MapleStory Fest Items Added to the Merch Store!

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    New items are now available in the MapleStory Merch Store, including multiple designs that previously were exclusive to (and sold out!) at MapleStory Fest! For those that couldn't get them at MapleStory Fest, we've decided to add these popular t-shirt designs, plushies and more to the store. The styles are available now in limited quantities, so hurry and snag any items you want before they're gone!

    • MapleStory Horny Mushroom T-Shirt
    • MapleStory Black Mage T-Shirt
    • MapleStory 2 Slime T-Shirt
    • MapleStory 2 Joddy Dies T-Shirt
    • MapleStory King Pepe Plush
    • MapleStory Pink Bean Plush (Restocked)
    • MapleStory 2 Slime Plush
    • MapleStory 2 Mushroom Plush
    • MapleStory 2 Ducky Plush
    • MapleStory Logo Pin
    • MapleStory King Pepe Pin
    • MapleStory Slime Pin
    • MapleStory Leaf Pin
    • MapleStory 2 Logo Pin
    • MapleStory 2 Slime Pin
    • MapleStory 2 Mushroom Pin
    • MapleStory 2 Ducky Pin
    • MapleStory Monsters Lanyard
    • MapleStory Portraits Lanyard
    • MapleStory 2 Heroes Lanyard
    • MapleStory 2 NPCs Lanyard


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