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    Earlier today, the MapleStory Destiny Showcase took place, where Nexon showed off all the things we’re getting in this winter update, which includes the Adventurer remaster, boss changes, Voice of Mapler improvements, and the 2021 winter events. The video is timestamped and you can watch through it yourself, but I’ll have a translated summary of sorts below.

    In addition, the test server opened soon after with some of the things from the video. I’ll cover that in a separate post which should be up later tonight!

    The showcase started with a musical performance, MapleStory x AKMU – “We are all adventurers”. This is the new Adventurer theme song, performed by a very popular Korean musician duo! You can also download the song from the MapleStory homepage.


    The first thing shown off was the Adventurer remaster. They had three main points for the direction of these changes: enhancing each job’s unique characteristics, optimizing combat patterns, and enhance the skill growth experience.

    The Adventurer remaster will be available in the test world starting January 6, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see them in action! There will also be a balance patch for all jobs at the same time.

    • Hero
      • Hero’s main concept is a swordsman that is extremely proficient with sword skills like Raging Blow and Combo Deathfault.
      • The rage and fire effects have been changed to sword/sword slash effects.
      • Skills no longer consume Combo.
      • When your Combo is fully charged, Raging Blow will be enhanced instead of requiring certain skills to be used.
      • Shout has been changed to Aura Blade to improve hunting and enhance the concept of swordsmanship.
      • Combo Force has been changed to Flash Slash to improve mobility.
      • Incising’s debuff duration has been increased.
      • Panic has been changed to a buff skill.
    • Paladin
      • Paladin’s main concept is a divine knight that uses heavy armor and hammers. The elemental warrior concept and all other elemental skills have been removed.
      • Paladin has great survivability and party support but their own hunting and bossing skills were lacking.
      • A new skill called Divine Stigma that activates automatically when using Divine Charge lets you hit monsters in a larger range than before to improve hunting.
      • A new skill called Divine Judgement that activates automatically after Blast hits an enemy a certain number of times to improve bossing.
      • A new skill called Holy Force that stacks when you use attacking skills which replaces Elemental Charge.
      • Holy Unity and Grand Cross’ cooldowns have been changed to 180 seconds.
    • Dark Knight
      • Dark Knight’s main concept is a spear warrior contracted with darkness.
      • Gungnir Descent’s cooldown has been removed.
      • Sacrifice has been changed to Dark Resonance, which has its cooldown decreased every time you hit an enemy.
      • Reincarnation has been changed to have 3 modes with different invincibility durations and cooldowns.
    • Magicians
      • Unstable Memorize has been changed to allow you to choose which skills it can activate, and the chances for each skill to be chosen will be based on their cooldown.
      • The base Teleport range has been increased. A new skill in 3rd job lets you choose to increase the movement range.
      • A new 1st job skill called Mana Wave that lets you jump up.
      • Other non-Adventurer magicians will also have their mobility improved.
    • Archmage (I/L)
      • Archmage (I/L)’s main concept is a magician that can freely control ice and lightning.
      • The main mechanic was to accumulate Freeze stacks to power up your lightning skills.
      • To improve the stacking speed, Ice Aura will now stack Freeze more quickly.
      • Chain Lightning’s chain range has been increased.
      • Thunder Storm can now be installed to improve hunting and bossing.
      • Blizzard’s buff has been changed to a passive skill.
      • Frozen Break has been changed to activate at a 100% chance.
    • Archmage (F/P)
      • Archmage (F/P)’s main concept is a magician that can freely use fire and poison.
      • Fire Aura has a new DoT effect.
      • Slime Virus has been changed to a skill called Poison Region which can be installed and slowly creates poison across the floor. If you use Fire skills on it, the poison areas will explode.
      • Poison Chain’s maximum number of poisons and infected monsters have been increased.
      • Megiddo Flame has been changed to create multiple orbs to improve bossing and hunting.
    • Bishop
      • Bishop’s main concept is a holy priest that supports party members.
      • The biggest change to Bishop is Vengeance of Angels and its linked skills.
      • Currently, Vengeance of Angels has some demerits and cannot be used when in a party. There is not a big difference between strong and weak Bishops.
      • Skill restrictions when using Vengeance of Angels has been removed.
      • Angel Ray has been changed to be enhanced at all times.
      • In Vengeance Mode, Heal, Holy Fountain, and Dispel will be changed to attacking skills.
      • Bishops with better control and damage can contribute more to the party.
      • New skills called Holy Water and Holy Blood which improve Bishop’s attack power.
      • Angel of Libra has been changed to summon two angels.
    • Bowmaster
      • Bowmaster’s main concept is an archer that shoots rapid-fire attacks and creates a huge amount of arrows that fly around.
