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    Hi Maplers,

    We’re here to share our Global MapleStory (GMS) Roadmap for Q4 2022! As always, please be mindful that it will list the notable updates but not everything that will be included in each patch. We recommend waiting for the respective update’s Update Preview post or Patch Notes post for details.


    • Early October Update 2022
      • Night Troupe
      • Halloween Candy Party
      • Home Halloween Event
      • Cash Inventory Transfer Event (Early November)
    • November Update 2022
      • Cygnus Knights Redux
      • Monster Park Extreme
      • Hyper Burning
      • Job Balances
      • Fireworks Festival Parade
    • December Update 2022
      • New Area: Odium (January Release)
      • Boss Extreme Mode (January Release)
      • New Overseas Event
      • Holiday Events
      • Fireworks Festival Parade (Continued)


    Early October - Midnight Carnival
    Night Troupe at Rien awaits! Take a look around and select an attraction that best suits your needs. You’ll receive generous perks that include stat bonuses, EXP buffs, and more. If spending your time at Rien isn’t giving you the chills, join the spooky Halloween Candy adventures and decorate your Home with Halloween furnishings for an eerie touch. There are plenty of events and rewards to keep everyone entertained!

    November - Cygnus Knights Redux
    Our loyal Cygnus Knights will undergo a revamp this winter! Here’s a list of the Cygnus Knights that will have their skills revamped:

    • Mihile
    • Dawn Warrior
    • Blaze Wizard
    • Wind Archer
    • Night Walker
    • Thunder Breaker

    There will be more changes on the way in addition to the skill revamps but we’ll share detailed information when it gets closer to the update release date.

    November - Hyper Burning
    You’ve never seen burning this hot ever before… Hyper Burning will allow players to earn an additional 2 levels for each level up until the character reaches not Lv. 215, not Lv. 230, but all the way up to Lv. 250! Break the limit with Hyper Burning!

    November/December - Fireworks Festival Parade
    We’re holding a Fireworks Festival Parade in celebration of our winter update and you are invited! Come participate in exciting events and complete daily, weekly, and monthly missions to earn event coins and special rewards. The event shops have plenty of functional and cosmetic items in stock for you to grab. Enjoy the festival with Maplers and make memories that are simply unforgettable.

    December (January Release) - Odium
    Beyond Karote, The Unending Tower, lies Odium, a building full of untouched mysteries behind its locked doors. No one knows who built it or with what purpose, and it’s a mystery as to what is happening within... Uncover the secrets as you make your way into Odium!

    Those are the high-level contents and events arriving to GMS between early October - December 2022 that we wanted to share with you today. We hope these roadmaps have been providing information that players may be curious about and that it assists with advanced preparation. Please do keep in mind that there is more content on the way in addition to those listed above, so we advise players to refer to the Update Preview post and Patch Notes post for the finalized details for every game update. If plans change due to unforeseen circumstances, we will have a mid-update post to inform players of the changes to the proposed timeline.We hope you enjoy our winter updates as well as the holidays until we return with the next roadmap!

    Thank you,
    Evolys and the MapleStory Team

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