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    Hi Maplers,

    We’re here to share our Roadmap for Q4 2023! We know that this roadmap is being posted later than normal. With MapleStory Fest in October, we wanted to focus on that and also be able to share news about our v.246 and v.247 updates at the event.

    Now we’re back, and sharing the Q4 Roadmap with everyone. As always, please be mindful that it will list the notable updates but not everything that will be included in each patch. We recommend waiting for the respective update’s Update Preview post or Patch Notes post for details.


    • v.245 Update (early October)
      • Night Troupe
      • [Home] Halloween
      • Spooky Halloween
      • Magic Slate
      • Permanent Secondary Pendant Slot Change
      • Cash Inventory Transfer Event
    • v.246 Update (mid-November)
      • 6th Job
      • Identisk Exploration
      • Hyper Burning & Burning World
      • Better Maple Improvements
      • Reboot World Adjustments
    • v.247 Update (mid-December)
      • Abyssal Expedition
      • Battleship Arteria
      • Carcion
      • Kaling & Kalos the Guardian Boss Difficulty
      • [Home] Maplemas
      • Maplemas: Rudi and the Giant Tree


    v.245 - Night Troupe

    Join the crew of the Nautilus as the Night Troupe Festival returns! Complete different mini-games to earn coins and level up your rank. Join Spiegelmann or Kyrin for a treasure hunt, visit the shooting range, have a crazy food party and more!

    v.245 - [Home] Halloween

    The chill in the air means that it’s almost time for spooky season. Complete quests to collect Halloween-themed blueprints and furnishings. Decorate your home and make it look its creepy best!

    v.245 - Spooky Halloween

    Major towns will decorate for Halloween with jack-o'-lanterns and Runes will also get a seasonal look. Boo! Elite Monsters are putting on their Spooky Ghost costumes. Defeat them to get your own Halloween treats in the form of a special chair, damage skin, and cute cat ears!

    v.245 - Magic Slate

    Hunt monsters to earn Sweet Snacks and exchange for EXP Vouchers through the power of this ancient stone artifact. Level up with the wonders of masonry! Or you can keep your treats and nibble Sweet Snacks to earn selected stat buffs.

    v.245 - Permanent Secondary Pendant Slot Change

    The second pendant slot will become permanently available for all characters without the use of a separate item. This is one of many recent improvements to the MapleStory experience, with more to come.

    v.245 - Cash Inventory Transfer Event

    It returns! Make the most of your favorite Cash equips by moving them between the inventories of your characters in the same world. Perfect your look for your true FashionStory endgame.

    v.246 - 6th Job

    It’s almost here…6th Job! Unlock even greater power to control the Transcendent energy as you take your characters to the next tier! It’s been 7 years since the 5th Job awakening, and you have been preparing for months along the Journey Toward the Sixth Star. Now this next stage is only weeks away! Benefit from this amazing force as you begin a powerful growth experience and acquire new abilities. Characters at Lv. 260 will be primed to make the advancement and grow even stronger. Get ready to tap into your true potential!

    • Hexa Matrix: 6th Job means a new skill matrix! Once you advance to 6th Job, you can use the Hexa Matrix system. Activate Hexa Nodes to learn the new 6th Job skills, and power-up your 4th Job and 5th Job skills too! Hexa Stat Nodes can also be used for extra stat bonuses!
    • Sol Erda: As Maple World and Grandis merge, their Erda combines to form new Sol Erda. This is the powerful material that makes the 6th Job possible! Hunt monsters to earn Sol Erda Energy and collect Sol Erda Fragments, and use them to power your Hexa Matrix!

    We are sorry for the many players who enjoy Beast Tamer, but Beast Tamer’s 6th Job skills are still under development and cannot be introduced in the v.246 update. Based on the development completion schedule, we are planning to open character creation for Beast Tamer along with its 6th Job skills in the first half of 2024. We are working diligently to ensure you enjoy the unique experience and fun of Beast Tamer! Once again, we ask for your understanding and patience that Beast Tamer’s 6th Job advancement is taking place later than the other jobs. We will provide additional updates regarding this in January 2024.

    v.246 - Identisk Exploration

    The boundary between worlds is shrinking and nowhere is this more noticeable than on the tiny islands of Iden and Tisk. As two become one, the newly formed Identisk Island appears! Take part in this new event series and aid the local islanders as they struggle to make sense of their new home.

