Maple Memo: v206 Status Update – August 9

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    Hi Maplers,

    It’s been a while since my last Maple Memo, but we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes here making sure our upcoming updates as well as recent issues are getting the proper attention they deserve. As you are aware, there have been an increased number of live issues we’ve needed to look into and resolve and we’ve been doing our best to communicate the progress of those investigations. Today, I wanted to take some time to collect some of the recent issues we’re still seeing as well as touch upon some of the topics that you have been discussing.

    Kanna 'Shikigami Haunting' Boost Node

    With the v206 update, we made an adjustment to the Kanna 'Shikigami Haunting' boost node to increase the Final Damage provided from 2% per level to 5% per level. This change was intended after evaluating the overall class effectiveness and monitoring data and player feedback after the initial class revamp. We apologize that this change was not communicated in our patch notes and our teams are working hard to ensure we provide notice of these types of changes earlier to avoid any confusion.

    Cubic Blade Drop Rate

    In a previous memo, I mentioned that the total amount of Cubic Blade, Cubic Chaos Blade, and Flame drops were increased so that they are more evenly dropped throughout the entire day. As a result of this change, some players who had previously been able to receive these items in large quantities may feel a slight decrease in the number they can now obtain after this change. However, the change allows all players across all times of the day a better chance to obtain these drops rather than concentrating the drops to a smaller group of players. We hope this helps further clarify why certain players may feel they are receiving fewer drops.

    Bera Lag

    As we mentioned in previous web posts, we’ve been aware that players have been experiencing increased latency and lag, specifically those who play in Bera. We made a few changes to some underlying systems in our v206 update to try to alleviate some of these issues, and we are continuing to work with our teams to mitigate them further. We believe there are several factors contributing to the lag including increased activities from illicit characters and accounts. One of our focus areas at the moment is to try to mitigate the speed and ability to which these illicit accounts can affect the server performance. These past four weeks alone we’ve placed permanent bans on over 80,000 accounts we found were created for illicit activity and we’ve made changes to several systems to mitigate the amount of illicit accounts that can be created easily. While we can’t divulge all details of these changes, we wanted to reiterate that many of our teams are continuing to combat these issues as one of our highest priority issues to resolve. We thank you for your patience regarding this issue and we will continue to provide updates as we have them.

    Kanna and Beast Tamer Disconnection Issues

    While we were able to resolve some issues with Kanna and Beast Tamer skills disconnecting players, we are aware that some players are still experiencing disconnections when using Kanna’s Exorcist Charm, Tengu Strike, and Orochi Unbound skills as well some of Beast Tamer’s skills. While we haven’t identified the root cause of these disconnections yet, our teams are actively looking into these issues to try resolve them as soon as possible.

    Themed Surprise Style Box Untradeable Items

    As you may be aware, we discontinued sales of the Themed Surprise Style Box while we continue to look into the issue of items from the box being untradeable. We plan to resolve the issues with the box and place the item back on sale at some point in the near future. We are also still discussing options for how to resolve the issue for those who already obtained these untradeable items. We plan to provide an update next week after we determine our course of action.

    Brawlosseum Season Rewards

    We’ve also seen reports that many players did not receive their season rewards after the completion of the Brawlosseum event. We plan to provide these rewards to those players in the next scheduled maintenance.

    Fairy Bros Compensation Rewards

    For the Fairy Bros compensation we attempted to provide on August 2nd, we ran into an issue in which the rewards and recipient list were not entirely accurate. In order to address this issue, we are currently planning to redistribute these rewards as soon as possible without a maintenance. Currently our plan is to redistribute rewards to those who still haven’t claimed the correct rewards from the August 2nd compensation. Additionally, in the next scheduled maintenance, we also plan to remove the Bonus Potential Cube from those players in Reboot who claimed that item.

    As always, I know there are many more topics being discussed by some players. For many of these topics, we have no updates or additional information to share at this time. We do plan to continue to provide you all with updates and new information as we have them.


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