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    Hi Everyone,

    As many of you may be able to tell from our unscheduled maintenances both today and immediately after the patch on Wednesday, we’re aware of and trying to resolve many of the issues you have been experiencing with the v.205 Pathfinder update. We’ve been constantly monitoring the patch internally, as well as reading all the feedback you've been providing on our forums, Discord, Reddit, Customer Support tickets, and any other communication channels we have. Needless to say, this was not the experience we had intended for you, and our teams are working as hard as we can to look into these issues and resolve as many of them as possible.

    First, I’d like to discuss the unscheduled maintenance we had on June 12th, and why it needed to happen so suddenly. Shortly after the servers went live after the v.205 patch, it was brought to our attention that there was a critical issue with one of the Hieizan Temple quests in which the quest could not be completed and players could repeatedly gain EXP from it. After we confirmed the issue was reproducible internally, we came to the decision to bring down the game servers as quickly as possible to avoid having to revert character information for those players who may have experienced this issue as well as to prevent further abuse of the issue. At the time, we were already gathering information about reported issues and internally prioritizing fixes for the ones that we found affected the widest number of players. We knew there were too many issues to tackle all at once, and we didn’t want to leave the game down too long and prevent players from doing their dailies and experiencing any of our other time-limited content.

    To clarify, this is what we were able to address on Wednesday:

    • Fixed an issue in which the ‘Investigating Hieizan - Fill The Yellow Jar’ quest could not be completed.
    • Fixed several issues with Evan 5th Job skills causing client crashes.
    • Fixed several issues with Kanna characters experiencing disconnections while hunting.
    • Fixed an issue with Beast Tamer characters being unable to receive Fafnir weapons from the Fafnir Weapon Box (Time Restricted).
    • Fixed issues where players were unable to change names using Mr. Newname.
    • Fixed an issue in which the ‘[Hieizan Temple] Takeda Shingen's Request’ quest was preventing players from growing the herb using the Contaminated Goblin Detritus.
    • Fixed issues with the Firestarter Ring that were causing client crashes.
    • Fixed an issue in which Legion Coins were not appearing for players in Alliance worlds.
      • For those players in the affected Alliance worlds, we plan to restore their Legion Coin count to the amount they had prior to the v205 update. In the future, we plan to compensate these players for the Legion Coins they obtained after the v205 update.

    In today’s maintenance, we attempted to address the following issues:

    • Mikagami not spawning during the ‘Investigating Hieizan The Reunion 2’ quest, preventing players from completing the questline.
    • Players being unable to enter the game servers due to an NPC ID error message.
    • Players receiving an error message when attempting to use the 2,000 Maple Rewards token obtained from the Adventure Pre-registration Money Box.
    • The Reboot meso amount increase (6x that of non-Reboot worlds) not being applied.
    • Extraneous quest being received when obtaining the Pale Moonlit Hair.
    • Kanna’ tutorial quest ‘To Ereve’ containing inaccurate directions.
    • Angelic Buster’s 5th Job skill "Mighty Mascot" causing the client to crash.
    • Kanna’s Shikigami Charm skill causing some players to disconnect and be moved to the world selection screen.
    • Players in Reboot (EU) seeing inconsistent or incorrect Legion Coin counts.
    • Players attempting to access the Cash Shop being disconnected and moved to the world selection screen.
    • Evan's ‘Elemental Radiance’ skill causing the client to crash.

    In addition, we’re also aware of the following feedback from our players, and are doing our best to look into these as soon as possible:

    • Characters that completed the Damien and Lotus pre-quest are unable to enter those boss fights.
    • Jett's 4th Job skill "Maple Warrior" not applying buffs.
    • Kanna skill "Haku's Blessing" not applying buffs.
    • Legion Coin Rankings show Dream Defender Rankings instead.
    • Specific characters can get stuck crashing if they disconnect while obtaining Princess No entrance keys.
    • Kanna's "Blossom Barrier" skill not providing the indicated Damage Reduction listed in the skill description.
    • MapleTips containing untranslated text.
    • Some players experiencing a black screen instead of a loading screen when launching the client.
    • Increasing Kanna's Mana Hyper Stat does not increase Kanna’s Mana.
    • Placeholder text appears when hovering your cursor over Hayato’s Stance UI.
    • Wild Hunter not gaining the Decent Advanced Blessing buff if they have the Sharp Eyes buff active.
    • Decreased Cubic Blade, Chaos Cubic Blade, and flame drops.
    • Lab server character names still unavailable.
    • Inconsistencies with certain Kanna skills.
    • General client and server instability (crashes, disconnections, etc).

    I also wanted to clarify some of the other actions that we’re planning for next week’s scheduled maintenance:

    • Sengoku Era Revamp Celebration Gifts will be distributed to those who qualified.
    • MVP credit for Marvel Machine will be applied.
    • For Alliance world players, Legion Coins gained after the v205 patch and before the June 12th unscheduled maintenance will be restored.
    • Lab server Legion Block names will be changed to remove character-specific names.

    As mentioned above, we will continue to monitor all of our communication channels to ensure we are aware of any further issues you may experience. If you are encountering any other issues with the v205 Pathfinder update that are not listed, please let us know and we will do our best to look into them as swiftly as we can.

    Thank you as always for your patience and support.


    Dennis "SavageAce" Bernardo
    Producer - MapleStory

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