Maple Memo: v200 Status Update – Dec. 7

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    Hi Everyone,

    As we continue to march towards the Black Mage fight in the game, I want to keep you all updated on some of the things we’ve been discussing, including some of the issues you are seeing in the game.

    I’ll start this off similar to how I started the last discussion about Kanna; there is no direction decided for Kanna yet and there may not be for a while. The reason I’d like to talk about this topic though, is to provide you with some more insight on how we are discussing it.

    When we revealed last month our intent to revamp Kanna, we saw a lot of players happy that we recognize something needs to be done, but also players disappointed and even worried that nothing will be done in the near future. We also saw a lot of players worried that whatever changes will be made, will make the game overall less fun to play. It would be easy for me to tell you all definitively that will not happen, but I know ultimately that your enjoyment of the game after these changes will be something you will have to judge once the direction is set and the changes are playable.

    What I can tell you definitively is that our intent is to treat this sensitive topic with a lot of care and attention because our #1 goal is to always ensure the game is overall enjoyable for all of our players. Again, we’ve said this in the past, but that is one of the reasons why any changes we decide on or implement will take a lot of time to arrive at. Recently when our developers from Korea were in the office, our teams met for hours to discuss this topic. At this point we’re at a phase where we are discussing all the different perspectives of the topic and different things we need to consider should changes be made. One of the things we identified that will be important with this change is that a great amount of testing and tuning will be needed before anything is finalized.

    Again, I know the community is very hungry to hear more news about this topic. At the moment our main focus is ensuring that the Black Mage patches and immediate content is released and stable, but we will continue to discuss this topic and provide you any updates if we have any to share.

    • Although already confirmed by our team, I just want to reiterate that for this weekend’s Sunny Sunday event, the 30% discount for Star Force Enhancement perk will be available for all Reboot and non-Reboot worlds. Even though the UI in Reboot does not mention it, we’ve confirmed on our test servers that this perk should be activated. We apologize for the confusion and mixed messaging surrounding this issue.
    • For the Black Friday Big Spender rewards, we’re preparing the recipient list and will be distributing the rewards in our December 19th maintenance.
    • When trying to redeem some USE items, some players are receiving a message that they cannot open the box due to too many players. Players can keep trying and the item should eventually function normally. We’re preparing a fix for this issue that should be applied to our game update next week.
    • We’ve seen some players report that their Determination gauge becomes locked before they reach their maximum limit. We’re currently investigating this issue.
    • We’re continuing to see issues with character’s hair or skin data becoming corrupted causing player’s styles to change unintentionally. We’re continuing to resolve the issue for players through Customer Support tickets, but we’re also trying to determine the root cause.
    • We’re also seeing players report crashes and disconnections in a few specific locations, such as the Monad content. We’re currently looking into these issues as they are reported.
    • Some players are reporting issues with being removed from the Eye of the Void maps when getting attacked. We’re currently looking into this.

    As always, we appreciate your continued feedback and hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the Black Mage update content.

    Thank you,

    Dennis “SavageAce” Bernardo
    Producer - MapleStory

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