KMS MapleStory New Age Showcase!

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    The 2023 MapleStory Summer Showcase – New Age took place earlier today, where they showed off all of the things coming this summer, including the long-awaited 6th job!!

    If you guys watched Steve’s stream or looked at my Twitter, you would know that Steve, Neo, and I were invited to the showcase as well! It was an amazing experience being in the crowd when such a huge announcement was made! We also got to briefly meet Director Kang Wongki (again) and Planning Team Leader Kim Changseop before they went on stage! I won’t be making a separate post about the day but I’ll include some photos in this one just to show what it looked like live.

    I translated the showcase itself but I won’t be adding images because the pictures I took were not as good as the ones directly from the stream and I’m too lazy lol. However, it’s in the same order as the stream so you can follow along in another tab.

    Also, the test world opened today with the game improvements and other changes (not 6th job, that will be on June 22). I’ll work on that later, maybe Monday!

    MapleStory New Age Showcase

    Here’s the full event! The first half was the concert with the different themes for each job branch, which was super cool! Most of them were sang live by various singers and bands, and a couple featured dance performances.



    The showcase took place at the Olympic Park Handball Stadium. All along the pathway to the stadium were banners for the event!


    Near the entrance, there was a big four-sided screen that alternated between the different New Age posters, as well as the monster balloons that were at Maple Fan Fest.


    Here’s what it looked inside, both the stage and the seating. The lighting and effects were great, especially during the concert! In the right photo, you can see the MC, Wongki, and Changseop disappearing into the ground at the end of the showcase haha.

    6th Job Advancement

    A way to get new power is required for the new age.
    The power to control transcendental energy: 6th Job!
    You are now the master of the Hexa Matrix.


    • Hero:
      • Mastery Core: Raging Blow VI
      • Skill Core: Spirit Caliber
    • Paladin:
      • Mastery Core: Blast VI, Divine Judgement VI
      • Skill Core: Sacred Bastion
    • Dark Knight:
      • Mastery Core: Gungnir Descent VI
      • Skill Core: Dead Space
    • Archmage (F/P):
      • Mastery Core: Flame Sweep VI
      • Skill Core: Infernal Venom
    • Archmage (I/L):
      • Mastery Core: Chain Lightning VI
      • Skill Core: Frozen Lightning
    • Bishop:
      • Mastery Core: Angel Ray VI
      • Skill Core: Holy Advent
    • Bowmaster:
      • Mastery Core: Hurricane VI
      • Skill Core: Ascendant Shade
    • Marksman:
      • Mastery Core: Sniping VI
      • Skill Core: Final Aim
    • Pathfinder:
      • Mastery Core: Cardinal Blast VI, Additional Blast VI
      • Skill Core: Forsaken Relic
    • Night Lord:
      • Mastery Core: Quadruple Throw VI
      • Skill Core: Arbiter of Life and Death
    • Shadower:
      • Mastery Core: Assassinate VI
      • Skill Core: Resolute Strike
    • Dual Blade:
      • Mastery Core: Phantom Blow VI
      • Skill Core: Karma Blade
    • Viper:
      • Mastery Core: Fist Enrage VI
      • Skill Core: Liberate Neptunus
    • Captain:
      • Mastery Core: Rapid Fire VI
      • Skill Core: Dreadnought
    • Cannon Shooter:
      • Mastery Core: Cannon Buster VI
      • Skill Core: Super Cannon Explosion
    • Mikhail:
      • Mastery Core: Shining Cross VI, Shining Cross – Assault VI
      • Skill Core: Durandal
    • Soul Master:
      • Mastery Core: Solar Slash VI, Lunar Divide VI
      • Skill Core: Astral Blitz
    • Flame Wizard:
      • Mastery Core: Orbital Flame VI
      • Skill Core: Eternity
    • Wind Breaker:
      • Mastery Core: Song of Heaven VI
      • Skill Core: Mistral Spring
    • Night Walker:
      • Mastery Core: Quintuple Throw VI
      • Skill Core: Silence
    • Striker:
      • Mastery Core: Annihilate VI
      • Skill Core: Thunderstorm Sea Wave
    • Aran:
      • Mastery Core: Beyonder VI
      • Skill Core: Adrenaline Surge
    • Evan:
      • Mastery Core: Circle of Mana VI
      • Skill Core: Zodiac Burst
    • Luminous:
      • Mastery Core: Absolute Kill VI
      • Skill Core: Harmonic Paradox
    • Mercedes:
      • Mastery Core: Ishtar’s Ring VI
      • Skill Core: Unfading Glory
    • Phantom:
      • Mastery Core: Tempest of Cards VI
      • Skill Core: Defying Fate
    • Eunwol:
      • Mastery Core: Spirit Claw VI
      • Skill Core: Wrath of the Fox God
    • Blaster:
      • Mastery Core: Magnum Punch VI, Double Fang VI
      • Skill Core: Final Destroyer
    • Battle Mage:
      • Mastery Core: Death VI
      • Skill Core: Crimson Factum
    • Wild Hunter:
      • Mastery Core: Wild Vulcan VI
      • Skill Core: Nature’s Belief
    • Xenon:
      • Mastery Core: Purge Lob Masquerade VI
      • Skill Core: Artificial Evolution
    • Mechanic:
      • Mastery Core: Massive Fire SPLASH-F VI, Massife Fire IRON-B VI
      • Skill Core: Ground Zero
    • Demon Slayer:
      • Mastery Core: Demon Impact VI
      • Skill Core: Nightmare
    • Demon Avenger:
      • Mastery Core: Shield Chasing VI
      • Skill Core: Requiem
    • Kaiser:
      • Mastery Core: Giga Slasher VI
      • Skill Core: Might of Nova
    • Kain:
      • Mastery Core: [Possess] Falling Dust VI, [Execute] Poison Needle VI
      • Skill Core: Annihilation
    • Cadena:
      • Mastery Core: Chain Arts: Stroke VI
      • Skill Core: Chain Arts: Massacre
    • Angelic Buster:
      • Mastery Core: Trinity VI
      • Skill Core: Grand Finale
    • Zero:
      • Mastery Core: Wind Cutter VI/Giga Crash VI, Wind Strike VI/Jumping Crash VI, Storm Break VI/Earth Break VI
      • Skill Core: Chrono Trigger
    • Kinesis:
      • Mastery Core: Ultimate – Material VI
      • Skill Core: Another Realm
    • Adele:
      • Mastery Core: Divide VI
      • Skill Core: Maestro
    • Illium:
      • Mastery Core: Craft: Javelin VI, Glory Wings: Javelin VI
      • Skill Core: Unlimited Crystal
    • Khali:
      • Mastery Core: Arts: Flurry VI
      • Skill Core: Hex: Sandstorm
    • Ark:
      • Mastery Core: Plain Charge Drive VI, Gust Charge Drive VI, Scarlet Charge Drive VI, Abyss Charge Drive VI
      • Skill Core: Ancient Abyss
    • Lara:
      • Mastery Core: Essence Sprinkle VI
      • Skill Core: Blooming Flower Garden
    • Hoyoung:
      • Mastery Core: Heaven: Consuming Flames VI, Earth: Stone Tremor VI, Humanity: Gold-Banded Cudgel VI
      • Skill Core: Sage: Formation of Heaven and Earth
    Hexa Matrix

