Maple Memo: v208 Status Update – September 27

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    Hi Maplers,

    I hope you all are doing well!

    Today I would like to talk about our upcoming game update, Fabled Melody, and some of the changes that you will see in it.

    First of all, as you have already seen in the Fabled Melody Update Preview, the Cash Shop is being revamped. We wanted to do it earlier, as many players have been asking for it, but the large number of changes to our backend systems required a lot of time to prepare.

    We believe that the new Cash Shop will provide you with a better experience with several new functions and upgraded UI. There will also be some changes to the items in the Cash Shop, such as removing Scissors of Karma. With this change, Silver Scissors of Karma will now be available from the Merchant NPC shops for mesos. You will be able to see more detailed information about all the changes in the Fabled Melody Patch Notes next week.

    To celebrate the Cash Shop revamp, we will have a Maple Reward Point Rebate Event after the update. Players who have purchased items in the Cash Shop with NX between January 2019 and August 2019 will receive 5% of the NX they spent as Maple Reward Points.

    We will also have several changes to some old content and systems:

    - The tutorial system will be revamped. The quests and rewards of Tot’s Knowhow will be adjusted in the Fabled Melody update so that our beginning players can navigate more easily.

    - The ‘quest available’ level will be changed to Lv. 90 for Stellar Detectives, and to Lv. 110 for Monad, to reflect the recently updated leveling curve in MapleStory, and so that the overall gameplay flow would be less confusing to players.

    - Amoria quests will be removed. We have reviewed the gameplay data for the content in MapleStory and saw that few players were participating in these quests. Since this is the case, we have decided to remove these quests, to clean up some old data that can potentially be abused and better manage our client size.

    - Alien Visitor quests will be improved. This is another older piece of content, so we would like to improve the quests by doubling EXP earned upon completion and increasing the monster spawn rate for each stage, and also discourage illicit activities by setting a daily entry limit.

    - 24-hour wait time for character deletion will be extended to all levels. Currently, we’re battling with illicit accounts that are repeatedly deleting and creating a massive number of characters after getting banned by our detection. Even though we understand that this change might cause an inconvenience to our players, we would like to implement this feature to mitigate the illicit activity.

    Lastly, we have been asked by players if we’re going to remove the Link Skill from Jett, and revamp Kanna’s ‘Kishin’ skill once again. For now, we don’t have plans to do so, but we do have plans to improve Jett skills, because we’re aware that Jett is not as powerful as other classes. Our plan is to improve the overall damage of Jett so players can enjoy more playing her. We plan for the Jett revamp to occur in 2020, so I’ll keep you posted on Jett skills once we have more details.

    I’ll see you all next time, and hope to give you more useful information with my next memo!

    Thank you,

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