      • Quiver Cartridge’s Poison Arrows have been removed. You can now choose between Blood Arrows and Magic Arrows as an On/Off skill.
      • They have improved the inconvenience when Quiver Full Burst ends and you had to use Advanced Quiver.
      • A new skill called Flash Mirage that enhances the concept of automatic rapid-fire attacks to improve bossing and hunting overall.
      • Movement speed restriction when using Hurricane has been removed. Cast delay has been decreased.
      • Quiver Full Burst’s arrow logic has been improved.
    • Marksman
      • Marksman’s main concept is a sniper that carefully fires powerful arrows one shot at a time.
      • The existing distance mechanic made it difficult for players to move around freely in combat and was very inconvenient so it was removed.
      • Sniping and Piercing now have a mechanism where every few shots, an enhanced arrow is fired.
      • Marskman will receive Retreat Shot, the same skill as Bowmaster.
      • A new skill called Bolt Flow, for both Marksman and Bowmaster, that lets you teleport to any location you want on the map.
    • Night Lord
      • Night Lord’s main concept is a dark lord that uses throwing stars and charms in combat.
      • Night Lord is MapleStory’s biggest high-risk, high-return character with a ton of damage but little survivability.
      • A new skill called Shadow Rush that lets you do a short rush with Dark Sight to improve avoidability and give better control to players.
      • Showdown Challenge and other hunting skills have had their overall ranges and usability increased.
      • Quadruple Throw will now prioritize the enemy with the highest HP in range.
      • Certain buff skills like Claw Booster and Spirit Stars have been changed to passives.
    • Shadower
      • Shadower’s main concept is an assassin that hides their presence and surprises enemies with their dagger.
      • The biggest change to Shadowers is the removal of the Killing Point system and the addition of new skills, Bloody Pocket and Bloody Explosion.
      • Many Shadowers used the Assassinate-Meso Explosion-Assassinate pattern to effectively stack and use Killing Points, which was not intended but became an important part of Shadower’s control. This will now be implemented as a real in-game system to improve problems where it could not be used in certain situations and slightly decrease the control difficulty.
      • A new skill called Bloody Pocket that can be turned on/off, which makes monsters drop red coins when hit.
      • A new skill called Bloody Explosion that can be used to make the red coins disappear, deal damage in front of the character, and give the Flesh buff. While the Flesh buff is active, you can use Assassinate’s second hit to activate an enhanced Assassinate that has the same effects as the existing Killing Points buff.
      • You can now use Eviscerate while using Sonic Blow to instantly cancel it.
      • You can now activate Demon Slashing Shadow Formation’s final hit instantly whenever you want.
    • Dual Blade
      • Dual Blade’s main concept is a swift thief that uses two-sword style.
      • Dual Blade’s overall skill growth experience has been enhanced. The forced movement on skills has been removed and 1.5/2.5 job advancements’ skills have been enhanced.
      • Blade Fury and Phantom Blow’s attack ranges have been increased.
      • Final Cut has been changed to be used without moving you.
      • Flash Bang has been changed to be applied at a 100% chance.
    • Captain
      • Captain’s main concept is a captain that commands a battleship. The comical elements in their summons and main skills have been changed to match this concept.
      • Battleship Bomber’s probability elements have been removed.
      • A new skill called Sign of Bombard that lets you direct attacks to the installed location to improve control.
      • Octo Quarterdeck will now prioritize boss monsters. Added new effects to Summon Crew other than just eating status effects to make them more useful in hunting and bossing.
      • Unwearying Nectar will now enhance summons’ attack rates and damage.
      • Quick Draw has been changed to a passive skill that activates automatically.
      • Infinite Bullets and Battleship Nautilus’ buff effect have been changed to passives.
    • Viper
      • Viper’s main concept is a fighter that uses the power of water dragons. The superhuman concept has been removed.
      • The water dragon concept has been added to skills in lower jobs.
      • The Energy system has been removed.
      • Viper’s skills have been separated into fighting skills and water dragon skills. They now have a mechanism where using fighting skills will automatically activate water dragon skills.
      • Water dragon skills can be used starting from 2nd job.
      • A new skill called Serpent Stone that sometimes enhances water dragon skills.
      • A few control elements have been added to enhance the fun of combat without compromising Viper’s easy combat patterns.
    • Cannon Shooter
      • Cannon Shooter’s main concept is a bright and cheery adventurer with intense fiery gunpowder skills.
      • A new skill called Mini Cannonball that stacks very few seconds and can be used to explode above you when you cast it.
      • Big Huge Gigantic Cannonball will now slow down while hitting enemies.
      • Monkey Furious’ debuff duration has been increased.
      • Monkey Wave has been removed. The critical damage buff has been moved to Oak Barrel Roulette.
      • You can now turn the Monkey effect on/off.


