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    Hi Maplers,

    We apologize for the delay in the Q2 2024 roadmap and appreciate your patience. We will do our best to make sure future notices are published at the expected time.

    As always, please be mindful that it will list the notable updates but not everything that will be included in each patch. We recommend waiting for the respective update’s Patch Notes post for details.


    • v.250 Update (early May)
      • Happy 19th Anniversary, MapleStory!
      • New Job: Forest Child Lynn
      • Mayple Island
    • v.251 Update (mid-June)
      • Angelic Buster Remaster
      • Legion Artifact
      • Epic Dungeon: High Mountain
      • Dreaming Lachelein
      • Midnight Party
      • Hyper Burning & Tera Blink
      • QoL Improvements
      • Special Event


    v.250 - Happy 19th Anniversary, MapleStory!

    The 19th anniversary of Global MapleStory is coming up on May 11th! It’s crazy to think that we’ve been on this adventure with you all for 19 years. To celebrate, we’ve prepared special events as a thank you for being part of this community so be on the lookout for some sneak peeks!

    v.250 - New Job: Forest Child Lynn

    The arrival of Forest Child Lynn is finally here! Lynn is a magician that uses a Memorial Staff weapon and the power of the forest to summon Spirit Guides to help her defeat her enemies. While she can do strong damage with her Spirit Guide skills, she also has a variety of healing skills and buffs to help her party, so she will be very helpful as a support. (Also since players have been asking, yes, she will be released on the day of the v.250 update!)

    We know many of you are curious about the conversion details from Beast Tamer to Lynn. Please wait until the patch notes have been released as it states all the information related to this topic.

    v.250 - Mayple Island

    Welcome to Mayple Island! Yes, we named it Mayple because it’s occurring in May! Mayple Island is a place that was created from the sparkling memories of Maplers. Meet those from your memories and receive abundant gifts by filling the Wish Orb that contains the dreams and hopes of people. The more you fill the Wish Orb, the better the rewards you’ll receive! Plus, there will be fun mini-games, photo booths, popularity contests, and other unique experiences throughout the event, including a museum exhibit where you can win OG Maple items. Don’t miss out and experience them all!

    v.251 - Angelic Buster Remaster

    Our queen of music, Angelic Buster, has blessed us with her return! In addition to her new look that is cuter and lovelier than ever, check out the newly changed skills. She’s also releasing her first mini album for you loyal fans, so we better see Angelic Buster as one of your top listened to artists in your 2024 Wrapped!

    v.251 - Legion Artifact

    After Monster Life ends, a new growth system called ‘Legion Artifact' will be included. Through various gameplay, players can naturally complete the missions and get time-limited stats that can be applied to all characters, introducing a new integrated character growth system.

    v.251 - Epic Dungeon: High Mountain

    Introducing MapleStory's first epic dungeon for characters level 260 and above! Dive into the story of the awakened sun god Mitra who has returned to the High Mountain after a long slumber. Defeat numerous enemies and get plenty of EXP and rewards.

    v.251 - Dreaming Lachelein

    We invite you to Lucid’s happy dream! Aren’t you curious about Lucid’s dreamy festival that isn’t a nightmare but something everyone can enjoy? Not only can you get LOADS of EXP, but there is a special reward shop, and content and mini-games for rapid leveling waiting for you. Explore all the exciting and special events that Lucid has prepared!

    v.251 - Midnight Party

    Welcome to the Midnight Party! It’s not a real party without goodies, so participate in the daily and weekly parties by defeating monsters to earn unique rewards, such as custom Lachelein outfits and backgrounds. After you’re done partying, you can earn your very own Lucidroid to accompany you on all your future endeavors.

    v.251 - Hyper Burning & Tera Blink

    Spiegelmann prepared a special map this time for Hyper Burning called Tera Blink! If you’re designated as a Hyper Burning character, you’ll be 200 with a blink of an eye in Spiegelmann’s ‘World Inside the Hat.’ Helpful rewards will be given every time you complete missions to help you progress even faster. So if you haven’t leveled your Legion yet, take this chance!

    v.251 - QoL Improvements

    • Character Presets
      • Equipment presets have been added.
      • Ability presets have been added.
      • The cost to change Hyper Ability presets has been removed.
      • The default Legion Preset slots are now all permanent and will be increased to 5.
    • Boss UI
      • You can now view Character Info in the Party Recruitment tab.
      • An exclusive UI for accessing bosses has been added.
      • You can now set Combat Power as a condition in the Party Recruitment tab.
      • Monster Park Extreme has been added to the Boss UI.
    • Boss Entry Limits
      • The entry limit for all weekly and monthly bosses has been removed.
      • The daily limit for Balrog has been removed.
      • The quest requirements to unlock Lotus and Damien have been removed as long as you meet the level requirement.
      • A Practice Mode exclusive buff has been added, allowing you to apply buffs without actually consuming them for skills or items and without any restrictions.
    • V Matrix Improvements
      • You can now open multiple Nodestones at once.
      • You can now easily enhance all of your equipped Nodes by clicking the new ‘Enhance All’ button.

    v.251 - Special Event

    Inkwell and Dr. Lim are preparing a special event for all of you. Please stay tuned for more details!

    We hope you’re excited by this high-level view of the content and events arriving to GMS in v.250 - v.251 2024.

    As always, our goal with these roadmaps is to provide information that players may be curious about and assist players with advanced preparation. Please keep in mind that there is more content on the way in addition to those listed above, so we advise players to refer to the Update Preview post and Patch Notes post for the finalized details for every game update.

    Thank you,

    Mjollnir and the MapleStory Team

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