KMS MapleStory Winter Showcase: MapleStory Savior!

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    The winter showcase event was held a few hours ago, revealing the next update, MapleStory Savior! The update summary graphic was actually leaked like 20 minutes before the stream started and they said to pretend that no one saw it lol. Like the rest of these videos, they’re pretty long so I’ll just summarize the main points. This includes levelling, Symbol, and Star Force related improvements, job balancing, the new area Shangri-La with a new boss Kaling, and a new job, the High-Lef thief Khali, the Wind of Revenge.

    The test server was also updated afterwards with everything except Shangri-La/Kaling. It’s a big patch and I’m going to be a bit busy the next few days so I’m not sure when that post will be out.


    Those who have lost their former glory…
    The day that light rises again…
    Will awaken…
    A new world, a new power…
    Before a new destiny…
    To ignite once again…

    The one savior that will bring light to Grandis!
    That will be you…
    Level Growth Experience


    The biggest thing they focused on was decreasing the time required to level up between level 220 and 230. They analyzed the data from Hyper Burning and noticed that players had difficulty in this section specifically.

    • They will be decreasing the experience required to level up between level 200 and 245.
    • They will also be increasing the experience from daily content and adding experience to the dailies that didn’t have them already.
    • They will be improving Road of Vanishing and Chew Chew Island hunting maps.
    • Cernium (Before) and Hotel Arcs’ daily quests’ Authentic Symbol rewards will be doubled.
    • Since Symbols are still extremely efficient tools to increase your stats, they do not have any plans to lower the costs for now.
    Arcane River Special Content Improvements


    They want to improve the gameplay experience for Arcane River’s special content.

    • Dream Breaker will be replaced with new content called Midnight Chaser.
    • Spirit Savior will be improved. When it first came out, they had to give it a certain difficulty since it was the highest level content but they never changed it after. You can no longer fail, and the game will end immediately after you get 10k points.
    • Hungry Muto‘s Easy/Hard difficulties will be removed and only the Normal mode will remain to make it easier for solo play.
    • Erda Spectrum‘s randomized stage 2 will be removed so that it has a consistent clear time.
    • All of the Arcane River daily minigames will be changed to weekly minigames, from 3 times per day to 3 times per week.
    Exceptional Enhancements


    The Exceptional Enhancements are meant to provide a goal for the top-tier players to challenge Extreme bosses and to enhance certain Pitched Boss Accessory set items.

    • The Exceptional Enhancement Parts will not take up a scroll slot and can only be used once on an item. They are an additional upgrade system unique to Pitched Boss accessories.
    • Extreme Black Mage will drop the Dreamy Belt Part, which can be used to enhance it for 20 all stats, 1000 HP/MP, and 15 attack/magic attack.
    • Extreme Seren will drop the Lose Control Machine Mark Part, which can be used to enhance it for 15 all stats, 750 HP/MP, and 10 attack/magic attack.
    Star Force Improvements

    • Star Force will no longer have a chance to boom items from 12 stars to 14 stars.
    • Star Force will no longer have a chance to drop until 15 stars.
    • Star Force enhancement costs up to 15 stars have been increased.
    Skill Improvements


    Their goal for the year is to make structural improvements to reduce stress and unnecessary variance between classes in terms of skill cycles and certain utilities. After last year, when they made a lot of numerical adjustments that had more effects than they expected, they are trying to be more conservative and make changes for convenience/utility/cycles instead of changing numbers.

    • When compared to Destiny, the average number of mobs killed per minute at level 260+ increased by 11% for the top class and by 17% for the 45th class.
    • When compared to Destiny, the average Jin Hilla solo clear time variance was decreased from about 42% to 31%.
    • They showed graphs with simulated DPS vs actual boss DPS, to explain that although some classes have high damage on paper, there can be significant differences based on the boss. They take both of them into account when balancing, and are aiming for more stable, accurate changes rather than quick ones.
    • After implementing structural reorganizations and equalizing utility/hunting ability, they will review theoretical/simulated data to improve their numerical accuracy.

