KMS MapleStory’s Summer Update: MapleStory Glory!

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    Today was the Maple Specialist Arena event in Korea, and there, our summer update was revealed! The update is titled MapleStory Glory! I’ll translate the video below. The test servers will open today as well, but I’m actually going on vacation for the next two weeks and I won’t have my computer so I won’t be able to translate it for you guys!


    This image is one of the new areas which will be added in this update. If you notice, you can see the same planets/moons in the background as other planets in Grandis!

    • New Anima thief class, Ho Young!
      • This class uses 3 different elements and has colourful, dynamic attacks.
    • Story after the Black Mage’s defeat
      • The City of God, Cernium
      • New characters:
        • Destroyer: Havok
        • Guardian of the Sword: Seren
        • The One who was Called: Girmo
        • Theologist: Erin
      • The Maple Alliance will come together again to face a new danger.
        • Glorion Ring
        • Storm Growth Potion
        • Black Rebirth Flame
        • Experience Core Gemstone
        • Serenroid
        • 17 Star Force Enhancement Scroll
        • Unique Potential Scroll
        • Mitra’s Rebirth Flame Box: 7 Karma Eternal Rebirth Flames
        • Mitra’s Cube Box: 7 Karma Meister Cubes
        • Tenebris Expedition Ring
    • Pre-registration rewards include a Mannequin.
      • People who participated in the Tenebris expedition will receive an additional 100 Glory Coins and Glory Meso Box
    • The experience required to level up will be decreased from level 220~234 (25% decrease)
    • New common 5th job skills (Maple World Goddess’ Blessing, Empress Cygnus’ Blessing, Rhinne’s Blessing, Grandis Goddess’ Blessing, Another World’s Goddess Blessing)
    • Adventurer Link Skills
      • Warrior: Invincible Belief – When your HP reaches critical levels, your HP will be healed.
      • Magician: Empirical Knowledge – By identifying your enemies’ weaknesses, your damage and defense ignore will be increased.
      • Archer: Adventurer Curious – Your monster collection registration rate and critical rate are increased.
      • Thief: Thief Kerning – Using the cunning skills of a thief, weaken your enemies and increase your damage on them.
      • Pirate: Pirate Blessing – Pirate’s unique strengths permanently increase their stats.
    • The daily transfer limit on Link Skills is increased.
    • Cygnus Link Skill’s stats have been changed.
    • Arcane River Quick Pass (you can consume Maple Points to instantly complete Arcane River daily quests and content)
    • Mannequins can now save faces.
    • Spring Project
      • The base number of character slots is increased from 4 to 8
      • When you are wearing multiple Rings/Pendants, the damage range boost shown on the tooltip will be displayed correctly
      • Hyper Megaphones will be sold in the Mileage Shop
      • You can right click shortcuts while setting your hotkeys to remove them
      • For safety, you must enter your 2nd password when using your V Cores
      • You can sort your Cash inventory
      • You can change your pet auto pot settings while in combat
      • When cubing, it will show your remaining number of cubes
    • Tera Burning + Breakthrough
      • Level 205: 10k Maple Points and Extreme Breakthrough Growth Potion
      • Level 210: 200m mesos
      • Level 215: 20k Maple Points
      • Level 220: receive a Unique Emblem, 400m mesos, and Extreme Breakthrough Damage Skin

    The patch is separated into 4 parts:

    • The Day After (June 20)
    • Borderless (July 4)
    • Reckless Taoist Ho Young (July 18)
    • The Chosen One (August 8)


    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to translate the patch notes (which actually just came out on the test servers, on a Saturday!!) for like 2 weeks. Hope you guys can watch some videos to understand haha. Come back in 2 weeks!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Here are some assorted skill animations. Ho Young is based off of Korean folklore and imagery.

    There are a ton more QoL changes like being able to use nearest town scrolls in the top of the Clocktower map (Dream Breaker)!

    Source: Orange Mushroom's Blog