    In addition to the skills, there will also be Adventurer story improvements. This includes:

    • Improved story elements.
    • Male/female illustrations for all jobs (including beginners).
    • Story NPC renewals for Sugar, Tess, Rondo, and Olivia with new illustrations and voices.

    There’s a new animation for Adventurers, titled the Adventurer’s Book!


    The second part of the showcase talked about bosses.

    • Boss Difficulty Subdivisions
      • Easy Will (between Easy Lucid and Normal Lucid)
      • Normal Jin Hilla (between Hard Will and Chaos Guardian Angel Slime)
      • Normal Seren (between Hard Dunkel and Black Mage)
    • Dawn Boss Accessory Set
      • 3 new accessories + Guardian Angel Ring
      • Twilight Mark (face accessory dropped by Lucid and Will)
      • Estella Earrings (earrings dropped by Dusk and Dunkel)
      • Daybreak Pendant (pendant dropped by Jin Hilla and Chosen Seren)
      • Like the Guardian Angel Ring, these items will be dropped by the Normal mode bosses and will have a higher drop rate from the Chaos/Hard mode bosses.
      • The Dawn Boss Accessory set is meant as a progression step between the Boss Accessory set and the Pitched Boss Accessory set.
      • 2 set – 250 HP, 100 all stats, 10 attack/magic attack. 3 set – 250 HP, 10 all stats, 10 attack/magic attack, 10% boss damage. 4 set – 250 HP, 10 all stats, 10 attack/magic attack, 10% ied, 100 defense.
      • The Pitched Boss Accessory set’s 6 set effect now gives 10% defense ignore. There is now an 8-set (375 HP, 15 all stats, 15 attack/magic attack, 10% boss damage) and 9-set (375 HP, 15 all stats, 15 attack/magic attack, 5% critical damage) effects.
    • New Boss ‘Watcher Kalos’
      • A story that continues from the Hotel Arcs story, to the Unstoppable Tower, Karote. The Seekers in Hotel Arcs have found a tower that connects the earth and heavens, but it is being guarded by the Watcher Kalos.
      • Kalos will be a stronger boss than Chosen Seren.
    • New Level 250 Equipment ‘Ethernal Set’
      • The Ethernal Set will be acquired through Chosen Seren and the new boss Kalos.
      • The Ethernal Set has 7 parts: hat, top, bottom, shoes, cape, gloves, and shoulder.
      • The Ethernal Set effect is: 2-set (2500 HP/MP, 40 attack/magic attack, 10% boss damage), 3-set (50 all stats, 40 attack/magic attack, 10% boss damage, 600 defense), 4-set (40 attack/magic attack, 10% boss damage), 5-set (40 attack/magic attack, 20% defense ignore), 6-set (15% HP/MP, 40 attack/magic attack, 30% boss damage), 7-set (2500 HP/MP, 50 all stats, 40 attack/magic attack, 10% boss damage), and 8-set (40 attack/magic attack, 10% boss damage).
      • The Genesis weapon is included in the set effects.
      • The Ethernal Set has higher potential stats than other items (4%/7%/10%/13% stat at Rare/Epic/Unique/Legendary potential and 3%/5%/6%/8% stat at Rare/Epic/Unique/Legendary additional potential).


    The third thing they talked about was the Spring Spring Project. There were three main categories for the Voice of Maplers: character growth, combat/bosses, and other convenience improvements.

