Maple Memo: Sengoku Hakase and Ghost Ship Exorcist Badges

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    Hello Maplers,

    Recently there has been discussion within the community about Star Force enhancing the Sengoku Hakase and Ghost Ship Exorcist badges and discrepancies with the stats gained from these enhancements compared to other equipment.

    We’ve been investigating this topic and also discussing various options to address the inconsistency. Similar to inconsistencies with the Star Force and Bonus Stats implementation earlier this year, for this topic we also needed to consider the overall game balance and future content plans before deciding on a path forward that is beneficial and least disruptive to both the game and to players.

    Below is what we have decided to move forward with for these two badge items:

    • Star Force enhancements on these badges will be limited to 22 stars.
      • Any existing badges with more than 22 stars will be adjusted to only have 22 stars.
      • Any mesos used to enhance these items above 22 stars will be refunded to the player.
    • No other changes will be made to these two badges.
      • Please note these two badges will only receive STR/DEX/LUK/INT and will not receive Weapon ATT or Magic ATT when Star Force enhancing above 15 stars.

    The changes and actions described above will be applied during our September 13th maintenance.

    We hope this provides a little bit more clarity on this topic. If you have any feedback at all, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

    Thank you,

    Dennis “SavageAce” Bernardo
    Producer - MapleStory

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