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    Maple World isn't just available on your computer! MapleStory M has been available on Android and iOS mobile devices for over four years, allowing you to create characters and hunt monsters on the go. We're teaming up with them to give you a power boost in MapleStory M by playing your MapleStory characters, with daily missions to complete and the ability to assign your highest level MapleStory character to MapleStory M's Legion Synergy Grid!


    Event Details:

    Daily Missions

    • You can now earn rewards in MapleStory M by completing daily missions in MapleStory!
    • Requirements: Lv. 60 and above (Zero characters must have completed up to Chapter 2).
    • Accept the "[MapleStory M] Mobile MapleStory!" quest within the star event notifier on the left side of the screen. You will then have access to the MapleStory M Link UI.
    • You can now link your MapleStory account to your MapleStory M account using the MapleStory M Link UI, instead of talking to Maple Administrator!
      • Click the button on the bottom of the UI to proceed with linking your accounts.
        • Linking accounts via Maple Administrator will only be available until July 28 at 12:59 AM UTC.
      • Please make sure your MapleStory account is linked to your MapleStory M account prior to completing the missions.
      • You must have a character Lv. 60 and above to link your MapleStory account to your MapleStory M account.
    • You will be given the following daily MapleStory missions to complete:
      • Defeat 500 enemies near your level
      • Reach 300 Combo Kills
      • Defeat 2 Elite Monsters or Elite Champions
      • Activate Runes 2 times
      • Clear Monster Park 1 time
    • Once you complete the daily missions in MapleStory, you must click the "Claim" button on the MapleStory M Link UI. Afterward, you can receive rewards on the MapleStory M account linked to the MapleStory account based on the number of missions you’ve completed.
      • You can claim the rewards in MapleStory M via the Mail.
    • Daily mission completion is shared between your characters once a mission has been completed by a character.
    • Daily missions can be completed once per MapleStory account and will reset every day at 12:00 AM UTC.
    • Daily mission rewards can be claimed once per MapleStory account.

    Legion Block

    • You can assign your highest level MapleStory character to MapleStory M’s Legion Synergy Grid.
    • The MapleStory character Legion Block can be placed without being limited by the number of characters placed on the MapleStory M Legion Synergy Grid.
    • The quality of the Legion Block will increase based on the level of your highest level MapleStory character. The rank will be the same level as that of MapleStory M.
      • B: Lv. 60
      • A: Lv. 100
      • S: Lv. 150
      • SS: Lv. 200
    • Legion Synergy Grid effect will be applied and other perks related to Legion will be provided as well.

    MapleStory M Rewards:

    • Daily Missions
      • Complete 1 Daily Mission
        • Red EXP Increase Ticket (x2)
      • Complete 2 Daily Missions
        • Orange EXP Increase Ticket
      • Complete 3 Daily Missions
        • Auto-Battle Charge Ticket (10 min)
      • Complete 4 Daily Missions
        • Yellow EXP Increase Ticket
      • Complete 5 Daily Missions
        • Automatic Battle Reload Coupon (10 min) (x3)
    • MapleStory M Legion Block of highest level MapleStory character

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