    • Character Growth
      • The Maple Guide has been reorganized. It will recommend effective quests and hunting areas based on your level.
      • Quest clear experience and play time have been adjusted.
      • You can now use the Maple Guide to quickly move to 100 maps, including main towns.
      • You can customize your Favourites to move to maps you use more often.
      • New users will receive special items from the Maple Guide when they reach certain levels.
      • The Star Force requirement for the 5th job advancement has been removed. The difficulty of the ‘Finding the Horizon Portal’ quest has been decreased. The ‘Another Power, Arcane Force’ quest’s difficulty has been decreased from requiring you to defeat 10 Happy Erdas to 1. The base Arcane Symbol provided at the beginning’s values have been increased.
      • All boss and Arcane River pre-quests will now be shared between characters in the same world.
      • A story skip feature has been added.
    • Combat/Bosses
      • Hotkey and Link Skill presets have been added.
      • You can now have a notification when a skill’s cooldown ends.
      • Black Mage practice mode has been added.
      • In Jin Hilla, the Labyrinth dungeon when entering has been removed. The number of times you must enter the key to activate the altar based on your number of party members has been adjusted.
      • Elite Bosses’ Bonus Stages have been removed and their experience rewards have been increased.
    • Etc. Convenience
      • When enhancing V Cores, you can now Select All Cores.
      • You can now set message shortcuts which say your desired messages when you enter specific /commands.
      • More items will now have popups when you acquire them.
      • When you unequip a pet, the buff skills in the equipment window will display as deactivated.
      • The number of base maximum slots for Hair Room and Face Room have been increased.
      • Fritto’s Bounty Hunting experience increased.
      • All potion shops will sell items like Mastery Books and Pet Food.
      • Monster Park’s 1.5x Experience Coupons have been changed to 2x Exp Coupons.
      • A new use item called the Sprout Potion.
      • A Monster Life monster lock feature has been added.
      • Improvements to the buddy login alert.
      • When trading, mesos will now be displayed with 억/만 units.
      • When registering items for sale on the Auction House, you can now do so with your keyboard.
      • Improved message when a pendant slot expires.
      • Dusk debris images improved.


    The final thing they talked about was the 2021 Winter Event, titled Starlight Symphony. I won’t cover this in detail since it will be included in the patch notes, but it is structurally similar to Maple Live.

    They did mention something interesting called Special Sunday Maple, which will take place every two weeks. There are a total of 6 over the course of the event, and they only revealed the effects of the first one for now.

    • 12/26: Extreme Level Up Time (3x experience from 10AM to 10PM)
    • 1/9: Miracle Time
    • 1/23: Petite Pet Time
    • 2/6: Shining Star Force Time
    • 2/20: Lady Blair’s Fashion Time
    • 3/6: Lord Blai’s Hair Time


    Here is a summary of the MapleStory Destiny update.

    • December 2021
      • MapleStory x CGV (December 24) – collaboration with a Korean cinema chain
      • Spring Spring Project (December 30) – Voice of Mapler improvements
      • Easy Will/Normal Jin Hilla/Normal Chosen Seren (December 30)
      • Dawn Boss Accessory Set (December 30)
      • Starlight Symphony event (December 30)
      • Stella’s Starlight Chariot event (December 30)
      • Tera Burning Plus/Burning World events (December 30)
      • Extreme Level Up Time event (December 26) – 3x experience from 10 AM to 10 PM
    • January 2021
      • Adventurer Remaster (January 27)
      • All Jobs Balance Patch (January 27)
      • Adventurer Only event (January 27)
      • Miracle Time event (January 9)
      • Petite Pet Time event (January 23)
    • February 2021
      • Watcher Kalos (February 24)
      • Ethernal Equipment Set (February 24)
      • MapleStory x IsaacToast (February) – collaboration with a Korean restaurant chain
      • Shining Star Force Time event (February 6)
      • Lady Blair’s Fashion Time event (February 20)
      • Lord Blai’s Hair Time event (March 6)


    At the end of the showcase, they teased one more thing, just the title card of MapleStory Universe. What could this be?


    In addition, they released a special code that you can use to acquire a 30 Day Sherbet pet. You must talk to Maple Admin and use the code 1230운명의데스티니.

    You can get the Coupon until December 29, and it can only be used from December 30 at 10AM until 14 days after you claimed it. You cannot use a Premium Water of Life on Sherbet.

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