    v.246 - Hyper Burning & Burning World

    With 6th Job in sight, this is a great time to create a new character or advance an existing Lv. 200+ character, and gain 2 extra levels with every level-up. Burn all the way to Lv. 260! Burning World also returns, where you create Mega Burning characters and then World Leap to a regular word after the event.

    v.246 - Better Maple Improvements

    • Leveling Up
      • Leveling from Lv. 210 - 299 is faster than ever with a reduced EXP curve.
    • Arcane River
      • Earn more EXP when completing daily quests in Arcane River. You can also obtain more Arcane Symbols from daily quest rewards.
    • Grandis
      • Earn more EXP when completing daily quests in Arcane River. You can also obtain more Sacred Symbols from daily quest rewards.
      • The starting level of some quests will be lowered, and the Sacred Power required in certain hunting grounds will be reduced.
    • Monster Park
      • Two new stages will be added to Monster Park Advanced from the Tenebris area: Labyrinth of Suffering and Limina.
      • Intermediate will be rated for characters Lv. 140-200, and Advanced will be rated for characters above Lv. 200.
      • Get more EXP for clearing Monster Park Extreme!
    • Tower of Oz
      • Alicia’s Ring Box will be removed from the Tower of Oz, and you can earn Tower of Oz Points instead. Collect new items from the Tower of Oz Witch Shop.
    • Loot Ownership
      • Dropped loot will maintain character ownership–even after a certain amount of time has passed. Only the person who defeated the monster can collect the items and mesos.

    v.246 - Reboot World Adjustments

    The health and EXP of monsters in hunting maps will be adjusted to match that of monsters in Bera, Scania, Aurora, Elysium, and Luna worlds. The increase/decrease of damage based on the level difference between the character and the monster will be adjusted to match that of monsters in Bera, Scania, Aurora, Elysium, and Luna worlds.

    Originally these were set higher in Reboot world, but gradually over time, the hunting difficulty had become much easier in Reboot.This adjusts it so that the level-up experience is similar across all worlds.

    v.247 - Abyssal Expedition

    Get ready for a new event where you earn Mercenaries to equip and use! Customize your mercs with their own skills and equipment, and then set them loose in event dungeons. The mercs handle the monsters and you earn the EXP!

    v.247 - Battleship Arteria

    A brand new area opens up for characters Lv. 280 and above. Join Cygnus, Neinheart and the Cygnus Knights as they struggle to defend Ereve from a High Flora invasion via the impressive battleship, Arteria!

    v.247 - Carcion

    Explore this new area for Maplers Lv. 285 and up who have completed the Battleship Arteria quests. Join forces with the residents of Carcion to protect Carcion, the Cradle of Life, from Darmoor’s apostle who seeks the power of the ancient god, Keira!

    v.247 - Kaling & Kalos the Guardian Boss Difficulty

    Prepare yourself as additional difficulty modes unlock for bosses Kaling and Kalos the Guardian.

    • Challenge Kaling on new Easy, Hard, or Extreme modes! Beat Extreme mode for new rewards including the Helmet of Loyalty.
    • Challenge Kalos the Guardian on new Easy, Chaos, or Extreme modes! The current Chaos mode will become Normal mode. Beat Extreme mode for new rewards including the Mark of Destruction.

    v.247 - [Home] Maplemas

    Decorate with style this holiday season! Join the residents of Querencia and complete quests to get in the holiday spirit. Maplemas-themed furnishings are waiting for you, so hang your stocking by the chimney with care.

    v.247 - Maplemas: Rudi and the Giant Tree

    Season’s greetings! Collect ornaments and exchange them for a holiday ornament mount. Don’t forget to visit the Maplemas Gift Box Shop in major towns to pick up a gift for yourself! The shop is stocked with festive mounts, chairs, and decorative equips.

    We hope you’re excited by this high-level view of the content and events arriving to GMS in v.245 - v.247 2023. As always, our goal with these roadmaps is to provide information that players may be curious about and assist players with advanced preparation. Please keep in mind that there is more content on the way in addition to those listed above, so we advise players to refer to the Update Preview post and Patch Notes post for the finalized details for every game update. If plans change due to unforeseen circumstances, we will have a mid-update post to inform players of the changes to the proposed timeline.

    Thank you,
    Mjollnir and the MapleStory Team

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