Maple Memo: v213 Update – April 3

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    Hi Maplers,

    I hope you are all staying safe at home during this unprecedented situation and taking good care of yourself and your loved ones. We’re working hard to provide players with enjoyable service while each one of us stays safe and keeps an eye on the latest news. Since we’re getting closer to the upcoming April game update, I would like to give you some details about the important changes that will be implemented.

    As you already know, we’re planning to have a Familiar System Revamp with our next update. Here is more detailed information about the revamp.

    • Familiar UI will be revamped. Crusader Codex UI and the Monster Collection in Crusader Codex will be removed after the revamp.
    • The set effect from the Monster Cards in the Crusader Codex UI will be removed. Instead, players will be able to obtain the new special Familiar Badges when they register all of the Familiars listed on each Badge in the new Familiar UI. Players can receive the stat effects by unlocking and equipping the Familiar Badges.
    • Familiar Cards can be registered in the new UI. Players can summon up to 3 Familiars from the Familiar Setup window by completing the quests and then using the new Familiar summoning skill to summon all of them at once.
    • All Familiars will use the same basic skill to attack and Familiar damage will scale with player’s damage. Also, each Familiar can have 2 random Potentials based on their Familiar rank. Familiar Potential can be reset by using a Red Familiar Card that will be newly added in the Cash Shop.
    • All Familiars are Lv. 1 when obtained and can level up to 5 by gaining EXP while battling along with the character. A new Familiar Breakthrough Card can be used to increase the level cap up to 7. Attack Power and Defense of familiars can change as they level up.
    • The current Familiar rank will be renamed as Common (Common), Rare (Special), Epic (Rare) and Unique (Legendary). The new Legendary rank will also be added on top of the current Familiar rank.
    • If players collect multiple duplicate Familiars, they can fuse them to obtain points to rank up this Familiar. Every Familiar can rank up to Unique using these points.
    • Familiar Points can be obtained upon extracting the Familiars in the new Familiar UI. Familiar Points can also be used to purchase Familiar-related items from the Familiar NPC Shop.

    Since there will be a lot of changes and new features, we’re planning to release a webpost guide to provide players with more information about the new Familiar System. We will review any community questions and try to address those questions through the post.

    One more thing we’re currently planning is a Gollux content revamp. As I mentioned in my memo last year about the Masteria update, we’re continuously reviewing our content to maintain its quality and balance. Since Gollux is very crucial in our game, especially for the high level players, we decided to update the overall quest specifications and the storyline to make the content more balanced with other content. We are also going to integrate the Gollux content to be part of the Masteria storyline so that the overall content can have a better plot. We’re aware that there are some players who have been concerned about Gollux equipment, so I would like to say that we don’t have plans to change the stats or specifications of Gollux equipment. Here are the important changes that will be implemented in our next update.

    • The old Gollux quest/storyline will be transferred to the Masteria storyline. Gollux will be moved from Tynerum to Phantom Forest.
    • Normal Gollux entry level will be adjusted to Lv. 180 to match the Phantom Forest content.
    • The entry limit for the Gollux boss fight will be changed to once per day. The current once per day limitation to defeat the Gollux: Head will remain the same.
    • The function of the Fallen Gollux Key will be changed. Players will be immediately moved to the Gollux: Head when used.
    • The following quests will be removed:
      • [Gollux] The Smart Way
      • [Gollux] The Rewarding Way
      • [Gollux] The Tough Way
      • [Gollux] The Hard Way
    • The item design for the Gollux Coin and Gollux Penny items will be renewed and the existing Gollux Coin and Gollux Penny items can no longer be used after the revamp. Players who have the old coins can trade them in for the new coins through Randalf and Lucia’s NPC shop for a limited amount every week. Only the new coins can be obtained starting from v213.
    • The Gollux Coin Shop item list will be adjusted.
    • All Gollux accessories, including pendant and belt, can be purchased with Gollux Coins in Lucia’s NPC shop.
    • Once players defeat the Gollux: Head, a special Merchant NPC will appear. Players can purchase some special items, such as Shadowknight Coins, in this NPC shop using Gollux Coin or Gollux Penny items.
    • The purchase limit for the Gollux equipment will reset once per week. This includes Gollux Earrings and Gollux Rings.
    • The coin price of the items in Gollux NPC shops will be adjusted.
    • The drop table of Gollux will be adjusted.

    I understand that we're adjusting several contents that have been a recent hot topic in the community and some players are showing their deep concerns about this. While we monitor the players' feedback closely and understand their concerns, I believe that continuously maintaining our game and making the best decisions to make our game better in the long-term is the right direction we're going in. I hope this memo helps you understand the upcoming changes to the content and systems. Stay safe and see you soon!

    Thank you,

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