KMS MapleStory: Black Mage – Limen Teaser!

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    It is time.
    Allow them to come to me.

    Today, the second Goddess Statue in the Maple Alliance Outpost was filled, and soon after, the MapleStory homepage was updated with a teaser for the final patch of the MapleStory: Black Mage update, titled Limen! This is the patch where we will finally fight the Black Mage.

    You can see the teaser page here but I’ll also translate the other little videos they included below!

    Temple of Darkness

    Throne of Darkness

    World Horizon

    Lost Space

    Here are the new BGMs for the update, which they released early on the teaser site!

    15 second TV commercial for the update! They also added small videos from some of the Commanders!

    Magnus: The weaklings will struggle.

    Demon/Demian: It ends here, Black Mage!

    Orca/Suu: Black Mage, I will not forgive you!

    Von Leon: This cursed world will also end soon.

    Arkarium: Meet the time of fate!

    Hilla: Great One, it is time!

    Will: The time of genesis is upon us.

    Lucid: No one can stop him.

    Source: Orange Mushroom's Blog