KMS MapleStory 2018 Summer Showcase: The BLACK!

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    Nexon has announced a new event, the 2018 MapleStory Showcase for this summer’s update, MapleStory: The BLACK! It will take place at Blue Square in Seoul on June 16 at 3 PM KST.


    At this event, they will unveil this summer’s update for the first time! This means they probably will not be adding anything into KMST until after this event is held. The current 15th anniversary events end on June 20, so that should be the date of the first patch!

    The event will also feature a special concert by 2nd Moon, called MapleStory The Indiction, a collaboration project celebrating MapleStory’s 15th anniversary.


    Like I mentioned in my last post, Nexon commissioned an official webtoon called Black Mage: Origin. It tells the backstory of the Black Mage, which is very relevant considering where the Esfera story left off. You can read a translated version here, thanks to the secretstorytranslation group!

    Combined with this event being called The BLACK, it seems almost guaranteed that we will be seeing the Black Mage this summer!

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