    • Hexa Skills
      • Skill Cores: New skills for each class, called Origin Skills. These skills will have brilliant effects which have not been used much in Maple until now and excellent performance.
      • Mastery Cores: These will improve performance, function, and effects of existing skills. We expect to improve players’ experience by upgrading their main skills one step further.
      • Enhancement Cores: These will enhance the performance of 5th job skills.
      • Common Cores: New skills shared by different classes. These will not be available initially.
      • Unlike 5th job cores, all classes will have the same number of Cores so the difficulty of enhancing will be the same.
    • Hexa Stats
      • You can upgrade various stats (boss damage, critical damage, defense ignore, damage, attack/magic attack, main stat).
    • Sol Erda
      • Sol Erda is the source of the 6th job advancement. After the Black Mage was defeated and the two worlds began to merge from the Borderless incident, a huge amount of energy was created, mixing together two types of Erda. The 6th job advancement story begins by accepting and using Sol Erda, which is endangering the world, as power to save it.
      • You can obtain Sol Erda and Sol Erda Fragments through gameplay and trading to acquire and enhance cores in your Hexa Matrix.
    • Damage Cap
      • Since players will be getting stronger, the maximum damage cap will be increased to 700b.
    • 6th Job Advancement Level
      • You can do the 6th job advancement at level 260.

    • Shangri-La will be updated with additional story and new training maps.
    • A new area called Arteria will be added. A new High-Lef Apostle will invade Ereb with a huge battleship. This will be the first time the High-Lef have attacked Maple World and will be a turning point in the story.
    • The next new area is Carcion. The High-Lef will continue their invasion past Ereb into Carcion, a very small village on Continental Grandis. It is a beautiful area with a giant tree in the centre. The village has Snake Anima, Turtle Anima, and an ancient god who protects them.
    • Three new areas will be added that begin the story of Grandis’ saviour and add new goals to match the new 6th job advancement.
    • The regions of Grandis will have their levels changed.
      • Level 260: Cernium/Burning Cernium
      • Level 265: Arcs
      • Level 270: Odium
      • Level 275: Shangri-la
      • Level 280: Arteria
      • Level 285: Carcion
    • All six areas will have their own Authentic Symbol.

