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    Nexon has started a new program called Maple Ambassadors! Since MapleStory began, over 100 million heroes from all across the world have enjoyed MapleStory, and the program is meant to shine a spotlight on some of the heroes from all walks of life who spread good influence both in Korea and abroad.

    The first Ambassador is Kim Je-Deok, a 17-year old archer who won two gold medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games!


    They did a short biography on him, listing both his real-life and MapleStory milestones. He’s been playing since he was 5 years old so more than half his life! You’d think someone on the national archery team at the Olympics would play an archer but actually, he plays Adele lol. You can see the full page here.

    They also made a video titled Maple Hero’s Log-off Life: Kim Je-Deok Athlete Edition. It’s an interview with him with questions about his time on MapleStory. He even made a request to the director Kang Won-ki for an archer that is stronger than Adele haha. Won-ki replied that he can’t make any promises, but he did say that he should look forward to the Adventurer reorganization coming this winter since Bowmaster and Marksman will be updated.

    In addition, they will be designing an Archery Club Outfit together with Kim Je-Deok. It will be revealed on September 9. All proceeds from the sales of this outfit will be donated to charity!

    There is one more tab which isn’t available yet, titled Ambassador Activity. I guess the Ambassadors themselves will be doing some sort of event later on as well.

    Source: Orange Mushroom's Blog