KMS MapleStory’s Winter Update – MapleStory Neo!

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    The winter update will be released in three parts:

    • December 17: Signal
    • January 7: Chaser of Darkness, Kain
    • January 28: Hotel Arcus

    Here’s a summary of the new things/updates coming:

    • New level 260 area: Cernium
    • New boss: Chosen One Seren
    • New level 270 area: Hotel Arcus (a hotel in the desert, featuring Senya Angler from the Savage Terminal story)
    • Level cap increased to level 300
    • 20% reduction in experience required from level 210-250
    • Quest experience increased
    • Monster Park Lacheln added
    • Experience loss on death removed (experience acquired and drop rate will be temporarily decreased instead)
    • Meso cap increased to 100b
    • Damage cap removed
    • New Nova archer job: Chaser of Darkness, Kain

    The test server was just updated with some new content, but it’s 3 AM for me so I’m going to sleep, I’ll cover it tomorrow. Teaser: I hope you guys are ready for new symbol dailies [​IMG]

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