    • A new area, Shangri-La will be added. It has 4 different seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). There are many new characters, together with Tai Yu.
    • There will be a new boss, Kaling, and her 3 Perils. She requires 330 Authentic Force. Good communication and dividing roles will be important when fighting her.
    • In Phase 1, you must split your party up between the three Perils, up to 2 players each. In Phase 2, you will fight Kaling. In Phase 3, you will fight all four together.
    New Job: Khali, the Wind of Revenge

    “I’ll become the symbol of sin you called me, and judge you for your sins!”
    • Khali is a High-Lef thief job that uses a new weapon, the Chakram. Like her title, she moves as fast as the wind.
    • Khali’s story will progress the High-Lef and overall Grandis storyline.
    • Her key skills are Void Rush, and Chakri/Hex.
    • They wanted a job focused on attacking while moving. If you use her skills right, you can use Void Rush to quickly cover an entire map. They also tried new effect styles such as afterimages.
    • Unlike previous new jobs, Khali will receive a Tera Burning by default. You can get rewards up to level 230 such as a pet, a Unique Emblem Box, and a Fakesolabs/Fake Domi.
    • Existing players can receive other rewards like cosmetics, Growth Potions, and a Cotton Candy Pink Bean pet by simply completing an attendance check on Khali after reaching level 200.
    Main Event: Wongstaurant


    The Wongstaurant will be a 10 week-long event, with new things to do and rewards every week.

    • Week 1: Rewards based on the number of players that participate (Prepared Spirit Pendant, Cotton Candy Pink Bean pet, Maximum Growth Potion).
    • Week 2: Spiegelmann’s Together Week (event minigames for experience, 5 times per day).
    • Week 3: Kemdi’s Minigame Week (minigames for cosmetic rewards).
    • Week 4: Mike’s Power Up Week, special bonuses each day of the week (1+1 Star Force, 5x Magnificent Souls, Shining Star Force Time, Miracle Time, 50% Spell Trace discount, 50% Ability discount, 30% Star Force discount).
    • Future weeks will be revealed later on.
    • Wongstaurant Main Menu (daily event attendance with rewards every week and a purchaseable Wongstaurant Pass to double the rewards).
    • Wongki will be cooking food as well at his Wongstaurant.

    There will be another Hyper Burning event, with some differences this time around.

    • If you do your Hyper Burning in Burning World, you will receive additional rewards (Level 7 Arcane Symbols, 100 extra Core Gemstones, 20k Maple Points).
    • If you designate an existing level 200+ character as your Hyper Burning, you will not be able to retroactively claim the previous level rewards. (e.g. if you burn a level 247 character, you will not receive any of the 200~245 rewards but you will receive the level 250 reward if you level up)

    • MapleStory x BLACKPINK
      • Two outfits: the BLACK set and the PINK set.
      • They will also sell hair/face coupons.
    • MapleStory x GS25
      • MapleStory Bread returns along with MapleStory Jelly and MapleStory snacks.
      • Mushroom figures.
      • Vouchers for in-game rewards.
    • MapleStory x Life Four Cuts
      • Special MapleStory themed art in Life Four Cuts photo booths.
    • MapleStory x Isaac Toast
      • The MapleStory sandwich returns.
      • Yeti and Pink Bean blankets.

    • December 22
      • Growth Experience Improvements
      • Skill Improvements
      • Star Force Improvements
      • Wongstaurant
      • Hyper Burning/Burning World
    • January 19
      • Khali, the Wind of Revenge
    • February 23
      • Shangri-La
      • New Boss, Kaling
      • Exceptional Enhancements
    • Collaborations
      • MapleStory x GS25 (December 15)
      • MapleStory x BLACKPINK (December 22)
      • MapleStory x Life Four Cuts (January 1)
      • MapleStory x Isaac Toast (January 26)

    • They will be releasing the probability item open API on December 20.
    • For Monster Life, there are issues that will take a lot of time because they require fundamental changes but they will make improvements to issues that can be fixed quickly in this update (significantly increased the number of times a monster can be combined with, SS rank mobs expiring after 60 days, decreasing the animation time).
    • Players will receive showcase gifts, starting on December 22.
      • Maximum Growth Potion
      • Beauty Awards Face Coupon
      • Beauty Awards Hair Coupon
      • Custom Mix Dye Coupon
      • Savior Nametag Ring
      • Savior Chat Bubble Ring

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