    • Chaos Kalos will be changed to Normal Kalos.
    • Easy/Chaos/Extreme Kalos will be added.
    • Easy/Hard/Chaos Kaling will be added.
    • Extreme Kalos will drop the Mark of Destruction, which enhances the Magic Eyepatch. Extreme Kaling will drop the Guard Captain’s Helmet, which enhances the Commander Force Earrings.
    General Improvements

    • The experience required from level 200 to 260 will be decreased by 50%.
    • The experience required from level 260 to 265 will be decreased by 40%.
    • The experience required from level 265 to 270 will be decreased by 20%.
    • Seed Rings will be changed from being acquired from the Seed to being acquired from bosses.
    • Monster Park: Labyrinth of Suffering and Limen will be added.
    • Monster Park Extreme’s experience will be increased by 30-40%.
    • Daily quests’ experience will be increased by 30-60%. The newly added areas will also have daily quests.
    • Ability improvements.
      • Speed/jump/defense removed.
      • Rare rank removed.
      • At Legendary rank, the chance for the 2nd/3rd lines to be Unique have been increased by 50%.
    • The Honour Medals acquired from boss rewards will be increased.
    • You can now buy Honour Medals and Honour extraction scrolls from the Union Coin Shop.
    • You can get more Arcane/Authentic Symbols from daily quests.
      • All Arcane River areas will give 20 Symbols per day.
      • Cernium will give 20 Symbols per day.
      • Arcs and all other Grandis areas will give 10 Symbols per day.
    • All Grandis areas will now drop Authentic Symbols.
    • The Authentic Catalyst will be added that lets you move Authentic Symbols to another character (you will lose 40% of the experience).
    • In the V Matrix, you will now acquire all the slots and Enhancement Points by level 260.
    • A new Combination Key feature will be added. You can press the key + a number key to use skills (like Function keys on a keyboard).

    • The monster HP and experience multiplier will be removed (now the same as regular worlds).
    • The damage formula based on difference in levels between the character and monsters has been changed to be the same as regular worlds.

    • Hyper Burning will now go up to level 260. The Core Gemstone/Symbol rewards will be increased.
    • Edentisk Island is the summer event map. This area was affected by the Borderless incident and is related to the main story.
    • You can complete the Basic Exploration just by logging in. You can complete the Deep Exploration by playing 3 times a week.
    • It will have three events that help you gain experience: Eden Food Storage (like Frozen Link), Eden Aqua Adventure (like Frozen Blast), and Falling Eden Buddies (hunting skill).
    • There will be a New Name Auction event that lets you sell your character name.
    Additional Announcements

    • A new MapleStory webtoon called MapleStory: The Final Adventurer, produced by Redice Studio, the same one who made Solo Levelling. This will be an alternate reality where the Heroes failed to defeat the Black Mage and the Cygnus Knights, Resistance, and Cross Hunter will continue the fight. It is scheduled to release in Q3 of this year.
    • Two concerts to celebrate MapleStory’s 20th anniversary: the European Jazz Trio and Symphony of MapleStory.
    • There will be a pop-up store at The Hyundai Seoul, and a MapleStory online store.
    • They will be making 20th anniversary commemorative medals in collabration with KOMSCO, the actual company that prints South Korea’s bank notes and coins.
    • The MapleStory Hello Real World Project: a real-life MapleStory theme park! (Apparently, it was leaked that it will be at Lotte World in Seoul)

    • June 10:
      • Summer test world opens
    • June 15:
      • New Age game improvements
      • Grandis area level adjustments
      • New area: Shangri-La
      • Level 260 Hyper Burning
      • Burning World + Step Up
      • Edentisk Island event
    • June 22:
      • 6th Job test world
    • July 13:
      • 6th Job (Hexa skills/Hexa stats)
      • New area: Arteria
    • August 30:
      • New area: Carcion
      • Easy/Hard/Extreme Kaling
      • Easy/Chaos/Extreme Watcher Kalos
    • August 31:
      • New Name Auction event
    Showcase Rewards

    • NEW AGE Medal
    • NEW AGE Effect
    • NEW AGE Action Damage Skin (Unit)
    • 5 Experience Core Gemstones
    • Selective Symbol Voucher (500 Arcane Symbols or 100 Authentic Symbols)
    • Maximum Growth Potion

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