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    The MapleStory Customer Conference has announced the 10 players who were invited to the event to talk to the MapleStory team. There is also a new video from the director Kang Won-ki, and details on the event (which were released earlier but I didn’t make a post about it).

    The director of MapleStory, Kang Won-ki, prepared a video for the customer conference. I won’t translate it completely but basically he is just repeating the stuff they mentioned in previous notices, such as thanking the users for their valuable opinions on how to make a better MapleStory, apologizing for the decisions they have made so far, restating that this will not be a one-time event, and that they will prepare a place for continuous discussion going forward.


    Here’s the details for the event itself.

    • Location: SIGNIEL SEOUL, Grand Ballroom
    • Time: April 11, 2021 at 2PM~10PM
    • Management Team Representatives: General Director, Creative Team Director, Planning Team Leader, Operation Team Leader
    • Customer Representatives: The customers selected from each area are listed below.


    There were a total of 10 customers invited to the event, based on various rankings from the homepage and from 3 different community sites.

    • MapleStory Inven: 콘파쿠유튜브 (Croa)
    • DC Inside MapleStory Gallery: 테러비터 (Croa)
    • MapleStory User Community (Naver Cafe): 왕토 (Scania)
    • Total Rankings (Regular) [ranked 10th]: 도감은월 (Croa) [ranked 1st in applicants]
    • Total Rankings (Reboot) [ranked 77th]: 주퓨리 (Reboot) [ranked 10th in applicants]
    • Mu Lung Dojo Rankings [ranked 1st]: 루델팡 (Scania) [ranked 1st in applicants]
    • The Seed Rankings [ranked 5th]: 박세웅 (Luna) [ranked 2nd in applicants]
    • Union Rankings [ranked 3rd]: 타키매너70 (Reboot) [ranked 1st in applicants]
    • Achievement Rankings [ranked 12th]: 빈핑 (Croa) [ranked 2nd in applicants]
    • Guild Rankings [ranked 1st]: 씰뇽 (Luna, Rose guild master) [ranked 1st in applicants]

    Each community site administration chose which representative to send. The rankings were based on all worlds (normal worlds/Reboot worlds)/all jobs/all advancements. The guild rankings were based on the weekly contribution from March 22 ~ March 29. The Mu Lung Dojo rankings were based on the rankings of the previous week from all jobs and all worlds from March 22 ~ March 29. The Seed rankings were based on the rankings of the previous week from all worlds from March 22 ~ March 29.

    Any players selected who were unable to attend were replaced by the users next in the rankings, and the list of players invited might change up until the day of the conference if there are reasons for disqualification.

    Source: Orange Mushroom's Blog