Maple Memo: v208 Status Update – October 9

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    Hi Maplers,

    Today, I would like to talk about the issues that are occurring after v208 Fabled Melody update.

    First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience that some issues are causing after the update. We are currently looking into these issues and will try to address them soon with our upcoming maintenance.

    I would like to get down to details for some issues.

    Runtime error with some skills
    We found an issue where some skills caused a runtime error upon use after the update. This happened due to the change made to the skills that summon a monster. We had a minor patch to fix these issues on the very next day as many players were affected by this bug. We will try to be more cautious when we have this type of change in the future to avoid problems such as this as we understand that these kinds of issues can impede smooth gameplay.

    List of the issues that will be fixed with Oct. 10 maintenance
    We also plan to address some additional issues with our upcoming Oct. 10 scheduled maintenance and I would like to share some of them with you here.

    • Fixing an issue where a player's Storage could not be expanded using expansion coupons.
    • Fixing an issue where the hidden portal in Nameless Town was causing the client to crash.
    • Fixing an issue where the 1,000 Maple Reward Points from the Maple Reward Point Rebate event was not received on some accounts.
    • Fixing an issue where some Wisp's Wondrous Wonderberry pets listed in the Auction House disappeared after the v.208.2.0 minor patch.
    • Fixing an issue where some items received from Wisp's Wondrous Wonderberry were not tradeable.
    • Fixing an issue where the character deletion pop-up incorrectly stated that "up to 5 characters per account per day" can be deleted.
    • Fixing an issue where the Golden Hammer 100% Coupon sold for 8,500 NX only rewarded a single Golden Hammer. Players who have already purchased it at the wrong price are highly advised to submit a ticket to our Customer Support team.
    • Fixing an issue where the Arch Mage Ice/Lightning hyper skill "Lightning Orb" did not deal damage to enemies.

    We are still looking into several remaining issues as they require more time for us to find the root cause of the problem. We will try to fix them as soon as possible, and let players know if there are any updates on the issues.

    Knockback mechanic change
    We recently found an issue where knockback from certain monster attacks wasn’t properly applied as intended due to the conflict between several systems and have fixed the logic of these skills in Fabled Melody update. With this change, knockback from certain monsters is now applied based on Stance %. We understand that some players were confused with this change and we apologize for not clearly communicating it with players in advance.

    Event duration for Dark Lords of Darkness
    We found that many players were disappointed with the duration of the Dark Lords of Darkness event. Since that was the case, we decided to extend the event duration as we understand that many players were waiting for its return with Halloween this year and that players need more time to enjoy it to the fullest. The new event dates for Dark Lords of Darkness will now be Oct. 23 - Nov. 12. We hope you will enjoy this event!

    Duration change to the Matilda store items
    We have also seen some players discuss the duration change for the items that are being sold in the Matilda store. This was part of our guide system revamp in the v208 update where we reviewed old content that needed to be updated, in order to align with recent content. However, we would like to internally review it once again to see if there’s any room to revisit this topic. We will give you an update once we have any news about it.

    Thank you,

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