Maple Memo: World Selection Reorganization and a New World

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    Greetings Maplers,

    As Global MapleStory continues its journey through our 19th year of service, we are humbled by the continued support from our longtime fans and existing players. We are also equally grateful to all those that have returned or even started a brand new adventure with us! As awesome as it is to see new and returning players journey their way through Maple World, we understand that when jumping back into the game after a long hiatus, or joining us for the first time, players can oftentimes feel lost or overwhelmed; especially when deciding on what world to choose. Over the years, we have realized that the distinctions and different play styles between the different types of worlds have not been as clearly presented to players as we would like, when making such an impactful decision. Therefore, we would like to share with you our upcoming plans to improve the experience around world selection with an updated world selection screen that will more clearly present the different gameplay experiences offered in MapleStory.

    Since change can often take some time to get used to, we hope to ease everyone into these changes by rolling out our plan in two phases.

    In the first phase we will transition towards giving each world its own unique identity. This will be done by giving our existing Reboot worlds in North America and Europe their very own names, just like our other worlds. Starting with the New Age update on November 15th, North America Reboot will be renamed to Reboot Kronos, and Europe Reboot will be renamed to Reboot Solis. We hope that by moving towards individual names for these two Reboot worlds, players can start to build a better sense of identity and connection to the world that they are a part of.

    Additionally in this first phase, we are excited to reveal that we will be opening a new world in the North America region offering the same Reboot gameplay experience! With the anticipation and excitement of the New Age update arriving soon, we felt that this is a great time to introduce a new world especially for those returning to the game or just starting out. The new world will be named Reboot Hyperion, and we hope that it will give new and existing players an opportunity to start fresh on an even playing field!

    In the second phase, tentatively scheduled for early 2024, we hope to also clarify the gameplay experience players can expect in each world, and finalize all remaining changes. The world selection screen will be updated to categorize and build separation between distinct gameplay experiences and the list of worlds will be reorganized so that each world will fall under their respective gameplay categories. And last but not least, we will exclude the Reboot distinction from the world names and those worlds will be officially named Kronos, Hyperion, and Solis, with Kronos and Solis having newly designed icons.

    As we gear up for the New Age update, we’re really looking forward to introducing these changes to the game. While these are not changes that directly impact gameplay, we hope that the clarity it brings will improve the overall experience for all Maplers. Thank you for all of the support that our community continually gives! We greatly appreciate the love and passion everyone has for MapleStory!


    Mjollnir and the MapleStory Team

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