KMS MapleStory Adventure Teaser!

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    A new teaser video for the MapleStory Adventure update has been released! Although it’s a little late, this winter’s update will begin on January 10! The video is a sort of visual walkthrough of the stuff they’re planning to add, including… a new class!


    • 0:10 – Content Reorganization
      • Content before 5th job advancement reorganization
      • Advancement quest reorganization
    • 0:29 – Arcane Symbol: Road of Vanishing
      • Addition of new Road of Vanishing daily content
      • Arcane Symbol: Road of Vanishing upgrade cost reduction
    • 0:38 – Hyper Stat Reorganization
      • Addition of new Hyper Stats
      • Expanded Hyper Stats to level 15
    • 0:44 – Boss Practice Mode
    • 0:52 – God of Control
    • 0:57 – Fight! Return of the Legends


    The update is split into three patches:

    • Momentum (January 10)
    • Pathfinder (January 31)
    • Squad (February 28)


    In the video as well as on the teaser site, you can see a new town! Here’s the background from the site. I wonder if this will be related to…

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The new class! The character shown in the video doesn’t seem to be anyone we’ve seen before, and the end of the video showed a quick look at a new bow weapon! Combined with the update being named Adventure and the other adventurer classes teaming up with him in the screenshot above, I’m gonna guess this will be the 3rd adventurer archer class!

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