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    If you’re headed to Seattle, WA for PAX West this weekend, make sure to stop by the MapleStory booth! All three MapleStory games—MapleStory, MapleStory 2, and MapleStory M will be present, so come say hi.

    Stop by the booth to engage with other Maplers and receive giveaways, purchase exclusive merchandise, and try out the games at demo stations. Meet famous MapleStory mascots and give them a hug!


    You can join the Maple Alliance to prepare for the ultimate fight against the Black Mage. Sign up to receive a special in-game gift pack, or take a selfie on the Black Mage’s throne!


    You can also become a fashionista designer in MapleStory 2 or party up with other players in dungeon raids. When you try out MapleStory M, make sure to download the game on your own phone to receive a bonus stamp! Stop by each station at the MapleStory booth to get a stamp, and fill your stamp card completely to receive a free gift.


    For the first time, we will be selling MapleStory-themed merchandise that you can take home! Get a cute tumbler for your coffee, snag an adorable plushie, or stock up on equips for the real world including t-shirts and hats!


    PAX West takes place August 31 – September 3 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA. MapleStory will be at Booth #1303 in the North Hall.


    Can’t make it in person? Make sure to check out our livestream on Twitch to follow along with the fun and snag some great giveaways!

    Join us for an adventure-filled weekend! We look forward to seeing you!

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