      • Grand Athenaeum
      • Profession Revamp
      • Character UI Revamp
      • Monster Life Improvements
      • Better Maple Improvements


    v.248 - World Selection Reorganization

    As we announced in Maple Memo: World Selection Reorganization and a New World in the November patch, we renamed worlds to give each world a unique identity. Additionally, we’ve created new names for the different groups of Worlds that are reflective of your playstyle and redesigned the server selection screen to display the World groups in a way that is more intuitive to new players.

    • Scania, Bera, Aurora, Elysium, and Luna are grouped together as Interactive Worlds.
    • Kronos, Hyperion, and Solis are grouped together as Heroic Worlds.
    • Special limited-time events, such as Burning World or Super Yeti X Pink Bean, are grouped together as Seasonal Worlds.

    v.248 - Burning World Leap

    Burning World Leap is back! If you leveled multiple characters in Burning World, this is the time to have them join your team in regular worlds! Leveling your Legion has never felt so good.

    v.248 - Spiegelette’s Strawberry Farm

    Spiegelette needs help with her Strawberry Farm! Assist her in farming strawberries and she’ll reward you with EXP and other wonderful Strawberry-themed goodies!

    v.248 - Gold Richie’s Safe

    Gold Richie is back and he is looking for certain lucky Maplers who can unlock his safe with the secret code! Hunt monsters to collect Safe Tickets for chances to unlock the safe and earn the delightful prizes that lie within.

    v.248 - Exciting New Collaboration!

    We’re very excited to announce that we have a new collaboration coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming announcements - we can’t wait to show you what we have planned!

    v.249 - Minar Picnic

    It’s picnic season! Chief Tatamo invites you to Leafre to join a lovely picnic with the Halflingers and enjoy the nice weather outdoors. Defeat monsters who are trying to ruin your good time, explore the Minar Forest, and go on a treasure hunt to earn abundant rewards and EXP!

    v.249 - Grand Athenaeum

    Love learning about lore? For those of you who spend tons of time in Grand Athenaeum reading up on the compelling history of MapleStory, we’re adding two new sections, Grand Athenaeum: Book of Grandis and Grand Athenaeum Episode 7: Sephiroth’s Gardener.

    v.249 - Profession Revamp

    • Learn Accessory Crafting, Smithing, and Alchemy at the same time in Interactive Worlds.
    • The crafting system’s Fatigue has been improved.
    • Accessory Crafting, Smithing, and Alchemy’s Mastery will no longer decrease.
    • Ardentmill’s harvesting maps have been improved and changed to instanced maps.

    v.249 - Character UI Revamp

    • The Character UI has been improved so you can now see ‘Character Info’ and ‘Stats’ together.
    • We added new information such as ‘Combat Power’, ‘Normal Enemy Damage’, and ‘Cooldown’ to the Character UI.
    • Use the Character UI to check other characters’ stat and equipment information too.
    • Add a background to your character’s avatar area.

    v.249 - Monster Life Improvements

    • Combine monsters with an increased rate of receiving a Special Category monster.
    • Harvest Waru from all buildings simultaneously when you use Auto Harvest.
    • Store more Waru with a 400% increase in the maximum storage capacity of buildings.
    • Use Waru to extend the lifespan of some ranked monsters.
    • Monster Life related items will no longer be sold in the Cash Shop, and some actions that required Gems will now require Waru.

    v.249 - Better Maple Improvements

    • Hexa Matrix Prequest
      • If you decide to skip the tutorial for the ‘[6th Job] Hexa Matrix’ quest, the quest will now be completed instantly.
    • Sol Erda UI
      • You can assign the Sol Erda UI to a shortcut so it can be easily accessed.
      • You can check your Sol Erda Energy and Sol Erda Fragments together in a combined UI.
      • If you have the Sol Erda UI activated, it will be maintained even after logging off.
    • Reporting Feature
      • When reporting a player for illegal program usage, the list of reportable players’ names has been improved to show up to 3 players who were located on the same map but since left the map.

    We hope you’re excited by this high-level view of the content and events arriving to GMS in v.248 - v.249 2024.

    In addition to these, we’re planning to release the sale of Sol Erda Booster on January 17th to help players progress with their 6th Job Skill enhancements! You’ll be able to obtain Sol Erda Energy and Sol Erda Fragments by simply logging in and claiming daily. Stay tuned for more information!

    And finally, we’d like to talk about our long-term plans for Q1 2024 and beyond.

    Beast Tamer

    In our last Roadmap memo, we announced that Beast Tamer’s 6th Job would not be included - we’re happy to provide an update now!
    Beast Tamer is getting an overhaul and becoming a new class: Forest Child Lynn. As the successor to Beast Tamer, Lynn will be able to fight battles alongside her powerful guardians and support their party members with a variety of abilities that utilize the power of the forest, so please look forward to seeing them in action. We’ll see you in May with a new look!


    What’s Next?

    As you already know, MapleStory is operated as separate services in different regions. We understand that you are always wondering if the contents of other services will affect Global MapleStory (GMS). Similar to other regions, GMS is a unique and independent service with a distinct player base. During our planning process for the game and each update, we consider the existing unique specifications of GMS and the play patterns and preferences of our players.

    Over the past few months, we have been working to create better distinctions between world types by providing the worlds Kronos and Solis unique names, opening the new Hyperion world, and introducing new world group names as mentioned above. These efforts are part of our localization plan to highlight Global MapleStory as a unique service, reduce misunderstandings with the previous terminology, along with providing more intuitive guidance for all new players.

    As for our future plans for GMS, along with the separate memo and notices we've provided in the past, we started posting these roadmaps as part of our effort to inform you of any large changes coming to GMS as early as we can. We are committed to continuing to do so and informing you of major changes to GMS through these notices. As mentioned above, we will make decisions that are best for GMS, and if we decide to make any major changes you can expect to learn more details about it from us in advance. Please note that outside of what we have already mentioned above, we have no other plans to share.

    As always, our goal with these roadmaps is to provide information that players may be curious about and assist players with advanced preparation. Please keep in mind that there is more content on the way in addition to those listed above, so we advise players to refer to the Update Preview post and Patch Notes post for the finalized details for every game update.

    Thank you,

    Mjollnir and the MapleStory Team

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