Maple Memo: New Year Update - January 25

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    Hi Maplers and Happy New Year!

    I hope you are having a great start to the New Year. Our MapleStory team is preparing our next update as always by working from home safely while still closely working with each other.

    First of all, I would like to apologize for several issues we recently had with the Awake Meso Shop, Reboot world channel lag and Magic Wagon. We have been working with several teams to address the Reboot world channel lag issue, however, it’s taking some time to look into the servers and find a solution. We’re adjusting the server configuration by closely monitoring your meaningful feedback and information on which channels and contents you experienced the lag from so we hope to address this issue sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I appreciate your detailed feedback about what you are experiencing with the lag in Reboot world as your reports and feedback are extremely helpful.

    Regarding the Magic Wagon “sold out” notification issue, we are aware that you were disappointed with the issue and the way this change was communicated. We will make an effort to be more cautious when reviewing and implementing new features going forward. I would also like to thank you for sharing your comments and suggestions with our team. We will closely look into what you are discussing and we will try to review the Magic Wagon thoroughly in various aspects.

    To start the new year by showing our appreciation for our players, we’re bringing back the much-requested Maplehood Watch event on January 27 so you can enjoy it after the Awake events end. The new Spiegelmann's Lucky Boxes event will also start on the same day, in which you can defeat monsters to obtain many useful rewards.

    The next update that we’ve been working on with all our teams is called v.220 Moonlight Magic. We plan to release the update on February 3 and the main content will be the Ellinel Full Moon Party event. It features many events and mini-games with some beautiful artwork so I hope you can join the events and have a great time with the new update and the new year.

    With this v.220 update, Maple Tour will be undergoing some changes and I would like to take this opportunity to share more information about it. We regularly review and assess game content we bring to our service, and upon our recent review, we found that Maple Tour is in need of an adjustment. Since the game status has changed from when it was first implemented, we saw that the current meso rewards in Maple Tour are a bit too high compared to other content, causing an imbalance to the economy and meso distribution between levels. We therefore are going to make some adjustments in hopes of being more faithful to the intended balance.

    The meso amount given to characters Lv. 160 and below will be lowered to 50% of the current amount and from this, the percentage will be adjusted accordingly based on the character’s level for the characters Lv. 200 and above. We will also divide the level section more closely for Lv. 200 and above, so the meso rewards can reflect the character level better. As for Ursus, the meso amount obtained was consistent across all level ranges. Due to this, the meso efficiency in the lower levels was relatively higher so the amount of meso obtained in Ursus by Lv. 200 and below characters will also be adjusted. We will provide more detailed information about the Moonlight Magic update with our patch notes next week.

    I understand that sometimes we disappoint you and that many of you are concerned about the way we communicate about it. I feel responsible for it and I believe that this is something we have to put a lot of effort into this year so that we can improve our communication and the interaction with you. However, one thing I can say for sure is that everyone on our MapleStory team enjoys working on this game so much and we appreciate it when you share your thoughts and concerns. We will try our best to listen to you and make the game more enjoyable. Please stay safe and I hope to see you soon.


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