KMS Maple TV, MapleStory X BTS, and KMST ver. 1.2.111 – 64-Bit Client!

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    This post will be a combination of a few things that happened since my last one. First of all, today, the MapleStory homepage updated with a new splash page for something called Maple TV. It has a countdown that ends next week on December 10 at 4PM KST, so they will probably be showing the Winter update teaser video there! Also, if you look closely at the URL, you can see it says NeoTeaser, so Neo could possibly be the Winter update name.

    The second thing is a new collaboration, MapleStory X BTS! For three weeks, starting last week, they will be releasing videos featuring the KPop band BTS.

    Finally, today, a new patch was released for KMST. There’s no content but it is actually a really big one because they are now testing a new 64-bit client!

    MapleStory X BTS


    Last week, Nexon revealed a new collaboration event, MapleStory X BTS! This collab is very special as it is being marketed across almost every single MapleStory region at the same time!

    They’re releasing one video per week, and two have been released so far. Personally I’m enjoying the videos, it’s pretty funny to see that one of the members is actually an active MapleStory player lol.


    In this week’s video, they designed a bunch of different hats. I really want the Nexon building and Wonki ones! The teaser for the last video also mentions they’re going to be designing a set, so this collaboration is definitely going to be a Cash Shop event.

    It might be similar to the old Frozen crossover we got a long time ago, with Frozen Royal Style Coupons. I can’t wait to spend all my money on BTS Royal Style Coupons.

    KMST ver. 1.2.111 – 64-Bit Client

    In order to provide a better game experience, preparations to change the client to 64-bit are in progress. The test server has been temporarily opened to perform client stability tests.

    This 64-bit client test will take place until December 9 at 10AM. After sufficient stability testing and optimizations are done, in the first half of 2021, we are preparing to apply this update to the official server.

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