Maple Memo: v214 Update – May 29

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    Hi Maplers,

    I’m here again to give you some updates about our June Summer update. We’re currently working hard to introduce some exciting content and events with our first Rise update on June 10. Today, I would like to talk a little bit about the upcoming Kanna and Guild Revamp since I want to give players some early notice regarding these matters.

    As you know, we’re constantly making overall skill revamps for all classes to maintain the balance of the content and classes as we make changes and develop our game. As part of this effort, we plan to revamp Kanna and Beast Tamer’s skills with our June update and this will include the Kishin Shoukan and Fury Totem changes.

    All the detailed information on the Kanna and Beast Tamer Skill Revamp will be revealed with our v.214 Patch Notes; however, I would like to list some of the important Kanna changes in this memo:

    • Respawn speed effect of Kishin Shoukan will be weakened. Currently this skill decreases the respawn time on the map by 50% of the normal respawn time, but the skill effect will be adjusted to decrease the respawn time on the map by 40% of the normal respawn time after the update. Additionally, the cooldown time will be increased and the skill duration will be decreased.
    • Nightghost Guide will now have the effect to increase the damage of Kishin Shoukan skill based on its skill level. Upon activation of this skill as a passive, it can increase the duration of Kishin Shoukan installed in the map.
    • Spirit Warding Charm skill will change to be additionally enhanced based on the stage of Shikigami Haunting.
    • The attack count, target number, attack range, and Shikigami Doppelganger bonus that Vanquisher's Charm will cover will be improved and a cooldown time will be added to this skill.
    • Orochi Unbound’s key-down duration, damage, and attack count will be increased to improve the stability of the skill usage.
    • The Shikigami Doppelganger skill effect will be improved. Each time Kanna's Mana is consumed, it will accumulate as stacks of Shikigami Doppelganger. Since it’s not affected by skills that reduce Mana cost such as Yuki-musume Shoukan, Spirit's Domain, and Mana Balance, the skill efficiency will be improved.
    • The damage and attack count of Veritable Pandemonium will be improved.

    The main purpose of these changes is to reduce the gap in efficiency between classes in a way that highlights the playing style of each class. This is something we’re continuously doing for our game to be more balanced in relation to updated content and classes.

    Along with this change, the Fury Totem will be replaced with the Wild Totem in the June update. Wild Totem is a totem with adjusted respawn speed to match that of the updated Kishin Shoukan skill. The price will be reduced to 1,800 Reward Points and the rest of this item’s details and usage will remain the same as the Fury Totem.

    As some players may be aware, the Guild system will also go through a wide range of updates. One important change that will be made with this Guild Revamp is that there will be a new Guild ranking system and max level increase. Starting with the June update, the Guild Ranking will be provided on a weekly basis in 3 different categories: Honor EXP, Flag Race, and Sharenian Culvert, which is new Guild content that will be implemented along with the revamp. As such, our existing Guild Honor EXP ranks will be reset in-game.

    However, to commemorate the current top-ranked Guilds, we are planning to create a separate web page to preserve the record of the current Guild Honor ranks to appreciate the efforts that they put in for their Guild. The web page will be implemented with our second Rise update in July. On top of that, the Guild max level capacity will be increased from Lv. 25 to Lv. 30. To ensure the stability of this Guild level cap increase, any Honor EXP that was previously acquired that exceeds the amount required to reach Lv. 25 will be removed.

    I hope you consider these changes as part of our efforts to make the game balanced and healthy. We will continue working hard to bring content that players can enjoy during the Summer. We always appreciate your support!

    Thank you,

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