Maple Memo: v213 Update – May 1

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    Hi Maplers,

    First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to our players for the issues that you experienced after the v.213 15th Anniversary: Pixel Party update. We noticed that there were server crashes right after the update and confirmed that these were being caused by a code issue. Even though this issue was addressed by an emergency maintenance on the day of our update, we know that there were players who experienced some problems due to the server instability. As a token of our apology for this incident, as well as for the consecutive unscheduled maintenances we had last week, we have provided a Great Bebe Box for all players who logged in between April 22 (after maintenance) and April 25. This was given out during our maintenance on April 30.

    Other than this server crash issue, I understand that there are several topics that our players are currently discussing and concerned about. I would like to take some time and give you a bit more information on each of these topics. Since we’re still looking into the Familiar system issues, it will be hard for me to tell you everything we're planning to do for all cases. We are having a lot of internal discussion among many teams, in order to make the best decision possible. However, I would like to at least let you know that we’re still closely investigating the Familiar issues and give a little bit of additional information about them.

    Compensation for the Familiar System Issue
    We are currently looking into the overall Familiar system again to find the best solution to address the partial Familiar progression and Potential rollback problem that some players experienced. We found the cause of the rollback issue and applied the fix through the minor patch we had last Friday; however, we still received similar reports from some players even after this fix was applied. We then decided to temporarily disable the Familiar content in order to take a deeper look at the overall stability of the content. I apologize to players who have experienced this issue with their Familiars. Also I would like to let you know that we’re closely looking into the accounts that experienced the problem and we’re discussing how we’re going to compensate those affected players. We’re also reviewing players’ NX and Cash item history and plan to include this in our compensation plan. Since we’re still looking into the issue overall, I’m not able to provide much detail about our plan for now, but I promise to give you an update as soon as we finish our investigation as I understand how frustrated you are.

    Familiar System Reopening
    As I mentioned earlier, we’re closely looking at the Familiar content to figure out how we can improve its overall stability. Once our investigation and verification process is done, we will reopen the Familiar system so players can fully enjoy the updated system. I’ll give you a date once we finalize our reopening plan.

    Familiar Card Drop Rate
    We saw that players are deeply concerned about the adjusted drop rate of the Familiar cards that we applied with our latest minor patch last Friday. I fully understand how frustrated some players are with this sudden change, as we had previously told you that the Familiar card drop rate would not be changed in our Familiar System Details post. Let me give you a bit more context behind this decision. We closely monitor the game data on our server after we implement a new system or adjust the game balance to see if there’s anything that starts to become a concern. I believe that this is something we should do to maintain the game balance and keep it healthy. I know that I frequently mention this so some players might think that I’m just repeating the same thing, but I truly think that it is an important process for us to do to provide our players with a better game environment. When we looked at the game data after the v.213 update, we found that the number of Familiar cards being dropped was higher than what we had estimated when we worked on the balance for the overall Familiar system. Also, some cards had a drop rate that didn’t match their rank, and so we decided to adjust the drop rate with our unscheduled maintenance before it severely affected the game balance. I understand that it would have been better if this had been communicated to our players prior to the update. However, I hope you understand that this was immediately implemented as part of our efforts to avoid any potential exploit that can happen as a result of a system change. We will continue to monitor the behavior of the Familiar cards and players’ feedback to see if further changes are needed.

    Gollux Content Revamp
    We have also seen some players voicing their concern about the adjusted Gollux HP after this update. As I mentioned in my previous memo, our intention for this change was to balance the Gollux content in alignment with other content. We were aware that Gollux hadn’t been properly maintained to match its position while the other game features and overall game balance had been updated throughout the years with our level-up curve and skill revamp updates. So we decided to adjust the available level for Gollux with this update and I hope you understand that this was intended. We will keep an eye on this content to continue our efforts in keeping the game balanced.

    I’m wrapping up my memo here today but I hope I can provide a more detailed plan for the Familiar issues that we’re currently investigating in my next memo soon. Stay safe, all.

    Thank you,

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