KMS MapleStory’s 15th Anniversary – Game World’s Orchestra & Maple Art Balloon Project!

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    In addition to the in-game events for MapleStory’s 15th anniversary, Nexon has held a few events in Korea to celebrate the game’s birthday!

    This video is the Game World’s Orchestra – MapleStory, a performance held at the Seoul Arts Center on May 4. They played 25 songs, split into 4 chapters.

    The description of the video is timestamped with the different songs, but I’ll list them here too!

    • Chapter 1
      • Start the Adventure (old login theme)
      • The Tune of the Azure Light (Arcana)
      • The Fantastic Thinking (Ludibrium)
      • Lacheln the Illusion City (Lacheln)
      • Floral Life (Henesys)
      • Raindrop Flower (Ereb)
      • Funny Time Maker (Eos & Helios Tower)
    • Chapter 2
      • Dimension Library
      • The Bard of Snowfield
      • The Aurora
      • Way Back Home
      • Nowhere
    • Chapter 3
      • The Black Heaven (Black Heaven)
      • Dancing With the Moon (Crystal Garden)
      • Fighting PinkBeen (Pink Bean)
      • The Shattered Time (Lacheln Clocktower)
      • Heroes of Maple Theme (Heroes of Maple)
      • Endless Journey (Heroes of Maple)
      • Promise of Heaven (Black Heaven)
    • Chapter 4
      • When the Morning Comes (Ellinia)
      • The Cygnus Garden (Empress)
      • The Queen’s Garden (Ereb)
      • Fly to the Moon (Crystal Garden)
      • The Temple of Time (Temple of Time)
      • Login (new login theme)

    My personal favourites were Raindrop Flower and all of the ones in Chapter 4!

    The second event is the MapleStory Art Balloon Project! From May 1 to 22, they have set up special MapleStory balloons at Lotte World Mall plaza.

    In addition, on certain days, visitors could meet Pink Bean and receive balloons, post on social media with the #Maple to receive special stickers, and meet various monsters such as Yeti, Pepe, Slime, Pink Bean, and Orange Mushroom.

    Click to view slideshow.
    Here are a few pictures posted by the GMs.

    Source: Orange Mushroom's Blog