Maple Memo: v200 Status Update – Nov. 21

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    Hi Maplers,

    With the holiday weekend coming up, we wanted to take this opportunity to say how thankful we are for each and every one of our players. We know many of you may be frustrated by the frequent maintenances we’ve been having the past few days and I assure you we’d like to avoid them as much as you would. However, it’s also important for us to ensure we address as many issues as we can, including critical stability issues, so that your experience can be more enjoyable in the long run. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience these have caused, and appreciate your patience and understanding. We mentioned previously that we would provide additional compensation for these unscheduled maintenances, including Maple Relay Reward Box counts, and we are still committed to that. Please look forward to that in a future maintenance. Despite the ongoing issues that we are still looking into, we hope you are all enjoying the first part of the Black Mage updates and are looking forward to the rest of content we’ll be releasing through the end of the year.

    The first topic I wanted to talk about today is the feedback we’ve received about the 17 Star Unique Absolab Weapon reward in the Maple Relay event. It was mentioned by one of our Volunteers that they had confirmed with us the weapon could not have its Potential reset. We’ve seen some players asking for more information about this, so I’d like confirm that the weapon indeed cannot have its Potential reset and that this is the intent for the reward. When this event reward was designed, it was meant to provide a weapon that would be useful to players, but would also support and encourage them to continue their progression to attain even more powerful weapons. We understand that this means the Absolab weapon may not necessarily be desirable for some, but as with any event we run, we plan to evaluate the overall response and participation of this event to help guide us in our future event plans.

    Additionally, we’ve also seen some feedback from a few players regarding some of the new 5th Job skill names we’ve revealed. To add some context about our process, when our team localizes skill names that originate from another service, we try to provide a balance between keeping the original intent and meaning of the name, accurately describing the skill, and also providing a name that is consistent with the job’s overall theme and other skill names. We understand that there will always be differing opinions regarding the creative direction with any content we release, but we also understand how important some of these new 5th Job skill names are to players. So for the few names that players have provided feedback on, we plan to work with our teams to provide alternate suggestions and have the community choose among those options. Since these names have been incorporated into our upcoming update already, we may not have a lot of time to change them so the survey period may be very short. Please be on the lookout for that soon.

    A few updates on other issues we’ve been looking into:

    • We previously mentioned that we fixed the issue where players were getting stuck in the Maple Alliance Outpost.
      • We’ve seen reports that this is still occurring, so we are investigating the issue.
    • We previously mentioned that we were looking into issues where some players experienced slow patch speeds.
      • This may take more time to find ways to improve performance but the underlying cause is due to the way our Nexon Launcher patcher system functions in certain cases when a large patch affects a large amount of client files. In some cases, repairing installation or re-downloading the client may be a faster solution than patching.
    • We previously attempted to resolve the issue where Monad reward screens could crash the client.
      • We’ve seen reports that this is still occurring, so we are investigating the issue.

    Issues we’re currently looking into but don’t have any updates for at the moment:

    • Some players are reporting getting disconnected when leveling a Tera Burning Project character from Lv. 58-61
    • Some player’s hairstyles may suddenly change to a different hairstyle
    • Some players getting NGS update errors
    • Issue with Evan’s 'Releasing the Free Spirits' quest where the Free Spirit is not attacking
    • Issues with misplaced NPCs in Orbis
    • Music Boxes in Dream Defender persisting
    • Video cutscenes are cropped when viewed in 1920x1080 resolution

    Alongside looking into these live issues, we’re also busy preparing the next round of updates and planning out what comes after the Black Mage updates. As we mentioned in a past memo, our developers were here onsite to help us launch the update. During their visit, we also took the opportunity to discuss plans for 2019 content. While nothing is finalized yet, we’re excited to share more with you soon.

    Thank you,

    Dennis “SavageAce” Bernardo
    Producer - MapleStory

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